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This is the first ever 360 Rotating Magnetic Charging Cable designed with a 90-degree connector which allows you to hold your phone in any position while charging it, saying bye to more broken cables under any circumstances! It also features a nylon braided cable for maximum resistance and a LED indicator, making it easy to see where your phone is. It’s a perfect gift for any smartphone gamer or heavy user […]

Neck Hammock Traction Device

HAD A LONG DAY? NO PROBLEM, USE THIS TO RELAX AND RELIEVE STRESS! ✅ It is convenient to use it everywhere. Feel relax and relieved in just 10 minutes. Gently stretches and relax your neck and shoulders anyplace. ✅ Safe, simple and effective solution to sooth away neck and shoulder pain. Helps alleviate tension, increases relaxation, and promotes healing. ✅ The […]

Portable Metal Inflator Pump

Having the correct tire pressure is essential for driving safely and saving on fuel consumption. This reliable unit can do the tedious work of pumping car and bicycle tires, sports balls and other inflatables. What’s more, it’s very convenient to carry in your car and easy to use.  Portable and versatile. Safety with LED lighting. Ideal for car […]


Feature: * The telescope has 8 times zoom, which can adjust the focal length well.* The telescope can be used as a monocular. * Fit most kinds of mobile phones, include flip phones and bar phones,* Phone has back camera, can be connected to the telescope through the clip.* Mobile phone’s quality of imaging can […]

I love you in 100 different languages

Tell that special person you love them in every language. Available in Rose Gold or Silver. Project a light though its pendant and the words “I love you” will shine out in 100 hundred languages. Beautifully detailed Roman numerals circle around the pendant. A unique, romantic gift. Item Type: Necklace Shape: Geometric Chain Type: Popcorn Chain Necklace Type: Pendant Necklaces Style: Classic […]

Magic Silicone Dish Washing Gloves

Magic Silicone Dish Washing Gloves is an SGS Food Safety Verified silicone product, 100% safe for baby products & tableware. Soft & flexible silicone gloves deep cleaning every corner, fast foaming to save half of the detergent than usual, no scratches with bristly silicone on kitchenware & glass, replace all other cleaning supplies with one pair of gloves! This Magic Silicone Dish Washing Glove is made of […]

Mini Photo Studio Lightbox

This Lightbox is like a pro photographer’s studio in miniature. It eliminates distractions and pulls in the focus factor to deliver truly professional looking photos. Extra bright light beams in from an LED strip concealed up top, lending clarity and quality to every image. White or black background? You choose! Your lightbox is perfect for social media, ideal for ecommerce and […]

Pipes Racing Car Toy Set

Fast and furious:  The first ever toy where vehicles speed through pipes instead of on top of tracks. Speed Pipes can be twisted any way you want them and connected around furniture, up stairways, and more.  Gravity optional: Going vertical! To get started, add your car to the tube through the door in the starter pipe. Press […]

Pressure Point Therapy Massager

If you experience persistent neck pain or are plagued by muscle knots, owning a Pressure Point Therapy Massager would be of great help. It’s a portable neck massager that you can use in the comfort of your own home or even while on the go. It’s the easiest way to treat neck pain and stiffness, and even shoulder tension and back pain IN JUST 60 SECONDS!! MIMICS REAL […]