Best 8 Beauty Products to Dropship From Trusted Suppliers

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Last Updated on April 01, 2021

Beauty products for the year 2020 is making many heads turn. Are you searching for beauty products for this year, to amplify your sales? In that case, this blog will bombard you with outstanding results. Along with this, the burning health and beauty trends are also responsible for increasing sales and should not be overlooked. 

Fake or magnetic eyelashes

There is no doubt that fake eyelashes can be found in every girl’s makeup box. With this, you can analyse the popularity behind this product and why should you start selling it. Also, if you go and check in Google Trends, fake eyelashes are rolling high. 

Added with this, magnetic eyelashes are not behind. Starting from the mid-year 2017, these eyelashes grew up like never before. Any makeup look can’t be said without application of fake eyelashes. 

Are you with the thought as for why fake eyelashes are being given extra preference compared to the glue ones? It is for the reason that fake ones are easy to apply and will not create any kind of problem at all. 

To market your fake eyelashes, the best platform that will support you is Instagram. Tying up with the beauty bloggers, making ads will pop up the sales and will be considered as a long term plan. Plus you can begin with starting your Instagram account and post pictures with the lashes. 

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With this trick, you will not have to pay an extra price as the brand building will be done on your name. In addition, you will be able to drive your own audience as well. Moving further, you can think of launching your blog where sharing about the magnetic lashes can be done. Through this, you can step towards making a good range of organic traffic. 

Glitter or shimmer nail polish 

Those who are fond of beauty products will always have tonnes of nail polish with them. Out of the ordinary ones, now shimmer nail polish is being in the trend. The nail posts can be uploaded on the Instagram account, and slowly it will turn into your own nail polish store. 

The auras of shimmer nail polish are moving high and if you want to play with your sales, then start right away. If we see the sale of the last one month, shimmer nail polish is ranking high. It means this is the right time to boost your Instagram account. 

You can also try carousal post if you really want the shimmer nail polish to be trending on Instagram. With such kinds of posts, you can add many pictures in one, letting your customer get a great idea. 

You can also add videos or pictures of shimmer nail polish either in the hands of a model or on your own finger. Carousal post will help the customers in visualisation nail polish looks in variations. Very few know that carousal posts are the first to come out in the search box of Instagram. 

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Hair wigs 

By this time, people are getting more curious about the hair wigs? Not ready to believe us? Then we will suggest you go to Google Trends and start searching for the keyword “wigs” and you will get the answer. 

Hair wigs are now being chosen instead of using extensions as it will not damage the hairs. Many communities can act as your target for the selling of hair wigs like cancer patients, the casual customer. African American hair, novelty and the list go on. 

You can opt for adding long hair wigs that will surely increase your sales. Furthermore deciding about starting a beauty product store will also be a good thing to do. Surplus of online retailers are now showing interest in wigs. 

Hair wigs can be one specific niche which you can use for your blog, hair tutorials, or any kind of hair related topics as well. It will facilitate you in luring a good range of quality leads, turning them into long term paying customers. 

If we pick the only keyword, i.e., hair wigs, it has the capacity to hold more than 2700 searches over a month only. Apart from this, long-tail keywords are also having similar search results. We can say that hair wigs is going to stay and can form a long term business as well. 

Gun massager 

Regular massages can’t be afforded by everyone who has undergone an injury in order to heal from the injury. To overcome such troubles, deep tissue gun can be brought into use. This gun works incredibly, as the person using it can try on himself. It is the reason it is getting famous as do-it-yourself massage. In the last one month, the gun massager has attained more than hundreds of orders. Therefore, it has made its places among the popular health product. 

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Keyword “massage” is now on the trend chart with more than 4,09,000 million searches over the month. 

Now coming on the promotion of gun massager, you can look for the SEO. Don’t forget about the massive category of massages. You can take advantage of this to start with various spa products and massage products. You can also think of beginning with the blog post, create Google shopping ads. It will build your influence as an industry expert, and for this, you can take support from the keywords related to massages. 

Footbath beauty product

Not everyone can afford food bath treatment in a salon. Added further, the concern of sanitation is even deeper for many. Thus, the only solution to both of these problems is the footbath. This product will ease out the hectic foot bathing of the parlour to the home task. The purpose of this product is dead skin removal. Also, seeing the searches, 1,100 are already placed in the last months. 

Now, how will you be able to find the target audience? It is very easy, just look out for those who are crazy about nail salons, spas and beauty parlours. Some of the cities like Los Angeles, New York and Toronto will give you a good catch of audience as well. Clubbing with the beauty influencer will be benefiting or making ads content. 

Beard straightener machine 

This product might raise your eyebrows as until now straighteners were used only for females. Many things have been changed, and in this, straighteners for men are the one. These straighteners are used for giving a volume of the beard hair, straightening them and several other tasks. 

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It is has made its place in the grooming set of men with 9100 searches is a remarkable success for any new launch. On the contrary, the search of “beard straightener” will come with 60,000 plus searches over a month only. 

Instagram is a high podium for the market of beard straighteners where you can make videos, before and after photographs. As per the searches, you can look over Google ads. It will aid you in connecting with the customers even faster. The searches will open up views which will get converted into sales of the product. 

Neck relaxation pillows

With time travelling has increased and this is also amplified the sales of the neck pillows. It is one the health product which is getting famous in order to get relieves from the pain of neck. 

If you are dealing with this product, then the crazy solution is there in your hand with 1500 sales. The promotion of neck pillows can be done through content, articles, videos by focusing on the topic of how it is beneficial for the customers. Facebook ads will also be a good source for targeting people. In terms of videos, you must look for educational videos to get an immeasurable conversion of sales. 

Google ads is another resolute if your eyes are on search-based keywords like “neck-pain” as it is now glowing with 165,000 searches of a month. 

Face massage roller 

Massaging the face is also a must-to-do task where it helps in rejuvenating the skin and makes it look shinier and lovable. Face massage roller facilitates massaging the skin of the face, including the chin, cheeks, nose and much more. 

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Don’t worry about the pricing as along with the shipping rate; it will cost you with only 3$. It is an apt sign, as the profit ratio of the store owners will go high. Want to know the order numbers then it is 475 in a few months. 

Face massager is now an iconic product with 50,000 searches all over a month and will make you believe it as the best selling product. 

To market this product, you can look for Google ads, with “face massager” as the keyword. Plus simple videos of demonstrating the machine can be posted on Facebook are a great option. To promote the videos, shake hands with the bloggers so that the link can be shared it on various platforms. 

These 8 beauty and health products are an excellent solution for grabbing high selling rates and profitable outcome. Don’t stop thinking and start ordering any of the ones you like.  

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