How to find other Successful Shopify Dropshipping Stores ?

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Hello Dropshippers,

Sharing another useful information for Dropshippers to make your store even better with ideas from your competitors.

In order to stay up to date with current market, we need to follow successful people in our market until we become the one.

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It is very easy to find other successful Shopify Dropshipping stores from Facebook search very similar to finding winning products and promo videos.

In your Facebook search type and hot product name and hit enter. Let me explain with an example for clear view.

Start with a famous Dropshipping product “Self Stirring Mug”.  Type in your Facebook search and hit enter. Tap to the links.

Ignore links from top websites like youtube, amazon and aliexpress.  Another 95% links are from Shopify dropshipping stores only. You can find some wordpress dropship stores as well.

To check whether a store is Shopify or not, i recommend to Commerce Inspector which we discussed in our previous blog.

Install the chrome extension version to make your research work easier.

I am opening the first link, luckily it is a shopify store. How sure am I?? Because commerce inspector is enabled and it gives me every single information about the store.  Now replace the product and repeat the same process to get more dropshipping stores.

How to be in touch with Successful Dropshipping Stores ?

Just act like a customer to make this work.

Browse the store and go through some products. Click on Add to Cart but do not checkout. So that you will be re-targeted by that store and you will get their Facebook ads to your news feed.

And the most powerful technique is to subscribe their newsletter.

Do this for top 10 Dropshipping stores. You will get all the latest trending products, videos, catchy title and description to your email and Facebook feed.

How to source winning dropship products from your Facebook Feeds ?

How find winning dropship products and promo videos from Facebook Search ?

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