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As mobile phones have become an integral part of our daily lives, so have mobile phone accessories. You can find the best suppliers of phone accessories from India, USA, China and other countries here. Wholesale VR headsets, wireless chargers, earphones and power banks, as well as other accessories for mobile phones, are now possible.

Mobile phone sales are growing at an average rate of 4% per year. The market for mobile accessories is expected to grow at an impressive pace and reach 107.3 billion dollars by 2022.

This huge market could be a lucrative market for your business!

What are the top-selling parts and accessories for phones?

Before we get into the top mobile accessories wholesalers and dropshippers, we will list the most in-demand accessories for cell phones to give you an idea of what might be the most successful product in the mobile accessories market.

VR Headsets

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People are increasingly interested in virtual reality. Because they offer a 3D immersive environment simulation, VR headsets are a popular product that people buy. VR headsets are used primarily to view action movies and play video games.

Wireless Chargers

Advanced technology has also made it possible to create phone chargers. Wireless chargers allow you to place your phone on a charging pad or dock with no cables.

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Wireless charging is a feature that all high-end mobile phones, including those from Apple, Samsung and Huawei, have. This is another low-cost accessory that you can wholesale for your mobile phones.

Covers and cases for mobile phones

Cases and covers are the most popular accessory for mobile phones. Mobile phone covers and cases can cost a lot. You can buy waterproof, water-resistant, dust resistant, sturdy, and high quality mobile phone covers online. You can find the best mobile phone cases by Chinabrands below at wholesale prices.

Earphones and Headphones

Earphones are another popular accessory for mobile phones that you can get wholesale. You can now sell wireless earbuds or earphones to your customers. You can find a wide range of high-quality headphones and earphones online that you can sell to your customers.

Other accessories such as tripods, Bluetooth speakers, selfie sticks and bluetooth speakers are also available. Wholesale cell phone parts are available from a number of suppliers, including mobile lcds and other parts for repair.

How can I buy wholesale mobile phone accessories?

The easiest and most fun business you can start from home is wholesale phone accessories. The question is, where can I source my mobile phone accessories to make a sustainable business? You need to ensure that every product you sell meets quality standards.

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The following are the best places to buy mobile accessories at wholesale prices and then resell them online or in retail for profit.

Official site for Xiaomi/ Huawei and other phones

Regional electronic wholesale market

Wholesale distributor of cell phone accessories

1. Buy from the official website

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For individual consumers, it is a smart idea to buy accessories for cell phones from the official manufacturer. If you’re looking for bulk or wholesale buying, however, this may not be the right option. Original manufacturers huawei xiaomi samsung and apple sell their products wholesale to large distributors, not small merchants.

They also have complicated partening policies, and many small business owners are unable meet their needs.

2. Local Electronics Wholesale Market

You can also buy mobile accessories wholesale from the regional electronics wholesale market. If you’re looking to start a business in the USA, then this is the best option. You can visit a local wholesale market to find the right mobile phone parts or accessories, and then buy them directly.

Without any strings attached, they can offer you much lower rates than the original manufacturer. You will need to research the electronics wholesale market in your area. Talk to many distributors to identify the most trustworthy ones.

3. Wholesale Distributor of Cell Phone Accessories

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China is the most popular place for wholesalers of phone accessories. Many merchants are unable to travel to China to source suppliers and distributors for their parts and accessories. Google makes it easy to find reliable and trustworthy suppliers from around the globe by sitting at our desks.

China is the main producer of mobile phones and accessories. There are many wholesale distributors of accessories for cell phones. Chinabrands, one of these suppliers, offers a variety of products at wholesale prices. There are thousands of suppliers available on b2b eCommerce platforms such as Alibaba, Global Sources, MadeinChina.

Top Mobile Phone Accessories Distributor & Suppliers ( UK/US/China/India)

Below is a list of the top Mobile phone accessories suppliers and distributors for each region. Each one can be compared and you can choose the one that is most convenient for your business and offers the best quality products.


HKTDC, Global Sources, made-in China, DHgate and China vision are the most well-known business-to-business eCommerce platforms that allow you to choose from a variety of accessories and parts for your cell phone. These marketplaces have thousands upon thousands of distributors and manufacturers.

Most of them deal in large quantities, such as 1000 to 2000 pieces per order for a single item. Shipping costs can quickly add up so be sure to know all costs.

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Kole Imports

Kole Imports is an American wholesale supplier of a variety of products, including Apparel, Beauty, Toys and Sports equipment. To ensure you get the best wholesale prices, each item is sold in minimum 6 pieces. The items are shipped to more than 100 countries with a competitive pricing structure.

Kole Imports has been a family-owned business since 1985. They offer the largest range of merchandise and goods wholesale. Their warehouse is 250,000 sq. feet and their showroom is 10,000 sq. feet. Anyone can visit them. Kole Imports actively participates in trade shows to show off the quality of their work.

Pro Tips for Wholesale Mobile Phone Accessories & Parts

Check that the supplier has obtained prior permission

Fair business practices are essential when you want to start your own business. Fake accessories and parts for cell phones are sold by some suppliers. These suppliers should be avoided unless they have permission from the brand to sell these items. We can only recommend Chinabrands out of all the listed suppliers because they are authorized to sell brand-name products in their wholesale store. You can rest assured that you will receive high-quality products without any infringement.

Find out about local import laws and customs

Another important tip is to verify local import laws and customs before purchasing accessories for your phone, such as power banks or other devices. Although most countries allow accessories for phones, you should check the laws of your country before purchasing anything.

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Calculate actual costs

You must determine the true cost of your product and shipping costs before you can set a fair market price. This will ensure that you have a healthy margin while still making profit.


1. Where can I find legitimate wholesale distributors of cell phone accessories?

There are many legitimate and fraudulent wholesale distributors of cell phone accessories and parts all over the globe. It is important to choose the best one that offers quality products, fast shipping, reliable service, and reliable products.

Wholesale distributors can be found on yellow pages, b2b eCommerce sites like Alibaba and Global sources. You also have the option to check the renowned local wholesale electronics markets.

2. Which country is the most affordable to buy smartphones?

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It is ideal to get the lowest price on any product made in the country it was manufactured. Today, we can see that iPhones are manufactured in Foxconn’s factory in Shenzhen in China. China is the main source of many of the items that we use every day. It is best to import or source all wholesale products, including accessories and parts for mobile phones from China.

The steps to buy cell phone parts wholesale in china have been clearly explained. You can also find trusted suppliers in China that can deliver your products on time and with minimal requirements.

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3. Are there any mobile accessories wholesale stores in Mumbai?

City Center Mall is the ideal place to begin your search for wholesale phone accessories shops Mumbai. This is where the majority of wholesale electronics shops, and mobile accessories wholesale items, are located.

Indiamart is the best b2b platform to find suppliers in Mumbai. Find wholesale mobile parts distributors and suppliers in Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, and across India at one location.

Last words

We hope you found this information helpful in sourcing accessories for your mobile phone.

You have the option to choose the best wholesale mobile accessory supplier from our list. We want to hear your opinions on which one is the best in terms of features and ease-of-doing business.