How Many Products Should I Start with Dropshipping?

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This is one of the most frequently asked questions by dropshippers. It’s also one they tend to obsess about even after they have an answer. The reason is that the answer isn’t always very satisfying. People need exact numbers. They need a formula they can use and be successful with. Dropshipping is not like that. What’s the solution?

It depends.

There is no magic number. One product is enough to make a store very profitable. You can use a few products. Or hundreds. It all depends on what store you are putting together, how your marketing is done, who you target, how similar the products are to each other, whether you are focusing on one niche or more of a store that caters to all customers, etc. The decision to include products in the product totals is a big one.

These are just some guidelines to help you get started. These aren’t hard-and-fast rules. These are not a set of “do this every time” principles. As you gain experience, you’ll discover which stores work best for you and your own “rules”. These are just starting points. These are starting points, but they can be very effective in getting you moving in the right direction.

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shopify dropshipping store set up
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Which type of store would you like to open?

This is the first question that you need to answer. Are you looking to open a general store that sells many different products but is not connected to any other or do you prefer to concentrate on a niche? The former will require more products because you lack a focus. You could sell headphones but only a few products. But if you have a general store that sells headphones, accessories for phones, and other products, you will need representative products.

There are two types of stores that you can open, as we have already mentioned. You can either open a general store that features many products from many categories or a niche store that focuses on a narrow range of products with a common theme.

While niche stores can be more successful than the other, they are harder to manage and require more planning. We will discuss each one and the pros and cons.

Opening a general store

General stores are easier to set up than niche stores. This is because you don’t need to spend too much time thinking about the products you sell. However, if you do, it will be more successful. Even if you take the time to research products with high conversion rates, it is worth it. You don’t need to tie each product together in a general store. General stores are easier to setup, even if you need to add more products.

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How many? A general store should have between 30-50 employees. If the number is less than 30, the store will be seen as less trustworthy by potential customers. Imagine walking into a convenience shop and seeing a rack with 10 items in the center of the store. The rest of the store was empty. You would probably go elsewhere to shop. It wouldn’t feel real.

You need enough products for a general shop to feel authentic. You can add more products over time. However, 30-50 is a good starting point. This is enough to give your shop credibility, but not to make setting up too difficult.

When you start a dropshipping business, the most important thing is to get it up and running quickly. This will allow you to market the store and generate revenue. It doesn’t matter if you have every detail right before launch. Once your doors open and customers visit, you’ll have plenty of time to fix things.

General stores – Pros

  • It is easy to get one up and running quickly, without worrying about themes or creating profitable niches.
  • You have a lot of options when it comes to products you can market in your advertising. You can adjust your marketing to target different sections of your store depending on the season. You don’t have to stick to a narrow range of products if you want to use specific marketing strategies.
  • A store with more products means there is more potential for customers to buy add-on items. This happens when a customer visits your site to view the product and then purchases it along with a number of other products.
  • A wider range of products may appeal to a larger market segment. Niche stores appeal to a smaller market. Your market is bigger with a general store.
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General stores – Cons

  • Selling in general stores leaves little room for brand building. It’s difficult to imagine a brand that would encompass all the products you sell, such as portable vacuum cleaners and headphones.
  • Because they lack a common theme, general stores can be difficult to market. One advertisement can convey the essence of all your products if a store is devoted to pet products. Because of the dissimilar nature of the products, this is impossible with a general store.
  • A wider market can also mean a higher degree of market segmentation. This means that more marketing and advertising are required to reach all the customers.

DropshipMe: How DropshipMe Can Help

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Starting a niche store

Before you hang your “open for business” sign, it is important to think about how niche stores will be run. You must think about which niche you are going to target and why. It is important to determine the market size and ensure that your niche does not limit your potential customers.

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Niche stores can be a tricky balance. While you may want to target a particular product niche or customer segment, it is important to make your niche accessible to everyone. Avoid niches that are too saturated.

How many products are needed to open a niche store?

The rule of thumb is between 5 and 20. A niche store will have a better product selection than a general store. This is due to your focus. The fewer products that you need to be legitimate, the easier it is for customers. But you do need some. To be able to sell headphones, you will need between 15 and 20 models. You can go with fewer models if you’re selling something more specific like noise-canceling headphones. You only need enough to make your niche store appear legit to the average consumer online.

You want to get your store up and running as soon as possible, just like general stores. It can be difficult to get up and running quickly in a niche store due to the extra care required. However, you should just get your filler products (products you add to your store to make it seem legit but not actively promoting them) installed and given basic descriptions. They won’t be seen by most people, who will instead focus on the product they are viewing based upon your advertisements. Don’t forget the little details. Make sure the store looks good enough to support your marketing efforts.

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Niche stores – Pros

  • Niche shops offer you a lot more freedom than other stores when it comes to building a reputation and following. You can create a shop name that reflects the essence of your product line if you only sell mobile accessories. As satisfied customers spread the word about your brand, branded merchandise can have a greater impact than your marketing efforts. They have a better long-term earning potential.
  • You can create niche stores that are focused on a particular product. Imagine that you have done your research and found the perfect product. This is something you can market effectively, generate buzz, and sell like mad. Then you could find half a dozen to a dozen related products that you can classify in a niche shop. These filler products could be used to supplement your main product or generate additional sales. The one product would be the only thing that would make the effort worthwhile. This benefit is not available in general stores.
  • People who identify with niche stores can create a loyal following. Niche shoppers are loyal to brands, so if your brand is strong, they will return to your shop for future purchases.

Niche stores – Cons

  • Because of their narrow product range, niche stores offer fewer marketing opportunities. This can be a great advantage, as we have seen, but it must be done correctly.
  • Niche stores can be huge successes or failures depending on how much research and thought went into building them. Customers who visit niche stores that don’t feel cohesive, or where products don’t fit together under the theme of the store, are likely to bounce. Do your research. A niche store can present more risk, but it also offers greater potential for reward.
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DropshipMe plugin: How it can help a niche store

DropshipMe allows you to quickly search AliExpress products, which makes it easier to build niches and themes. You don’t have to spend your time researching products to add to your shop.

DropshipMe will help you to find the right product for your niche. Add it confidently.

Start a single product shop

The last type of store is very similar to a niche shop in that it focuses only on one product category. However, it’s also different in that it focuses exclusively on that product. Although it may seem counterintuitive, single product stores can be extremely successful if they are properly marketed. You can focus your attention on one product, and not be distracted by other products.

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shopify dropshipping store set up

As an example, all the products from “As Seen on TV”, would sell well in a single store. These products were sold as miracles and marvels, the best of anything that has ever been made. Selling related products in these situations would only harm your message. Why would you sell inferior cleaning products if you have the best cleaning product? This makes it appear that your product might not be the best, or that your message is not strong enough to convince your future customers.

Single product stores can be risky but can be hugely profitable if they are marketed correctly and have the right product.

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How many products can you dropship with?

It’s just enough to get you where you want to go. This is the best answer that we can offer. It is important to get your store up and running as soon as possible. You don’t want time spent adding hundreds of products, writing descriptions, and sorting them into the correct categories.

You need to have enough products to support the type of store you choose and your goals. Once you are up and running, you can always add more products.

Don’t forget to install our plugin. It will ensure that your products sell well and convert well. So that you can concentrate on marketing and revenue generation, we’ve done most of the heavy lifting.

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