10 Best Wholesale Directory for your Online Business

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This post will discuss the top wholesalers from China, the U.S. and the UK. I’ll also review any relevant information about the wholesale industry.

I will discuss wholesale in this section. I will also highlight its marketing potential. I will conclude by stating why wholesale is expected to grow significantly over the next few years.

The second section will provide a list and link to top directories.

The next section will focus on how an interested individual can find reliable wholesale directories and qualified wholesalers.

The final part of this article will focus on the secrets to success in wholesaling.

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Let’s get started.

Why wholesale is so great

A wholesaler can be defined as an individual, organization or business that buys goods in bulk and then resells them to retailers. These goods often compete.

Wholesalers can get huge discounts on goods, while businesses receive wholesale prices. They can also sell the goods at higher prices per unit by breaking them down into smaller units.

Wholesalers also deal with large quantities of buyers. As a result, their orders are often comparable to large retailers’, which means they can get lower prices, as we discussed above.

They create fierce competition between themselves by passing the goods to smaller and larger retailers. This allows them to work harder to improve their businesses, but the wholesaler is ultimately the biggest beneficiary.

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There are more than 700,000 companies that deal in wholesaling products in the United States.

Only 400,000 of the 700,000. Independent wholesalers deal with merchandise worth close to $2.5 Trillion. They have also created direct employment for over 6 million people.

Global spending reached $4.7 billion in 2015 and is expected to grow at 15% annually through 2020. Below is a chart that shows the positive growth of U.S. wholesalers using online platforms in 2014.

China’s Best Wholesale Directory

1. AliExpress

AliExpress, which is owned by Alibaba Group, is a subsidiary company of Alibaba. Alibaba is a Chinese B2B marketplace. AliExpress has several manufacturing companies.

One advantage to buying online is the fact that verified companies are available, which means their products and services have been approved. The website also has a large selection of suppliers which makes it very affordable.

2. Chinabrands

Chinabrands, a dropshipping and wholesale business based in Shenzen (China) is well-known. They boast over 5000 manufacturers and can supply almost any product one might need, from electronics to apparel to home appliances.

They are distinguished by their discount program. This basically means that for every purchase made through the company, points are earned. These points can be used to offset future payments on the website.

Wholesale Directory in the USA

1. Manta

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Manta is the largest online wholesaler in the United States. It is distinct from other wholesalers who deal with products. This is because the site also lists those who offer services.

Educational services are one example of such services. Manta’s goal is to help small and medium-sized businesses owners find niches within their industries.

2. WorldWideBrands

They are the largest U.S. wholesale directory. It lists home-based suppliers that have access to products and can ship at wholesale prices. They help retailers find reputable wholesalers in America, and all this is free.

To access the product listings, you must sign up. Important to mention that there is a monthly fee, as stated on their website.

3. Wholesale Central

Wholesale Central, like WorldWideBrands is also a top wholesale directory. This company offers an up-to-date list of manufacturers, distributors, dropshippers, and importers as well as the states where they are located and their contact information.

The directory has a number of advantages. All the businesses that have been included are pre-screened and there is a low chance of them being scammed. It is also possible to buy goods directly from the site.

4. Doba

Doba is an online directory that lists over 200 genuine wholesalers and producers for small and medium-sized business owners.

Their listings include over 2,000,000 products. The user interface for people searching for specific products and manufacturers is very easy to use. The monthly service fee is slightly more expensive than other directory providers in the nation.

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5. OrangeShine

OrangeShine is the fastest-growing wholesale company in America since its founding. This company is focused on product awareness which is a benefit for wholesalers and new manufacturers.

It also specializes in fashion for men and women. All accessories for clothing can also be found on the site at discounted prices.

Wholesale Directory in the U.K

1. Britdeal

Brtideals is a top wholesaler because of the moderately priced products that are sourced from U.K. manufacturers. This means they are high quality.

There are over 30 categories on the website, so you will find almost any product. They specialize in beauty products and watches, as well as home electronics, trainers, and home electronics.

It is unique because it allows you to bargain for additional discounts, before buying the products.

2. MX Wholesale

MXWholesale was established in 2001 and has been a wholesaler in the U.K.

The website lists a lot of products at a steep discount, which is a great advantage for those who want to resell them. This is why it’s sometimes called a discount shop.

You will find amazing discounts on products such as smoking papers, wholesale tools and gardening equipment.

3. DK Wholesale

DK wholesale is a company that has been around for more than 35 years. Its headquarters are located in Manchester.

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They are known for supplying a large range of electronic products, including mobile phones and accessories as well as clocks, clocks, personal care items, and domestic appliances.

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4. Clearance Sale

Wholesale Clearance UK was established in 2005 by Karl Baxter. It is headquartered in Pool, Dorset.

This wholesale supplier in Britain specializes in clothing, accessories, jewelry and shoes for men and women. Since each product is inspected individually during stocking, they can guarantee quality.

5. Babez London

This is the place to go for all those who are looking for accessories and clothes for women of high class. Babez London stocks some of the best dresses, tops, and formal wear for women.

Their discounted prices on super-high-quality clothing is an opportunity that no seller should miss.

How to Locate a Reliable Wholesale Directory

The business landscape has changed significantly since the advent of e-commerce. The traditional directories are among the most affected businesses.

This is because many of them have outdated information. All business owners should be able to find reliable wholesale directories. These are some of the best methods to identify good directories:


Google answers every question, as people often say. This statement rings true when searching for reliable wholesale directories. Most directories that have been posted online have been indexed by the search engine.

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These directories can be found by performing a quick search using the search engine. You can also review the reviews left by others who have used the directory to refine their quality.

Ecommerce blogs

Many eCommerce platforms have blogs that list reputable wholesalers. Chinabrands and Alibaba are two good examples. Alibaba lists millions of suppliers from more than 200 countries on global markets. However, most are located in China.

Chinabrands, another trusted online marketplace, is another place where business owners can search for high-quality wholesale directories. These directories have the advantage of being classified according to the products and origins of their manufacturers.

It is therefore very simple to browse through their listings when searching for random suppliers. You can also access their recommendations by doing a quick Google search or Ask search engine.

Wholesale Company: Qualifications You Must Have


Although most people overlook the importance of verifying that a wholesale business is legitimate, it is an important factor.

First, it is possible that companies, who have not been granted a certificate of operation in a country, may deal with counterfeit products.

All sellers must be pre-screened and validated

Wholesalers are required to be verified before they can operate on most e-commerce wholesale marketplaces. Some wholesalers may not be verified in certain cases.

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This should be considered a red flag as the risk of wholesale companies losing money is much higher. This will result in a lower number of customers visiting these sites.

Effective distribution channels

Wholesalers can sell products to other retailers or businesses through multiple channels. You can send your product directly, or you may use exclusive regional distributors.

Direct shipping is better than using exclusive regional distributors, as there are no intermediaries involved in the movement of the goods from the wholesaler. This ensures greater product security and efficiency.

How to Wholesale

Do your research about the products

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There are many products that one could invest in. Not all goods are equally popular on the market. Some goods move quickly, while others take longer before they are bought.

Quick market research will show that women’s clothes are moving faster than those of men in the clothing industry. This means that wholesalers of women’s clothes are more profitable.

Start small

Wholesalers often make the rookie mistake of going all-in. These wholesalers/businesses often order bulk orders that exceed the market’s requirements.

This means they take longer to move their products because once the market is saturated, they can’t sell more.

Other than that, market demand changes can result in the goods needed to change in a significant way. They may end up having substantial orders in their warehouse which they cannot sell even at throwaway price.

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Excellent customer service

People like to work with people who are flexible and responsive to their needs. They also enjoy working with people who are friendly. For a business to succeed, it is crucial that buyers and sellers find common ground.

People will be more inclined to do business with wholesalers who are responsive to their queries or complaints immediately, as opposed to those who ignore them after purchases have been made.

Last Thought

Below is a list of the top wholesale directories in China, USA, and USA.

Now it is your turn. What business are you thinking about starting?

Which products would you like to trade?

Do you have any other information that could be of benefit to other business people? Drop a comment in the comment section below.