How to Export and Move From Squarespace to WordPress?

Reading Time: 5 minutes Squarespace is a straightforward platform, yet has some inherent constraints that prevent it from meeting everyone’s needs. That’s why so many opt for WordPress’ more customizable options instead. In order to switch from Squarespace to WordPress, first export all your content in an XML file containing page and post data, and then install the WordPress […]

Simple Steps to Make Your Squarespace Site Live

Reading Time: 5 minutes No matter whether it’s for business, side hustles, portfolios or weddings – having an online presence has never been more crucial. Building your site with Squarespace is an effortless and time-saving process that can be completed swiftly. As soon as you complete some basic questions, Squarespace will walk you through an interactive tutorial before giving […]

Guide to Allow Users to Upload Files in Squarespace

Reading Time: 5 minutes Squarespace provides several methods for users to upload files, including the File Upload Block, Form Builder Block and Code Injection. We’ll explore these approaches here. If people can’t upload files through your Squarespace form, verify their file type and size are compatible with Squarespace as well as their internet connection being stable. Also consider utilizing […]

Dropshipping Dilemma: Assessing if Shopify is the Ideal Platform for Your Business

Reading Time: 2 minutes Dropshipping is a retail strategy that allows you to sell products without having to store, ship, or handle them. It’s a great way for e-commerce retailers to start their business and get into selling online. But it also comes with its challenges—and there are some things you need to consider before choosing Shopify as your […]

How To Enable Checkout Page On Squarespace? Maximizing Sales

Reading Time: 5 minutes Squarespace provides an exceptional platform for creating websites that sell products or services online. Their builder consists of sections and blocks which can be moved around freely to customize exactly the look and functionality you want for your site. Your customers can opt into your EZ Texting list during checkout with either the Checkout Button […]

How to Add a Cart to Squarespace Custom Template?

Reading Time: 3 minutes Squarespace provides user-friendly customization tools to create a shopping cart experience tailored to your needs, connecting Stripe or PayPal as payment sources while managing inventory. Crosby is an eCommerce template perfect for promoting a band or side hustle, featuring an efficient checkout process to reduce cart abandonment. Customization Selecting an effective template for your Squarespace […]

How To Add Text To Gallery Page in a Squarespace Website?

Reading Time: 5 minutes Squarespace allows you to add text overlays onto gallery images in order to convey a message or highlight an aspect of them, making your images more engaging for visitors and contributing towards an improved user experience. Gallery Blocks provide an easy way to display media on your site. In this article, we’ll show how to […]

How to Fix Squarespace Banner Image Cut Off Issue?

Reading Time: 3 minutes Image file size is extremely important because the larger it is, the longer it will take for your site to load and thus compromising SEO. Squarespace recommends using images with at least 2500 pixels as they will ensure a sharp image without blurriness or pixels. How to Fix Images uploaded to Squarespace should have the […]

How to Change the Read More Text in Squarespace? Easy Tips

Reading Time: 4 minutes Summary is one of the most versatile blocks available in Squarespace; it can do everything from display blog posts to allowing visitors to dial your phone number. But the default read more link can be rather dull and could use some flair. In this article we’ll show you how to easily change its appearance to […]