How to Find Wholesale USA Dropshipping Suppliers ?

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Last Updated on January 03, 2021

The majority of people look towards China and other Asian countries when it comes to finding suppliers to sell products online because the price of labor is much cheaper.

But it is costly to work with Asian sellers. For example,

  • You have to deal with the language barriers.
  • You have to adapt to the cultural differences.
  • You have to pay for import duties on the goods
  • You have to pay a high shipping cost from the other countries.

Working with suppliers in the USA, by contrast, is much easier.

There is no barrier to communication. The minimum order volumes are generally lower and shipping costs considerably lower.

Moreover, no import duties are imposed.

One of the greatest mistakes new importers make is that tariffs on certain raw materials are not taken into account. And these extra taxes can increase your costs for goods substantially depending on the product.

Method #1: Use ReferenceUSA

I am puzzled that nearly nobody ever mentions ReferenceUSA as a resource throughout my years of eCommerce education.

It is not only 100% free of ReferenceUSA, but probably the most comprehensive and best database in the US.

What is the ReferenceUSA?

Check for any kind of companies nationally, Research executives of any business company

  • Find opportunities and providers for your eCommerce store
  • Find producers to produce your products, but there is a small catch.
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ReferenceUSA offers the most up-to-date information about businesses and can be used to locate…

Only your local library can access ReferenceUSA, but most libraries support it.

How to access this…

Step 1: Call and ask if you have been referred to your local libraries

ReferenceUSA has a handy library locator online here.

Step 2: Get a Library Card

Most of you have probably not been in a library since the dawn of the Internet, but physically you’re going to have to go to get your library card.

Library cards are free and, in addition to ReferenceUSA, you can actually rent films, videos and books

Step 3: Use the Library Web site for access ReferenceUSA

You will most likely be asked to type a ReferenceUSA in your library card number and 4 digit pin.

How to Use ReferenceUSA

You are asked what you want to search if you login to ReferenceUSA first. Click U.S. corporations. From here, I click the following:

Advanced Search Include unverified companies– This tells you that smaller companies are included in the search

SIC / NAICS keyword- This enables you to search by keyword or by the subject

City / States– This allows you to search locally.

Then I enter the geography I’m searching for. Let’s say for instance that I want the Santa Clara, CA plastic mold company.

I will be presented a list of plastic mold producers in my area after I click “View Results.” This is so straightforward!

All in all, ReferenceUSA is an excellent way of finding contact data in the United States for every company. The only disadvantage is that ReferenceUSA will also return retail companies.

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As a result, the results are often necessary to search for real providers.

Method #2 Using is another US supplier database which mainly supplies industrial and trade suppliers. ThomasNet What is good about ThomasNet is that ThomasNet only covers real suppliers and not retail stores compared to ReferenceUSA.

You won’t therefore have to screen the results of ThomasNet as much. The downside, of course, is that ReferenceUSA is far greater than ThomasNet, because every company in the United States has access.

I like to start with ThomasNet for all practical purposes and then use ReferenceUSA if I don’t find anything good.

Let’s look at plastic mold manufacturers using the same example from ReferenceUSA above.

As you can see, ThomasNet provides very specific, specialty plastic suppliers. You can then limit the results on a geographic basis.

Thomasnetzipcode Again, ThomasNet is more focused on industrial providers, which means that you won’t probably find consumer general products. But is an excellent resource if you want to produce your own designs whether clothing, plastic or metal.

Furthermore, if you want to produce your own personalized products from scratch you can find CAD designers and clothing designers too.

Method #3: Use Worldwide Brands

Worldwide Brands is a service that combines light bulk and dropship wholesalers in a beautiful directory that can be searched for. These providers are also pre-empted to make sure they are legitimate.

Now that I have a Worldwide Brands account since 2011, it’s an excellent resource to locate light bulk and dropship suppliers in the US even though I’m not using the directory very much these days.

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What is the exact meaning of light bulk?

A light bulk provider for suppliers requiring a minimum buy of $500 or less is a term coined by Worldwide Brands. In this way, you can start up for a lot less than a traditional manufacturing facility.

Although it sounds great to start-ups, it is because I don’t sell any other peoples ‘ products and I’ve not used Worldwide Brands in ages.

Indeed, readers long know that I have generally been pretty anti-dropshipping. But I have sufficient questions to answer about dropshipping. In any event, this is how the WorldWide Brands interface looks when you login.

WorldWide Brands returns a list of suppliers when entering a product. You can obtain contact information of the provider, minimum order quantity and seller site by clicking on the “See Complete Details” button.

You can save WorldWide Brands a lot of time if your efforts to find Dropship Sellers in the United States are difficult.

Method #4: The Row Makers Row

Row is a directory of more than 10,000 American producers in a dozen different industries. Row Makers Row and you can search by location and ability, similar to ThomasNet.

Makers Row is regarded as a premium service and is available monthly. However, their interface allows you to get estimates, book reviews and reach real American manufacturers easily.

It’s like this here.

You can browse their manufacturer’s directory once you register.

What’s good is that Makers Row offers a beautiful view of the factory and includes reference samples, photos and videos. You can find out about the manufacturer, get in touch and book a consultation.

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Makers Factory Makers Row offers project management software to provide product details and to manage your production once you have selected the factory.

Project Makers Please is aware that Makers Row is adapted to companies that seek to produce their own products from scratch.

And like ThomasNet and ReferenceUSA, in contacting and interacting with manufacturers you have to do the most difficult lifting.

The 4 above-mentioned tools serve different purposes when it comes to the sale of products to be sourced. and Makers Row are a lot more useful if you plan from scratch to create and produce your own product. As a result, you will not find many providers selling branded products from other persons on either service.

ReferenceUSA is a directory that is much more flexible than ThomasNet for all US firms. You will however need to look more closely at the results of your searches to find a provider that meets your needs.

Try to include a keyword “wholesale” along with the terms you are searching for wholesale vendors.

Worldwide Brands is also a directory of the United States ‘ pre-checked wholesale suppliers of dropship and light bulk. There are suppliers who want to drop their own brands. They are here.

In the United States, a full cost benefit analysis with a Chinese manufacturer equivalent pays off.

  • Cost of inspection
  • Cost of freight forwarding
  • Cost of importation taxes and duties

Besides the pure dollar cost, make sure you pay the “mental anguish” tax in a small amount. Cost of inspection In addition to the cost of the Chinese factory.

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After all, Chinese suppliers often take away some of your health, since they always try to cut corners and save costs.

Sometimes it’s worth using a manufacturer in the USA when all is said and done, even if the cost is a little higher. After all, lead times are much shorter, so that you can be more flexible in your business.

Furthermore, it is good to know that you are just a short flight away from the floor of the factory.

Good luck!

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