Creative Magnetic Sticks And Steel Spheres

  • This creative DIY magnetic building blocks toy is easy to use. It can be played in different ways.
  • It includes 36pcs magnetic sticks and 27pcs magnetic beads which can be built into different shapes. Also, more parts can be added to build a more complex shape.
  • It is packed in a tin box which is convenient to carry.

    • Improves the capacity and thinking ability
    • Easy installation and DIY without special tools.
    • Great for creativity, sophistication, combination & brilliance, let your lens return to the point of origin.
    • Relieve stress, boredom, relaxation, patience & wisdom.
    • A creative toy with magnetic sticks and steel balls that can create hundreds of geometric 3D patterns.
      Great for Children’s Imagination & Creativity

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⚡️Creative Magnetic Sticks & Steel Spheres
 The Best Toy Ever For Creative Minds
 Relieve Stress, Relax, Increase Creativity
Get Yours Here ⬇ <<LINK>>
Get Yours Here  <<LINK>>

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