Fill Tool in Clip Studio Paint: Things to Kow

Discover the Fill Tool’s capabilities in Clip Studio Paint, an essential tool for flatting (the practice of layering base colors onto an illustration). Customize the Sub Tools in the [Sub tool] palette to reference specific layers when filling, which is helpful when you prefer keeping lineart and color layers separated. Selecting the Area to Fill […]

Tricks to Make a Glow Effect in Clip Studio Paint

Clip Studio Paint, also known as Manga Studio, was developed by Celsys as an illustration software program for general illustration and 2D animation. Known for its affordable pricing and production-proven tools, this program has quickly become a favorite among many artists. Artists can customize their workspace and utilize shortcuts to streamline their workflow, as well […]

Essential Tips for Creating Comics in Clip Studio Paint

Create comic frames and balloons using specialized tools. Sketch with various brushes to add depth. Depth can be achieved with perspective rulers. Download free as well as commercial-license materials including pens, tones, images and 3D assets for use. Save time with functions tailored specifically for manga/comic production. Register frequently used shortcut keys as auto actions […]

Tips for Efficiently Splitting Clips in Adobe After Effects

Video editing with Adobe After Effects can be an intricate process, but by mastering its fundamentals you can quickly and efficiently craft animations that stand out. For trimming clips, simply position the playhead indicator at your desired point in the timeline and use either Windows’ Alt+[ or Mac’s Option+[ as keyboard shortcuts to shorten or […]

Quick and Easy Methods for Saving PSD Files as PNG

Photographers often rely on Photoshop to edit and save their images, and while this program can be costly, it provides photographers with an invaluable tool for editing photos and graphics. Image converters online can also provide convenient solutions. This service allows users to convert multiple files at the same time and is suitable for those […]