5 Simple Tricks to find Best Instagram Influencers for Dropshipping

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How to find Instagram Influencers with high Audience Quality Score and Engagement Rate ?

No need to use any paid services/softwares for this.

Trick 1:  Search for hastags with your niche keyword:

Let me explain it with an example.  If i am looking Influencers to sell headphones.  Visit https://www.instagram.com or open Instagram app in your phone and explore hashtag heaphones.

Tap to the top posts and open post more than 1k likes. Sure you will get some top influencers.

Now I am opening the very first post since it has more than 7k likes.

When i check his profile, he is a Menswear | Fashion Influencer.

Now we got a special free tool to check the engagement rate and audience quality score.  The result of our influencer after checking in our tool is below.

Now i got my Influencer to sell headphones. Similarly try for your niche and get top Influencers.

Trick 2:  Search for people with your niche keyword:

When searching for people, it is recommended not to go with a very narrow niche. Let us take babies niche.

Hit babies on IG search and tap to people.  Choose some profile with more than 10k followers and check their engagement with our recommended tool.  They are your baby niche influencers.

When i check all the users from the search result luckily I got @babiesvilla who welcomes advertisers to DM.  Hope he has some deals for us.

Trick 3:  Finding influencers for local business:

It is recommended for people who promotes their business within the cities or regions.  If you are about to promote something only to NSW, AU.  Hit newsouthwales in IG search bar. Tap to places or hashtags. Rest of the processes are same as trick 1 and trick 2.

Trick 4:  Google search for Instagrammers:

All the above 3 tricks are within Instagram searches.  Now it is outside Instagram direct search from Google.  Hit <niche name> instagrammers. You will get some awesome results which redirect you to the list of top instagrammers on your niche.

Trick 5:  Influencers Search Engines

There are many search engines websites available to find influencers. But it is the recommended one where you can get influencers list for free of cost and you can buy your ad post via this website itself. INFLUENCE.CO SHOUTCART.COM

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