Wholesale Plus Size Clothing Suppliers USA, UK, and China

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Today I will share top online wholesale plus-size boutique clothing suppliers from China, USA, and UK. We will also share tips on how to choose the best wholesale plus-size boutique clothing distributors, as well as our recommendations for wholesalers.

I will show you in the first part why plus-size boutique clothing should be purchased online.

The second part of the article will present a list of top wholesale plus-size boutique clothing online distributors in China and the USA, as well as the reviews of each supplier.

The last section will show you how to find the best plus-size boutique clothing distributors.

Let’s just get started, without further delay.

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Why do I recommend buying wholesale plus-size boutique clothing online?

* Larger Variety

Online shops offer more selection than brick and mortar shops. There are many options for plus-size prom dresses, lingerie and wedding dresses. You can find something that suits every occasion and style. All merchandise is displayed, which makes it easy to find the right clothes for you. It is comforting to know that the clothes displayed are made to fit you and not some thin model.

* Time Saver

It is possible to browse multiple stores at once, which can be a huge advantage over spending hours going from one brick-and-mortar store to the next. You can also save time compared to driving to the market. All this is possible from the comfort of your own home.

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* Affordable

Online stores offer lower prices than those on the market. Online platforms often offer amazing discounts.

* No Pressure

Even in departmental stores salespeople will try to influence you. You might end up purchasing items that you didn’t intend to. Online stores aren’t going to make you feel pressure. You can choose the outfit you want.


Plus-sized women want to look good without losing their self-esteem. You might be hesitant to shop in crowded departmental and mall stores. Online shopping offers all the privacy that you want.

Reviews and Ratings

Nearly all plus-size clothing online is available with customer reviews and ratings. These reviews and ratings can help you choose the right garments.

Let’s start by understanding why it is recommended that you buy online. Next, we will discuss the top wholesale plus-size clothing suppliers in China, USA, and UK.

Wholesale Plus Size Boutique Clothing Distributors in China


Chinabrands is a great place to find plus-size clothes. Chinabrands offers a large selection of plus-size wholesale clothing at wholesale prices. Chinabrands has the right clothing for you, whether you’re looking wholesale or qualified clothes supplies.

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Many retailers also complained that they are unable to determine the quality of wholesale plus-size clothing. Some even tried to cheat the buyers.

Chinabrands has invested a lot of money in quality control. Every product from Chinabrands must be inspected at least three times. This is different from many vendors who only inspect the products once. Chinabrands offers 100% products inspection to ensure that every piece of wholesale goods meets the quality standards.

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This is in contrast to the prices that retailers paid for online marketing services at a higher price. Chinabrands insists on offering the most affordable wholesale plus-size boutique clothing to all its customers.

You will also receive CB points for every purchase made on Chinabrands. These can be used to reduce your order amount when you make the next purchase.

Chinabrands members can enjoy attractive discounts when they register. The final price that you receive from Chinabrands may be very competitive due to the attractive discount and CB points.

Are those all the Chinabrands have to offer? There are many more options that Chinabrands offers than this.

. Start Your Wholesale Plus Size Boutique Clothing Business At No Risk

Are you short of cash for your business? Are you unwilling to take risks? Chinabrands has the solution to all your problems. Chinabrands offers drop shipping services for retailers that will help you avoid capital and risk.

. Click on the Button at Chinabrands to Get The Boost Products

Many retailers spend a lot of time searching for profitable products. Everyday, there are thousands of Chinese brands being purchased by retailers. It is easy to locate the latest market trends and top-selling models on the website. You can increase your sales by leaving the product research to Chinabrands.

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. Chinabrands will take over SEO, save your time

Many online retailers were unhappy with the creation of optimized SEO product descriptions for their e-commerce online shops. This was especially true for newbies. Chinabrands has professional teams that can create strong SEO product descriptions so its members can upload all details to their online shops more easily.

. Get Your Wholesale Plus Size Boutique Within 24 Hours

Are you fed up with waiting on your packages? You can get wholesale clothing in 24 hours with the help of Chinabrands’s worldwide warehouses and logistics system.

2. Rosegal

The shop is a global leader in fashion and design, founded by friends from China. They offer both vintage and modern designs to suit all sizes. Plus-sized clients are also welcome.

You can find vintage at factory direct prices. It is simple, stylish, and elegant. It takes between 7-15 days for shipping and you can return the package if something is not right.

3. Sammy Dress

This online wholesale shop is the most popular in China and offers a wide range of products, including jewelry, gifts, and outfits for all ages and genders. This shop is a leader in offering high-quality, low-priced, wholesale-priced, quick delivery, and friendly customer service.

This supplier is considered to be friendly to customers because it provides detailed instructions on how to deal with different tasks such as measuring. The customer has the option to return any item with a problem and they will either refund or exchange it. Shipping is quick and inexpensive unless the shipping takes place after normal business hours, which they will always inform their customers.

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4. Alibaba/Aliexpress

Alibaba and Aliexpress are online marketplaces that allow wholesale and dropshipping. They have millions of products worldwide and sub-suppliers, mainly from China.

Suppliers are responsible only for the products they sell. Some distributors have excellent customer service but you will need to test more to find an outstanding one. AliExpress and Alibaba both offer free sign ups.

Wholesale Plus Size Boutique Clothing Suppliers in USA

1. Tasha Apparel

This online shop is based in the USA and believes fashion is for everyone, regardless of their size or shape. This online shop was established in 2005. It has expanded to include more departments due to its smart policies.

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Shops that offer wholesale discounts of 50% to 80% favor plus-size people, who can produce the fashion that was just on the catwalk at a reasonable price.

2. Wholesale Fashion Square

Los Angeles Fashion Square Manufacturers and Importers Company is a custom-made business that highlights the beauty of full-figured women and keeps them up-to-date on the latest fashions. This company makes tops, jumpsuits and rompers as well as seasonal styles. It ensures that you can have a variety of trends in your wardrobe.

They offer great discounts and fast delivery which includes affordable shipping prices to keep customers coming back and make their business trustworthy.

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3. Bloom Wholesalers

It is a clothing distributor located in the heart LA’s fashion district. They believe that plus-sized people should be fashionable and sexier than the rest. Plus size boutique sells their products wholesale at affordable prices.

They ensure that only the highest quality products are manufactured and new trends are introduced every week to increase customer base. There are many offers, including free shipping for orders over $400. You can also get a refund in the event of damaged or unsatisfied products.

4. Trends gal

The online plus size shop is a global seller of fashion and offers a wide range of styles.

A shop that offers discounts up to 55% to its customers allows customers to enjoy lower VIP. The more you shop, the more you save. This shop is popular because of its plus-size products.

5. Reb Dolls

Plus size boutique wholesale supplier. We believe in equalizing women, offering the best fashion for all, regardless of their size. Most people want to look and feel modern.

Fashion industry discounts are offered to increase sales and retain customers. It is difficult to attract customers in any industry, but the company makes sure that the products are high-quality and that there is good communication between the company’s market and its customers.

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Wholesale Plus Size Boutique Clothing Distributors in UK

1. Wholesalers of Fashion Books

This online boutique for plus-size women was founded in Britain in 1980. The shop has grown to be able to deliver high-quality products around the world. To make it stand out from other companies, the shop meticulously researches new designs and fabrics from around the globe.

This vendor approves people to use their images for marketing, promotion and advertising the product in their retail stores. They offer reliable delivery at reasonable prices and work around the clock.

2. City Goddess

This wholesale clothing shop specializes in plus-size fashion. They strive to make sure that their styles fit the needs of each client. They offer a wide selection of fashionable, figure-friendly clothing in sizes 16 to 28.

The supplier conducts research on the different styles so that they can skip over areas where we think there are problems. They are reliable and cost-effective, which makes them reliable to their customers.

3. Nouvelle

This shop specializes in plus-size clothing and is located in the UK. This is a benefit for the customers as shops that specialize in a particular design or target a specific group are better able to conduct research on the commodity.

They offer a variety of designs to suit any body type and solve all your problems. They offer door delivery for a lower price and a discounted price on their products.

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4. Yours

This online store specializes in plus-size clothing. Sizes range from 16 to 36. They add new styles every day to ensure that they have a wide range of designs available. This ensures that customers can choose the style that suits their needs.

A special discount is offered by the supplier, which lowers the cost of the item. They also offer promotions that guarantee that customers get any item they want at their budgeted price or even more at a reduced price. Their online plus-size shop allows clients to offer advice, which allows them produce and sell according the people’s needs.

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5. Fc Wholesale Clothing

This shop is customer-focused and values its customers. They offer the best internet services to their customers. This shop’s main objective is to produce what the customer is looking for. It offers services to all markets, so no matter your size or design, you can get what you want.

The vendor purchases the entire clothing in bulk, which allows them to make huge savings and offer their clients the best prices. They also make a good profit if the client is a dealer. Because they trust in each other and are satisfied, they have grown.

How to Choose the Right Wholesale Plus Size Clothing Distributors

There are many online shops that sell plus-size boutique clothes. What criteria can you use in order to find the best boutique clothing? Here are some key points to keep in mind. These are the same key points we used to compile a list of top websites that we will be reviewing in the next section.

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* Selection

Look for platforms that offer more categories. Make sure it offers a wide range of clothing for every category. Even better, it should have clothing that can be worn for any activity, occasion, or season.

* Point

Look for a platform with low prices. This is especially important if you’re on a tight budget. You will also find amazing deals on select outfits and discounts. You should ensure that you are getting the best quality for the lowest price.

Is It Cute?

You want to look great. Consider a store that stocks cute styles, styles that will appeal to both you and the masses. Make sure to check out a store that stocks the most recent fashion trends.

* Sizing

The better the selection of sizes, Keep in mind that sizing can vary by region. Asian sizes are typically smaller than those in the UK and US. A size 55 in China is equivalent to a size “Small” in the USA.

* Return Policy

Online stores offer the best chance of getting your money back. The longer the return period, the better. A platform that has a return policy within 45 days is more desirable than one that has a policy within 10 days. Many stores will accept returns without receipts if you have the order number and paid with a credit card. This increases your chances of getting your money back.

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These Online Boutique Clothing Sites for Plus Size Women Are Among the Top.

* Affordable

Wholesalers of plus-size boutiques are known to sell their commodities at a low price that is affordable for most clients. This is a good thing for most people because it’s one of the commodities that one cannot live without.

Vendors offer cheaper commodities because of their internal management. One, they might buy their clothes in bulk, or they may have a brand that gets their fabrics at a low price. This allows them to save money for their clients and allow them to offer great discounts, low shipping costs, and promotions where you can buy more outfits at a lower price.

* High Quality

Because they are experts in the field of fabric research, recommended suppliers can be trusted to provide high-quality clothing. This shop has a large selection of options because the research is done worldwide.

These boutiques are competitive because they can choose fabrics of the highest quality to meet their customers’ needs. Clients are not affected by low-quality commodities at unreasonable prices.

Great Clothing

Plus size shops are a market that is believed to be very lucrative. This market allows them to study more about the latest trends, designs and styles in the market. Many of the vendors have dedicated themselves to creating new styles every week.

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They just look at the models and copy what they are wearing. Most people love to be compared to the high. This is a very special shop that doesn’t allow for all body shapes to be represented. They can design clothes that fit any body type.