12 Social Marketing Strategies to increase your Dropshipping Sales

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Every store owner faces many challenges but one of the common challenges is to increase traffic to the e-commerce store. To stand out from the current market competition that is prevailing in the market for the same traffic and to know from where to start is the biggest challenge that any online store owner faces.

There is an explosion of growth in the e-commerce business. This has increased challenges for e-commerce sites. It has become a very critical task for them to attract a bulk of visitors to their sites to make their business flourish.

In this article, we will talk about 12 Social Marketing strategies that will help you to make your online business grow. These strategies will also help you to get maximum traffic to your online stores that will boost your sales. You can choose best suitable strategies for your business out of all strategies that we are going to mention:

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1 – Be Consistent in Posting Content

Consistency is one of the major factors which determine the growth of your online business. The best method to gather maximum traffic on your site is to post content consistently. According to some studies, different audiences prefer a different kind of content and posting frequencies. You must test the optimal frequency with your audience and keep a look at the engagement levels to compare the posting frequencies of your competitors in the market. This will provide you with a good idea of posting frequencies. You should at least post 4 to 6 times a day on twitter and 1 to 2 times a day on Facebook. You should also pay focus on the timings of your posts as it is a very important factor to determine traffic on your site.

There is two very efficient tools called ‘Buffer’ and ‘Swayy’ that you can use to automate the above process. The buffer is one of the popular apps that you can integrate with your browser and other apps to schedule your posts on your social media accounts. Swayy is the best tool to find high-quality articles and news in your field and it also lets you schedule your posts on social media accounts. By using these tools, you can save your time that you spend on social media for marketing.

2 – Use Images on Facebook Posts

Using images in your posts automatically makes it more appealing. This is also one of the important methods to increase engagement on your site. If you include images within your posts, you are likely to get 50 to 60 percent more likes than a post without pictures.

We highly suggest you attach the link of the content and an image to your posts. This should be done especially when you are launching a new product or making an announcement on your site. It is suggested to attach link or image after the content so that people can notice them easily.

The image below is an example of the same. This image is from Shopify’s Facebook page from last week.

It is more compelling to add an image to an announcement based on the text. People may find lots of text boring but adding an image to it makes that text more appealing. Pictures increase click-through frequencies.

Also, make sure that your pictures are not boring. Attractive pictures are likely to get you more audience on your site.

3 – Grow Your Community’s Exposure With the Help of Social Buttons

It is highly advisable to gather more impressions on your social networks. Having more impressions on your social media networks will get you more likes.

To gather more impressions, you need to know how to do it. Embedding social buttons within your market communications and within your site is one of the effective ways to drastically increase the number of impressions on your social media networks. You should use these social buttons effectively to grow your e-commerce business.

Most blogs encourage readers out there to share their articles on different social media accounts by providing social sharing buttons.

For example, here is a picture from an article by Shawn Graham in Fast Company. This shows how you can place social buttons on your blog:

There are some places where you can place your social buttons to get effective results:

  • At the header of your blog and your website
  • At the footer of your blog and your website
  • Your newsletter
  • Your email signatures
  • Within your specific blog posts

By adding social buttons to the places mentioned above, you are likely to get more shares on social media networks.

4 – Facilitate a Launchrock Campaign

Launchrock is a service that can collect email addresses of the audience who want to have an early access to anything recently launched on your sites such as an app, a service or anything. Launchrock is free of cost. The main factor which makes Launchrock unique is its ability to integrate social within the process of subscription that is a crucial component used to convert an average promotion into an effective channel of marketing. It can reap huge sales and traffic on your site.

You may have seen a Launchrock page similar to this:

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shopify dropshipping store set up

Launchrock allows you to open a free account. You can also customize your account completely. Customization includes their marketing copy and widget and then set that widget along with your promotion page on your website.

You can also create promotions like a giveaway for your site. A giveaway works very efficiently as people bring their friends to it. Launchrock can be used to make this giveaway viral.

Mention on your site that in order to enter your promotion, visitors and social communities on your site need to enter their email address on the main promotion page. Launchrock shows them social sharing buttons and a message when they enter their email address.

Always put a very powerful message on your promotion page so that more and more visitors share this promotion with people they know. For example, you can put something like this – “Ask your friends to enter this giveaway and increase your chances of winning” or “Win a bonus prize by asking your 3 friends to enter the promotion”. Messages like this will compel people to share your promotion with your friends and your promotion can be exposed to maximum people.

You can get to know the number of referrals from each email through Launchrock. It has detailed analytics which allows you to do so. In this way, you can find out the top influences. You can further contact these influencers personally via email and can be thanked individually.

5 – Use Social reviews to grow your sales

It is very important to build the trust of your customers for you. Product reviews are one of the best ways to build that trust. Product reviews not just create a trust but also provide a good insight into your products that increase your sales.

One of the best free social review apps is “Yotpo”.  It is easily available in the app store of Shopify. This app is used to convert your customers to reviewers with the help of their mail. You can get 8 percent of your customers to review your products after purchase. It saves a lot of your time as this process is fully automated. You don’t have to spend hours to reach out to all the customers individually and get reviews. Yotpo just does everything for you.

You can connect your Facebooks and Twitter accounts through social features of Yotpo. It also allows you to post your automated product reviews to your Facebook page directly. Getting all these reviews helps in increasing your social traffic that ultimately increases your sales. KollectionK and RockinWellness are good examples of stores which take the best use of social reviews to increase their sales.

6 – Create content for quick consumption

In today’s world of internet, we are loaded with information from all around. People like you and me have less time and patience to consume all that information. Online store owners should always make sure that they are creating micro-content, the content which is bite-sized and can be consumed quickly and easily.

‘Soundcloud’ and ‘Vine’ are two great services that can host such content. Talking about Soundcloud, it is a sound file hosting cloud-based service. Whereas, Vine is a video hosting platform launched by Twitter. Vine comes to a free mobile app and helps users to create and post video clips of 6 seconds. These video clips can be shared on social media networks.

7 – Run engagements like a Twitter Q&A

It is very important for you to keep in touch with your audience so that they can connect with you. To keep an online community well and alive it is very important to run more and more engagements. We highly suggest you host a Twitter Q&A on weekly basis to grow your community on the platform. It will increase your engagements very quickly.

The best way on which you can do it is to select any day of the week and then ask your audience to post questions related to your store, business, industry, product or anything.

Then all you have to do is to provide best answers to their queries and chose best questions for your next blog post.

In some time, people will get engaged to you more and more and you will establish an authority in the market. However always remember that no engagements should be left behind.

Here is a tip that works really well for a Twitter Q&A. You can pick a hashtag related to your Twitter Q&A. Then you have to ask your audience to use that particular hashtag in their tweets. This process works for branding and will familiarise your audience with the practice.

8 – Use Pinterest for marketing activities

Pinterest is one of the major social networking site worldwide that can be sued for numerous marketing activities. You can create buzz around your product line and brand by running a promotion called ‘treasure hunt.’

There is a process through which you can ask your customers to participate in this treasure hunt. You have to ask few customers to pin an image on their Pinterest boards. Each image will be treated as a clue to the next image in the hunt. You have to start the hunt by posting a blog regarding the promotion and along with the first image. People who will reach to the last image will be directed to a hidden page where they have to fill out some credentials to participate in the raffle.

You can check out other treasure hunts hosted on Pinterest. For example, Pinterest treasure hunt by Cottage Life Magazine was indeed a success.

9 – Focus on the title of your blog posts

The first thing that anyone notices about any blog post is the title of that post. We automatically get driven to a post which has a catchy and attractive title. The title of the blog post carries huge weight. It is more important than the content itself. Most of the people don’t realize this but it is the truth. You need to pay very much focus on putting best suitable title for your blog post.

We will talk about few tips that you can use to optimize your titles:

  • Keep it simple and short
  • Don’t use more than 35 characters
  • Use daily language
  • Make use of common psychological traits like fear, urgency, desire etc.
  • Use negative attributes like don’t do this vs. do this
  • If your post includes a list, always start your title by mentioning the number of points you are going to make. For example, “10 ways to grow your online sales.”

Moreover, you can check out various articles on the internet which tells you how to optimize your titles.

10 – Make your posts more accessible and shareable

Adding social sharing buttons on your online store is the best thing that you can do with your store. If you want to take advantage of innate social behavior online you must make a good use of social sharing buttons. Social buttons work best when they are used on popular networks like Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. Always make sure that these social buttons are not hidden away within the theme of your store.

Many people out there do a mistake of choosing social buttons matching to their store’s theme. It is not right because it limits your share percentage. You must choose colorful buttons that can stand out and can increase the number of share in your post. It will increase traffic on your site.

You can try out service like ‘AddThis’. This service provides an analytic that is used to let you find the optimal layout and positioning.

Below is an image of how Thomas Holmes, the author of the book called “Shopify & You” used AddThis on his site to increase social sharing.

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shopify dropshipping store set up

11 – Spend money on Infographic

Infographic is very popular these days. If you want to create a massive spike in traffic of your website, you must invest money in the professionally designed infographic. Getting this done will get your site large number of backlinks of high value that are great for SEO of your website. The average cost of a quality infographic is somewhere between $100 to $1500. The cost might be quite high for you but the service is worth the price.

You may want to spend some time in sorting a good topic for your industry and find some points that will be covered in the infographic. For example, you may use infographic like “How much shopping Americans do during New Year as compared to Australians.” Any online store can create such infographic and it would be enough for any blog post or news sites to link back to it. This will result in huge traffic on your site.

12 – Provide your customers with a complimentary board on Pinterest

You can provide great value to your customers by offering them valuable information and unique deals on complimentary products which are not sold much.

For example, if you sell hiking shoes and you want to offer your customers some extra value, you can build a complimentary board on Pinterest to do the same. The complimentary board can be created with a range of complementary products that your audience prefers to buy. The other stores and sites that your complimentary board promotes will take a note of the traffic coming from your Pinterest platform. They may do the same and it will get additional traffic to your site.

We highly suggest you connect your marketing channels altogether within this complimentary board. You must ensure that your Pinterest board is deriving traffic from your other social media accounts, blog posts, and newsletters. People who continuously follow your site will be thankful to you.


The strategies which are mentioned above can get you lots of traffic on your website. Many of them are underutilized and fresh. By adopting these strategies, you can grab the opportunity to make the best use of all the tips and advice mentioned in this article.

We have provided you with best ways that can get huge traffic on your site but it is your duty to use them in such a way that you can reap best results out of these strategies.

If you have any query or doubts regarding this article, you may leave comments down here. We would also love to hear from you if these strategies worked for you or not.

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