10 Wholesale Boho Clothing Suppliers and Marketing Tips

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The boho trend has been a huge hit in the last few years. This style includes natural hair and makeup, as well as vintage and ethnic-inspired accessories. This style is fun to wear for those with artsy or earthy personalities.

This article will explain everything you need to know about wholesale boho clothing. Continue reading to learn more.

Boho Clothes in Bulk for Resale: Why Buy?

These are some tips that will help you make it in the wholesale or retail clothing business. If you want your business thrive, buying clothes in bulk is smart. You can get lower prices.

To get started, you don’t even need to have any experience or a masters degree in business. You only need to be motivated and determined to succeed. People who sell clothes online usually have a website where they can sell their goods. These are the pros and cons to selling boho clothing online.


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Clothes will never go obsolete, so they will always be in fashion

* You don’t need to have a lot of experience to get started.

* More people prefer to shop online for clothes from the comfort of their own homes.

* You can sell online and make money from your home.


* Competition is quite stiff

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* Customers may have difficulty fitting the clothes before finalizing a purchase. There will be many returns.

* You may need to wait a while before you start attracting sales-converting traffic

Three Mistakes to Avoid when Looking for Boho Clothing Wholesalers

When choosing a wholesaler, there are three things you should consider. You will make big mistakes that could lead to huge losses in your business if you don’t pay attention to these three important factors. These are the top mistakes you should avoid:

1. Make a mistake when buying from wholesalers that also sell to retailers

Wholesalers that sell to individuals can mean that customers can buy from them at a lower price than what you offer. These sellers may not be wholesalers, but are simply using the “wholesale” name to lure bargain customers. These deals are not comparable to what you would get from a wholesaler. Wholesalers who sell bulk and have a minimum order quantity.

2nd mistake: Buying wholesalers without reliable contact information

A website is no longer enough. It is essential to be able call, email, or visit the place before you make a purchase. Don’t do business if the wholesaler won’t allow you to do that.

Third Mistake: Not having all necessary documentation

Before you can buy wholesale items, you must have a resellers certification or other documentation. You must complete all legal documentation to ensure compliance with the law.

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Top 6 Boho Clothing Wholesale Suppliers

We have compiled a list of top wholesalers to make it easier for boho-clothing wholesalers to help you find the right supplier. Have a look at these:

1. Chinabrands.com is a dropshipping and wholesale platform

This is the largest B2B dropshipping company in the world, with access to over 250 countries. This company is your best dropshipping partner because they are experts at logistics and distribution.

Chinabrands is the largest dropshipping and wholesale platform in the world, with access to over 250 countries. They have the best dropshipping suppliers because they are experts at logistics and distribution. T

Dropshipping has taken the world by storm. This is partly due the availability of suppliers who are committed to providing an environment that allows drop shippers to thrive. Lazada and AliExpress are just a few of the integrated stores. Shopify, eBay, Shopify, and many others are also included.

Integration is easy with Chinabrands Their API linking technology is fully optimized and guarantees seamless integration of all systems into the drop-ship platform.

Many store owners can only use one e-commerce website. Chinabrands is different. It is suitable for both manufacturers and retailers as well as suppliers.

Chinabrands warehouses are a key part of its supply business. They can be found all over the globe. Your orders will arrive on time thanks to DHL, UPS, FedEx and FedEx.

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Dropshipping from Chinabrands requires that you first open an account for free. You can then upgrade your VIP account to get huge benefits. Next, integrate your business with Chinabrands to facilitate synchronization of customer orders and automatic mark-order shipment.


* No inventory is required. All products that you wish to sell are already available on the dropshipping website. Only you need to sync the products into your store.

Dropshipping is easy with the wide variety of products available.

* Order tracking – To track customers’ orders during transit, a tracking number will be added to your store.

View the Features:

* Source from over 5000 verified exclusive manufacturers

* 500+ Million Products from 172 Categories

* No minimum order requirement

* Wholesale price starting at $0.3

* Professional QC team is extremely strict in quality inspection

* CB points offset and heavy discount as payment

* Next-day shipping available for global shipping

* Download/Sync SEO-optimized product listings for free

* Auto order fulfillment

* Integration seamless with more than 20 platforms

* 24/7 customer service

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Dropship to Amazon/eBay/AliExpress – Chinabrands makes it simple for you to dropship to Amazon by providing API end to end integration which can allow up to 20 platforms. You can ship products directly to Amazon warehouses using the FBA shipping service.

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Dropship to Shopify – You can now dropship thousands more products with the new dropshipping app. It integrates seamlessly with Shopify and handles bulk orders.

To do business with Chinabrands (CB), there are only four steps:

CB imports products – Sell products in your store – Place orders from CB – CB ships the products

2. Isabella

Wholesaler that sells lace clothing, winter wear, beach wear, caps, and more. The company has been in business since 2006 and offers a wide variety of bohemian-style clothing to customers. New stock is released every two months. They bring comfort, fun and affordable fashion to Australia. Isabella aims to bring a modern boho style to Australia by adding vibrant colours to her fashion and beautiful prints to her designs.

3. One Tribe Apparel

One Tribe Apparel was founded to bring bohemian clothing from all over the globe back to the West. It has been a leader in providing wholesale customers with handmade clothes, bags and accessories from Thailand since then. Wholesale orders must be $250 or more in value and must be paid upfront. The orders are processed within a period of one to four weeks and then shipped from the Thailand warehouse.

4. Kathmandu Clothing

Kathmandu was established in 1990. It specializes in selling eco friendly hippie clothing wholesale. This private company also offers custom clothing, both in bulk and made-to-order for your business. They are the largest online wholesale supplier of Bohemian clothing and accessories, including bags, skirts, bags, backpacks. jewellery, wedding dresses, blankets, bracelets. All orders over $499 qualify for free shipping worldwide.

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5. Boho Clothing Wholesale

This boho clothing manufacturer, wholesaler, and supplier was established in 2005. They are fully capable of designing and manufacturing the clothes. They ensure that their customers receive high-quality clothing by being involved at every stage of production. They also preserve all natural materials, from the fabrics to the packaging. Cotton and viscose are the main fabrics. Other fabrics that are occasionally used are velvet and knit fabrics.

6. Soul Flower

The eco-conscious Boho Clothing brand aims to improve the lives of customers and spread good vibes. They were founded in 1999, and have been providing quality wholesale yoga and boho clothing to different countries ever since. Their philosophy is to “Be Kind, be Soulful, and Be Yourself.”

Soul Flower requires you to be a wholesaler before placing an order. The minimum order size is $250. The account will be used to track and place orders. If the order is complete, the orders will be processed in 2 weeks. Otherwise they are usually shipped the next business day.

Marketing Ideas for Wholesale Boho Clothing

You need to market your products effectively as a wholesaler, retailer, or both. You have many options to market your clothing products. Here are some of the most popular:

1. Facebook Marketing

Nearly everyone knows about Facebook and uses it frequently. It’s a great way to increase awareness and drive sales. Facebook offers almost any demographic, including PPC (Pay Per Klick). Facebook Live and other features make it easy for businesses to show off their clothes and offer giveaways. Your followers can comment, like and share your posts.

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2. Social Media Marketing on Pinterest and Instagram

You will need to post amazing photos of your products on these two platforms. These pictures should have creative captions and hashtags. Make sure the words and pictures are related. To get some ideas, check out similar businesses to see how they have done it.

3. Local Advertising

Another way to get potential buyers to your business is through local advertising. Advertisements can be placed in local newspapers or broadcast on radio. You could also distribute flyers and put up signs in strategic locations in your locality.

4. E-commerce SEO

Optimize your product pages and listings to increase traffic to your site using Google. Google Adwords can be a great tool for planning keywords and executing a marketing campaign to promote your boho clothing.

How should you price wholesale boho clothes?

Start by setting a price range that you won’t be able to change. Otherwise, your business won’t make sense. When setting the price of boho clothing, there are three factors you need to consider. These are the three main factors:

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1. Import tax and duties are included in the consumer tax

2. Fluctuations in currency exchange rates

3. You can get insurance on your goods to protect yourself against unforeseeable circumstances

4. Similar products at the market price

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Which Boho Clothes should you sell?

Comfortability is the key ingredient to all boho outfits. To ensure maximum comfort, most of the clothing is loose-fitting. Are you unsure what wholesale boho clothing is best? Don’t worry, we have you covered. We have compiled a list that will fit the criteria:

1. Flared Jeans

Flared jeans look amazing when paired with a flowing scarf and a boho top. Flares are great for balancing wide hips. You could also sell flared jeans and boot-cuts.

2. Funky Prints

Boho is all about artistic expression. This style includes lots of colorful prints in many colours. These prints are colorful, wild, and very eye-catching.

3. Free And Flowy Fabrics

Comfort is key. If you want to feel boho, it’s best to choose quality fabrics that fit well. The clothes should not be too loose as it can make you look unprofessional and cheap.

4. Mixed Printers

Combining two prints can be a great way of expressing your inner gypsy. Combining small florals with geometric prints is possible. It would be very boho if the different prints were on the same fabric.

5. Maxi dresses

A pretty maxi dress is the best way to look boho. A classic boho style is the maxi with a ruffled skirt. This outfit is complete with a pair suede shoes and a stylish bag with a structured form.

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6. Arty Accessories

The boho look is brought to life by large pieces of jewellery made from natural materials such as leather, turquoise, beads and precious stones. The more individual accessories, the better. Don’t be afraid to mix and match different styles and colors.

Crocheted or handcrafted accessories that have an ethnic feel are also great ways to express your boho spirit. A boho-inspired outfit is complete with the perfect accessory: a floppy felt cap.

7. Earthy Tones

You should choose natural fabrics like silk, silk, chiffon silk, leather, suede and fur when building your boho outfit. Natural colours such as greens, golds, browns and rusts, beige and tan are all good options.

Fur is considered cruel and unethical by many. You can find a variety of faux fur options if you don’t like the look, but still want to wear fur. You can also find faux leather versions of leather for vegans who don’t want to wear real leather.

Shoes can also be worn in natural colors and fabrics. Ethnic-inspired sandals, such as ballet flats or sandals in the shape of a ballet shoe. The boho style is dominated by the African, Roman, and Greek styles. You can wear thick boots with heels, cowboy boots or boots that are high-heeled and reminiscent of the ’70s when it is cold.

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8. Lace and Other Embellishments

Lace and other embellishments are a must-have. For a boho look, lace tops, dresses and bags are essential staples. You can also add embroidery and fringe to your clothing and accessories.

9. Palazzo Pants

These palazzo pants are wide-leg and swishy as you move. They can be worn with a white tank and jean jacket, or with a split linen asymmetrical tunic.


This guide will help you understand wholesale boho clothing and the best practices. Wholesale boho clothing is a big market. All you need to do to make your business successful is to market yourself properly and do the rest right.