Best Shopify Website Design Themes and the Cost

Reading Time: 9 minutes The design of your eCommerce site is crucial. Your website’s design can either make or break it, resulting in sales falling or profitably. It will be hard to create a high-quality design if you are not an experienced web designer. Do you prefer to save time and have a high-converting eCommerce site? It’s a smart idea to look […]

Tips to Sell Portable Blender Bottle on Shopify

Reading Time: 3 minutes Shopify’s pricing page is the most common way that first-time sellers assume that this is all it will cost to sell their products on Shopify. There are many other costs involved. Some of these may surprise you! Let’s look at what you should budget for before you build your online store. Shopify’s Core Costs Two costs that […]

Led Touch Screen Makeup Mirror + Shopify

Reading Time: 2 minutes AliExpress: Shopify 10X Magnifying Makeup Mirror, My Flexible Mirror 360 Degree Rotation Folding Vanity Mirror with LED Light Makeup Tools AliExpress is your best online shopping app for everything you need! You will find fun and great deals here. Great Value – We offer great prices on over 100 million quality products in Beauty & Health […]

Shopify Cityhash Theme Review and Alternatives

Reading Time: 5 minutes Your customers will feel a special connection every time they visit your website. According to new research, 38% will abandon a website if it isn’t appealing. Organizations are known to strive for an exceptional plan to improve the customer experience when implementing eCommerce transformations. Shopify eCommerce storekeepers (1.5 million) also qualify. The best Shopify topics for your […]

Shopify Dropshipping Traffic & Clicks But No Sales

Reading Time: 7 minutes Dropshipping Facebook groups are flooded with questions. My personal inbox answers the following: Why do I get so many clicks, but not sales? This question is often paired with a link for their Shopify store. It’s full of rookie mistakes. This article is written to assist those who are experiencing this frustrating problem. First, ask yourself […]

Shopify Subsidiaries Explained in Few Lines

Reading Time: 4 minutes What is a Subsidiary? A subsidiary in corporate business is a company that is part of another company. This is often referred to as the holding company or the parent company. A controlling interest is a parent’s ownership in the subsidiary company. This means that it controls or has more than half its stock. A subsidiary […]

Shopify Dashboard Available Features and Metrics

Reading Time: 8 minutes Analytics is a key component of today’s data-driven market. Businesses are now putting a lot of importance on analytics to strategize their Roadmaps. Global companies are now analysing data from various departments to understand their market position. This allows them to make better strategic decisions that will lead to increased revenue generation and expansion. Different types of Dashboards […]

Klaviyo Email Marketing Reviews for eCommerce

Reading Time: 10 minutes Email marketing is one of the most effective and profitable online marketing methods. This is something that very few ecommerce store owners are aware of. Klaviyo is an app/service for email marketing that I reviewed in the article below. It is one of the most popular email marketing apps that you can find in numerous app stores. […]

Magento 1 End of Life Important Things to Know

Reading Time: 9 minutes Magento 1’s initial End of Life (EOL), was set for November 2018. In September 2018, Magento changed the end-of-life date to June 30, 2020. Joe Ayyoub from Magento was the Director of Support Operations and made it clear that Magento wants to reduce the merchants’ stress. Magento 1. will cease all quality fixes and software security […]