Fast Charging Unbreakable Cable

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Most cables generally fail to stand the test of time. Often they’ll fray and break meaning your devices end up limp and lifeless!

The TITAN unbreakable cable will deliver you the level of reliability you deserve! With the integrated kevlar and aramid fibre technology, this cable takes 65,000 lbs of force to break!

Not to mention, the cable heads can last up to twice as long as leading brands whilst still charging your phone lightning fast!


💪 CORD LASTS A LIFETIME – Our double-braided nylon cable will never fray, wear or snap! The internal layout is designed to drastically reinforce the cable ends, which is where most cables tend to fail.

💪 CHARGE YOUR PHONE FASTER – With the 2.4A current capabilities, this cable offers optimal charging conditions, offering an incredible 1.87x the speed of other brands!

💪 90° ANGLE FOR MOBILE GAMERS – The90° head design keeps the cable flat to touch and out of the way. Perfect for when your watching shows or gaming with your friends!

💪 HEAVY DUTY FIBERS – With the advanced aramid-fibre technology, this cable offers the ultimate protection against cord splintering and repetitive movements.

💪 TANGLE FREE & ERGONOMIC DESIGN –  Whilst the tough nylon braided exterior protects the cables components, it also prevents any tangles from ruining your day.

💪 COMPATIBLE WITH ALL DEVICES – With the integrated IC chip this cable is supported by all devices!. No need to worry about the ‘this is not supported’ error message with this cable! Choose from either Micro, Type C or iPhone USB cable types to match any and all your devices.

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Sick Off Your Phone Charger Breaking?😡 

Our “Titan” charging cable is Unbreakable & charge’s phones 187% faster.😍

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