Best Tool for Shopify Dropshipping Store Research

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The Ultimate E-Commerce Intelligence Tool

Sales figures, product launches, traffic insights, apps and themes at your fingertips. With this tool, you can find: What theme this shopify store using ?  When the last product added ? List of recently launched products. Best sellers of the particular store. Traffics insights of that particular store. What are the apps this store using with the appstore URL. 


Track Competitors

With our browser plugin, discover a shop’s revenue, units sold, and traffic insights as you browse.

Identify Trends

Never miss a beat. Learn what new products are being launched and which products are selling the best.

Discover Apps

Discover the apps and themes used by the most successful shops. Find the powerful tools you didn’t know you needed.

Free, Powerful Browser Plugin

Light up insights for any store with just one click as you browse.

One-Click Bestsellers

View a store’s bestselling products with a single click. No more digging through source code or typing different urls.

Recently Launched Products

Maintain your competitive edge. In a clear and simple layout, see the most recently launched products.

Store Insights

Want to know if a store is adding more products? An increase in new products often reveals what items are selling well. Our charts tell you exactly when products are launched, and what tags are showing success.

Apps & Tools

Apps and third party tools are often the “secret sauce” for the most successful stores. Discover the apps you didn’t even know you needed to perfect your own secret sauce. See exactly what apps and tools are being used, along with a way to install them directly. Reveal the apps and tools used to improve marketing, sales, customer support, and analytics.

Traffic Insights & Social Media

View a store’s bestselling products with a single click. No more digging through source code or typing different urls.

Theme & Product Details

Love the look of the store? Get a direct link to download the theme. Want to learn more about a product or collection? Uncover hidden and useful product information like inventory, vendor, fulfillment, launch date and more.

Get the Free Plugin Now!

The Commerce Inspector browser extension is free to use for insights on individual sites.

Revenue and Sales Data starting at $49 / month

Our Store Subscription paid plans let to follow specific shops to see revenue and sales in the past week

Storewide Revenue & Units Sold

Reveal true revenue and unit sales figures for the past week for any store. Find out what’s actually selling now. Find out whether the stores that crushed it during the holidays are still doing well.

Identify Hit Products Easily

Don’t get left behind. Build a better business by having the hottest products. Say goodbye to manual research and save your precious time for things that matter. Store Intelligence helps you identify high-performing products on your competitors’ stores as soon as they take off.

Discover High-Performing Shops

These days, having intelligence on a single competitor is not enough. We help you identify stores with similar products, advertising, and sales. Use Related Stores to discover active, high-performing stores you didn’t know about.
Get Commerce Inspector Now !!

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