Tutorial to Add a Search Bar to Your Squarespace Website

Reading Time: 5 minutes Search bars can be an integral component of a website’s user experience by helping visitors quickly locate what they’re searching for and decreasing navigational costs. Search bars should be placed in an expected spot such as the header or footer of your website, easily visible yet not taking over all other elements on its page. […]

Tips to Extract Code from Squarespace like a Pro

Reading Time: 5 minutes Squarespace makes it simple and efficient to add PDF documents to your website for visitors to easily search and share information. Backing up your Squarespace site is important. Although it’s unlikely that it will be compromised or entirely vanish, being prepared in case something does go wrong can save time and headache. Export HTML Squarespace […]

A Guide to Changing Theme Templates on Squarespace

Reading Time: 5 minutes Have you been using the same Squarespace template for your website for some time and feel it needs an upgrade, but are concerned that changing will interfere with SEO rankings? Changing your Squarespace template is straightforward – even on version 7.1! Read on to discover more! Site Styles Once you’ve selected a template, it’s time […]

Guide to Customize Your Squarespace Logo for Each Page

Reading Time: 3 minutes Logos are key in setting apart websites from others and Squarespace’s default logo size may be too small and unreadable. To address this problem, there are various solutions you can try. One is replacing the current logo with one from another file – to do this simply open your CSS panel and position your cursor […]

Steps to Resolve Squarespace Not Uploading Images

Reading Time: 5 minutes Squarespace is an easy-to-use website builder that enables you to build custom sites without writing code. The software comes equipped with tools to assist in growing your business, such as appointment scheduling and storefront functionality. Images may fail to upload to your website due to either a slow internet connection or insufficient hosting storage capacity. […]

Techniques to Fix a Small Logo on Squarespace

Reading Time: 5 minutes Squarespace Logo System allows for efficient formatting of logos to fit different forms and sizes – including mobile – without losing quality or adaptability. Unfortunately, sometimes your logo appears too small on your website, a situation which can be immensely frustrating if you’ve invested both time and money in creating one of your own. Luckily, […]

Embedding Google Tracking Code in Squarespace Made Simple

Reading Time: 5 minutes Google Analytics is an indispensable tool that can give you valuable insight into your website visitors and content performance. This powerful tool can show which platforms are driving traffic to your site and more. To begin with Google Analytics on Squarespace, you need a Google Analytics account with an active Tracking ID (UA-xxxx-yy). Copy and […]

8 Best Squarespace Templates For Musicians and Bands

Reading Time: 5 minutes Yes, Squarespace provides templates specifically tailored to musicians and bands, including ones with built-in SoundCloud players and an eCommerce feature to sell music and merchandise. The Kitui template is a dark and minimalist theme designed to put key information at the forefront. It boasts a large background image and straightforward navigational system with pages for […]

Tutorial on Adding a Sleek and Stylish Form in Squarespace

Reading Time: 5 minutes Forms are an easy and efficient way to gather visitor data, gather feedback or obtain newsletter subscriptions on Squarespace sites. Each form can be added using its own dedicated content block. To create contact forms or other types of forms on your site, follow these steps. Identify which version your site uses and open up […]