Dropshippinghelps.com – Who we are what we do ?

Hello SuperStars,

Happy to share our very first blog about who we are and what we do.

Dropshippinghelps.com is community founded by a team of successful dropshippers. We help people to build their own dropship store for free of cost.

We KickStart Your Aliexpress Dropshipping Journey.

Give a Man a Fish, and You Feed Him for a Day. Teach a Man To Fish, and You Feed Him for a Lifetime.


Shopify 30 days free Trial Dropshipping Store?

Since we works closely with Shopify more than 5 years as Partners, we are able to provide Shopify 30 days free trial program to our clients. All the features are same as 14 days Shopify trial program.

What is our Free WordPress Store ?

Free WordPress store in the sense we build your store for free of cost. As we know wordpress is a free and open source platform. But you need a dropship plugin to automate your aliiexpress dropshipping business.  The plugin is called Alidropship.

It is a one time fee plugin. We are the official affiliate partner of alidropship.

You need to purchase this plugin via our affiliate link. If done, we receive some commission from alidropship and we are happy to serve you for free of cost.

We do the wordpress, theme and plugin installation.  We build you general store or niche store as per your request.

And we will not receive any commission the sales you are making and alidropship also will not deduct any commission from your revenue.  You are the 100% owner for your store.


Copyright Free Promo Videos:

In addition to free website creation, we also offers promo videos for all the products we list in your store.  All the videos are edited in such a way to prevent copyright claims. Moreover all the videos we use it our Facebook pages first, if we got copyright warning message we just ignore that video and product.

In fiverr, people charge from $10 to $400 for a promo video. Here it is free of cost when you use any of our services..

Winning Products for Dropshipping:

Trending products and promo video deals suits only for General stores.

We normally select products based on Aliexpress order counts, seller ratings, product demand and solution based items.

You may ask now what is solution based item ? Which is nothing but a product gives solution to a particular problem is called solution based products which has good market value in dropshipping.

Examples: Anti Snoring Chin Strap gives a solution to snoring problem.  Magic Wonder Hanger gives solution to save your closet space.

Our Services to Existing Dropshipping Store Owners:

We not only serve newbies and also the existing store owners. But it is not a free service since here no chance to receive affiliate commission.

In our free service we build store and list the trending products. Here we just list the wining products to your dropship store.  We charge a little fee for this. $50 USD per 50 products.

If you have any doubts, please write in the comment section. Thank you. Wish you all the best for your dropshipping business.

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