4 Reasons for your Facebook Ad Account disabled

Hello Superstars,

Today our blog is going to about some common reasons for Facebook ad account blocked when promoting our Dropshipping products.

1) Failed to read Ad Policy:

  1. Breaching the Facebook Ad policy.
  2. We don’t have a privacy policy in our store which is required by Facebook.
  3. We used images, videos, words, phrases and statements which is not allowed.

So it is recommended to checkout Facebook ad policy before start your first Ad. I know many people they never read ad policy and it is the most common reason why their accounts suspended and banned.

2) You are from a Suspicious Country: 

Another reason why your Ad account gets shutdown if you are from a country that seems suspicious to Facebook like India (my account blocked few times when i start Facebook ads), some place from Africa and some countries which raised red flags for Facebook.

If you are from rich country like USA, UK, Canada and some top EU countries, Facebook has less problem with that.

Maybe there are lot of things wrong with Facebook but their system just detects the scams and problems from certain places in the world and you actually sign up to Facebook from those places, your account gets shutdown for suspicious activity.

3) Name and Address Mismatch: 

Another common reason is if your payment method address doesn’t match the address and data you entered in Facebook ad account or business manager.

Facebook can detect the name on your Credit/Debit card or from your bank if that doesn’t match the name and address all the information you entered within Facebook in the ad account settings or business manager settings then it raises red flag to Facebook.

Make sure you are not using proxies to hide your ip’s and make sure the address and name of your payment method and credit card must match address and name in your Ad account settings.

4) If you are Already have a Disabled Account: 

When already your ad account is disabled and trying new account with the same name, address, credit card, it will also disabled instantly.

Once one of your Ad account is blocked, technically you are not allowed to advertise in Facebook ever again.

One account banned is equals lifelong ban on Facebook advertising platform unless you reactivate your ad account from Facebook by appealing them.


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