How Dropshippinghelps Source Winning Products From Facebook Feed ??

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We all know that it is very important to get perfect winning products for your business. In this article we will talk about how to get numerous winning products in your Facebook newsfeed on the regular basis.

1 – Choose the winning products which come up in your newsfeed

There are lots of products advertisements on Facebook which get a lot of shares and views, keep record of those products. There are product ads which would only get few views and no one clicks on its product page. This kind of products can never be a winning product for your Dropshipping store.

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2 – Use spy tools to find served Dropshipping ads

You need to make sure that your newsfeed is only flooded with some good winning products which are being scaled and have enough views. Use available spy tool to find such product ads and run that.

3 – Like all Dropshipping Facebook pages

You need to like Dropshipping pages on Fcebook to let it know that you are into Dropshiping business. After that follow the following steps:

  • Save the post.
  • Like the post.
  • Click on the Ad.
  • Add the product in your cart.
  • Initiate checkout.

In this way you can show your interest in Dropshipping products to Facebook. This will help you in getting very good winning products for your Dropshipping store.

4 – Save yourself from bucketing

If you keep on adding products in your cart and never really purchase them, Facebook is likely to bucket you in “add to cart” shopper list. You will be among lowest quality user who just clicks on add and never purchase any products.

5 – Trick Facebook into thinking that you are a purchaser

It’s not possible to buy Dropshipping products for you all the time but you can trick Facebook into thinking that you have actually bought the product and not just initiated the checkout. You can use the following trick to make Facebook feel that you have purchased the product.

fbq(‘track’, ‘Purchase’, { content_type: ‘product_group’, content_ids: ‘[_]’ , value: _,num_items: 1,currency: ‘USD’, });

For more details on How to Find Recent Winning Dropshipping Products please check the video below:

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