Survival Food Dropshipping from Reputed Vendors

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In case of emergency, it doesn’t hurt to have a stash of shelf-stable, non-perishable food1 on hand to keep you fueled and focused. You can make your own canned soups, dried fruits and grains, but some preppers prefer to buy bulk items or bundles.

Here are the top food survival companies for storage and survival kits in case of disaster.

Legacy Food Storage

Formerly, Legacy Food Storage specializes in emergency supplies for disaster scenarios: food storage, survival gear, water filtration, and fuel. These vacuum-sealed, freeze-dried food products come in heavy-duty buckets for easy storage. They can last up to 25+ years.

You can choose from bulk meals packages, gluten-free, or single buckets. You can also shop for food types (proteins and fruits, dairy, vegetables, grains, specialty items), dishes (breakfast, main courses, side dishes) and serving sizes. You can buy bulk packs with up to 4,320 servings, which is enough to feed four people every day for four years.

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Survival Frog

Survival Frog also stocks food supplies from many brands like Legacy Food Storage and Mountain House. You can mix and match canned meats from Survival Cave and Mountain House’s breakfast buckets. This is great for your family because it gives you a wide range of options to choose from in an emergency. You don’t need to go to multiple stores to find them.

Grab some first aid supplies, radios, energy sources and survival tools while you’re at the store. Survival Frog is your one-stop shop that makes preparation easy. We are disappointed that there isn’t a variety of options for vegetarians, vegans, and gluten-free diets.

Be Prepared

Shop BePrepared to find a wide range of food pans ready-to-go and a la carte options for stocking up on emergency rations.

There are many options from brands such as Mountain House, Augason Farms and Emergency Essentials. You can find the right combination of breakfast, lunch and dinner that suits your tastebuds and your budget.

Shipping delays may be up to two weeks for some back-ordered products.

Mountain House

Mountain House is an established retailer of food rations for civilians. They have a long history of making emergency food supplies for U.S. Special Forces. Mountain House is often praised for creating delicious rations that are easy to eat and filling.

The brand’s offerings now include breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, and side dishes. It is easy to create an emergency stash of food by choosing from a wide range of options. These options can be purchased in convenient pouches or 10-pound cans, which are great for long-term storage.

This ready-to go bucket of emergency food supplies contains a three-day supply. There are three types of emergency food buckets: classic, breakfast and essentials. Each one can hold 29 to 32 portions, depending on which variety. The Mountain House Classic Bucket includes fan favorites like Beef Stroganoff and Lasagna with Meat Sauce, along with easy-to-eat granola. One other unique offering from Mountain House is their MCW military rations. These meals are high in nutrients and can be consumed under harsh environmental conditions. These meals have a shorter shelf life than conventional emergency food supplies (3 years), but still provide up to 500 calories and 40g of protein per ration.

Finding Drop Shipping Companies

There are various ways you can find dropship suppliers for your store. Let’s look at some.


A directory of drop shipping suppliers can be subscribed to. These are often available online. These are often lower quality entities and don’t offer much value.

There may be some hidden gems, so it’s worth looking into. You’ll typically find thousands of suppliers around the world.


You can also contact the manufacturer directly. Once you have an idea for the product that you wish to sell, you can find contact information for the manufacturers.

They will then direct you to distributors who may be able to offer dropshipping services.


Dropshipping suppliers are most easily found here by those just starting out. There are thousands of vendors and millions of products available.

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They are easy to integrate and work with. However, because they are based in China, shipping times to your customers can be quite long.

Google Search

Because wholesale dropshippers don’t market their services well, it can be difficult to find wholesale dropshippers. It’s likely that you will end up scrolling through endless pages before you find legit options.

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