Best Facebook Ad OBJECTIVE for Shopify Dropshipping Stores

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How to make use of traffic ads, engagement ads and conversions ads for Shopify Dropshipping?

It is very significant for a Dropshipping business to make the best use of ads. We have already talked about the horizontal and vertical target as well as unique retargeting strategies. In today’s article, we will talk about why you should be using traffic ads, engagement ads or conversions ads for Shopify Dropshipping. We will tell you when you should be using traffic ads, PPE ads, and conversion ads. As the use of all three different ads is important but most important is how you should be using all three ads in order to grow your Dropshipping business.

We have already talked about five-dollar ads for Shopify Dropshipping in our previous articles. We will suggest you read previous articles in order to have a better understanding of using these ads. In this article, we will explain how you should be using all three ads i.e. traffic ads, engagement ads or conversions ads.

Most of the people who are involved in the Dropshipping business know that they should be running conversion ads. However, there is a lot of debate involved about when they should be using conversion ads or whether they should be running engagement ads. People rarely talk about the importance of traffic ads. The other two kinds of ads are given much more importance than the last one.

We suggest you make a use of all three kinds of ads. We will tell you exactly how and when you should be using traffic ads, engagement ads, and conversion ads. There are few important things to keep in mind while using ads for your Dropshipping business:

Website Conversion VS PPE - Dropshipping Facebook ads

Traffic/Website clicks:

There is a reason why Dropshippers should be running these ads. Traffic or number of clicks on your website is the most important thing for any Dropshipping store. It is very important to season a fresh pixel. Most people will enter into running Facebook, whether they are into e-commerce or not. They will just start running their ads with a fresh pixel.

If you have just started running ads with the new pixel, we suggest you season your ads. Seasoning your ads will allow you to get more optimized conversions quickly without spending a huge budget in the beginning. Not seasoning a fresh pixel and giving it initial intelligence will cost you a big budget. However, if you season your pixel, you will get more efficiency in your engagements and conversions ads.

The best way to season a fresh pixel is to run it with website clicks. In this way, you can get many conversions or clicks much quicker. You can also adopt ways like using engagements for seasoning your pixels. However, according to us, website clicks works best. It is much efficient and powerful way to season your pixel from the beginning.

It will provide fast data to you for seasoning your pixel. It may also provide feedback from potential customers on your Dropshipping store. You will know about things that needed to be fixed or added to your store. You can get a couple of sales through this way.

When you adopt conversions, you should be performing very well in terms of your store and your products but if you get a fresh pixel, we suggest you to use website clicks and traffic ads to provide your pixel initial intelligence.

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In case you have already been running ads, you can skip this part and you should not be worried about all this because you already have a seasoned pixel.

PPE/Engagement ads:

It is very important to run PPE ads or engagement ads for every single product in your store. We will tell you why you should do this. The first reason is to provide Social Proof. You must run it every time you test a new product. In case you already have a decent product, you should not start with engagement ads for social proof of the post, as a decent winning product will get good engagement through a conversions ad. However, if you are testing a new product you must start with an engagement ad. You can spend $5 for one day in your engagement ads and then switch them over to the conversions ads.

If you run it through a post on your actual business page, the benefit that you will get is that the engagement stays attached to the conversion ads. That’s the reason why this method is so efficient for Social Proof. Facebook optimizes ads and sends them out to people who will engage more with your ads. It will basically build massive social proof for your website.

It may also give insight into your product. At the time you are testing your products, you will not know how much engagements your products have but you have an engagement costs for your new product. For example, if you have one cent or say thirty cents, one cent is a good sign and you must not go off it.

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There are some products that have amazing engagements like the cost of one cent for engagement. When you switch them over to conversions, they don’t perform that well. However, this can hold true many times. So, you can actually get insight including lots of comments (especially positive ones), that is definitely a good sign.  It is amazing if you are able to get sales with engagement ads because it is not optimized for sales. Many people in the Dropshipping community have a misconception that it is better to use engagement ads for sales. The truth is that engagement ad is not meant to provide sales to you but if you get some sales through it then your conversion ads should be very powerful.


It will not give you enough sales but will provide an insight into your products. Apart from that, it provides pixel data for ads. You may have noticed very strong ads running on Facebook or maybe weak on Instagram or vice versa. This happens because Facebook optimizes your ads for an audience that will actually buy your products.

When you run the engagement ads, you might already have a lot of engagement with Facebook and a little engagement with Instagram. This will provide an idea to the initial intelligence whether to run higher on Facebook or on Instagram when you switch them over to conversion ads. You can split test this multiple time to check if this is true or not.

If you have a very strong engagement period with Facebook then it runs relatively very strong with Facebook with conversion ads and provides some initial pixel data that saves your time. It may not be a huge deal but a bonus reason to run an engagement ad. However, for every time you test a new product, you must run engagement ads. We highly suggest you to do this as it’s a cheaper way to get massive Social Proof. Spending $5 a day is enough.

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Conversions Ads/Website Conversions:

These ads are meant to get you sales. Facebook optimizes conversions ads and sends them out in front of the users who will probably buy your products. These users have a history of purchase behavior or users who will like your products or your store. If your pixel is aware of the data, it will push your ad to the audience that is likely to buy your products. Engagement ads will be sent out to people who will probably be engaged with traffic or people who will just click on your store website. These pixels are smart enough to know how to push the ads to get maximum sales.

There is an argument about running conversion ads for Initiate Checkout, Purchase, Add to Cart or view content. In case you have look like audience, you must use all four. However, Purchase is most efficient for a regular automatic bid. The purchase is very powerful because your pixel and Facebook knows who to send out your ads. In case you run it for Add to Cart, Facebook will optimize it to give you add to carts and not sales. This is the reason why we suggest you stick with purchases for conversion ads. You must stick with purchase. Don’t try to outperform Facebook, as Facebook itself wants you to make money so that you can spend more money on its platform. Facebook is well aware of its action. All you need to do is to trust it and stick with purchases.

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You should focus on look like audience and retarget apps for conversion ads. There are lots of ways in which you can use look like the audience and retargeting apps to grow your traffic but that’s not our focus here.

Conversion ads are basically meant for purchase and must run them in order to get massive purchases from your store. However, we suggest you run engagement ads and website traffic or website clicks with any new pixel.

In case you have any questions regarding traffic ads, engagement ads or conversions ads for Shopify Dropshipping, you can leave comments down in the comment section. We are here to serve you with great value for your business.

Content Source: Thanks to Braden Wuerch

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