7 Best Wholesale Clock Suppliers USA Fast Shipping

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This guide will cover everything you need to know regarding wholesale clocks, including some of the most well-known suppliers in China or the US.

Clocks are a universal item that will never go out of fashion. Clocks are a must-have item that can be viewed at all times. Wall decor can also be made with clocks. We could conclude that clocks have many uses. All these factors make clocks a viable business choice. Let’s look at some other possibilities.

All time most popular clock styles

Pendulum clock

This clock is a classic and timeless design. This clock has been in every home since childhood. This clock’s best feature is its sweet sound that informs us every hour. These clocks have a long history and could still be found in 2019

The clock’s design and operation have been changed a lot over the years. It changes every year. The wooden pendulum clock is one of the most sought-after designs. This clock is a classic choice, but you can also choose to have a contemporary design on your wall.

Atomic clock

An atomic clock is another popular type of clock. To understand how this clock works, one must be familiar with some basic scientific facts. It works by using atoms, as the name suggests. But, you don’t have to worry about how it works.

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The clock looks a lot like a digital one in terms of its appearance. This clock is a great clock that you can use to decorate your desk. Although it looks elegant and sophisticated, it is quite expensive.

Quartz clock

This is the most basic clock design that can be found in any house. This isn’t a new design but people still prefer it. The clock’s design has been modified since its original appearance in 2019. There have been many changes to the design of these clocks.

A quartz clock is used by craftsmen to make decorative clocks. Marble clocks are very popular and clock makers still use quartz clocks for this purpose.

Electric clock

The clock’s name suggests that it is powered by electricity. Some models look similar to digital and atomic clocks. These clocks were created in 1980, but are still very popular in 2019.

The watches were older and very traditional. But, the watch’s makers have modernized it. You can get it in both table and wall clock forms. It can be used for any purpose.

Top Wholesale Clock Suppliers

Hill Interiors

Hills interior is a website that sells giftware and interior design products. They have many clocks in their range. They have a wide range of wall clocks, starting with the basic wall clock to more expensive and stylish wall clocks. There is a watch to suit every mood and taste.

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As the design changes, so does the size of the watches. But you’ll still get everything here. You can find everything here, no matter if you need a small watch or a large station clock. This website also offers the opportunity to buy wholesale watches.

If anyone is interested in starting a wholesale clock business, or even if they already have one, they can shop here. This website also offers excellent shipping and return policies, so if you are looking to buy clocks wholesale, there will be no inconvenience.


It is obvious from the name of this website that it is located in Hong Kong. This website offers every type of clock. You can find a clock to match any decor and any style wall in any room. The clocks you will find here are all very affordable.

This website is the best place to buy bulk watches at a great price if you’re one of these people.

Kole Imports

This website offers the largest selection of clocks in a variety sizes, shapes, and designs. You can find every type of clock on their website, including wall clocks, alarm clocks, and table clocks. You can also buy a clock from their collection if someone is looking for a gift.

This website’s collection of watches is vast. This website is a great place to start your own business selling watches and clocks. You can buy clocks in bulk here, since the sellers sell clocks wholesale.

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You must remember the quality of the watch you are purchasing. Before placing your order, make sure you verify this information.

Gainsborough Gift Ware

Gainsborough Giftware offers a wide range of clocks to its customers. These clock designs are unique and not available anywhere else. This website offers a variety of watches, including wall clocks and station clocks as well as a mantle clock, travel alarm clock, and mantle clocks.

The clock collection includes vintage, antique, retro, and chic clocks. This website is safe to use even if you’re buying a clock as a gift. This website is well-known for its amazing clocks and their incredible shipping and returns policy.

This UK-based company can help you find clocks at affordable prices and bulk quantities.


Alibaba.com isn’t a new site and we are very familiar with it. Alibaba.com does not sell a single product, but it deals with many categories. You can search this website for clocks and you’ll find thousands of choices. It is difficult to choose one of the many options.

There are clocks to suit every taste and mood. You can get one clock for any room in your home and it will transform any dull space into something beautiful. Alibaba.com’s affordability is the reason it is so popular. You could purchase an infinite number of things at extremely low prices.

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This website is the best place to go if you want to bulk buy clocks. This website has many sellers. When placing your order, ensure that the seller is certified.

Where can I buy a wholesale clock in the UK

There are many websites that allow you to buy clocks wholesale and at a reasonable price if you live in the UK. https://www.gainsboroughgiftware.com/homeware/clocks/_36 is one such website that is based in the UK and has a wide range of clocks, right from the home decor purpose to gifting purpose.

Do you know of any Canadian wholesale clock suppliers?

Those who live in Canada and want to buy clocks in bulk for the business purpose could easily go to https://www.alibaba.com/showroom/wall-clocks-wholesale.html. This website ships its products all over the globe.

Where can I buy a wholesale clock in Australia

To buy clocks in bulk and that too at an affordable range, one could go to https://www.koleimports.com/home-decor/clocks. The website ships its products easily to Australia.

India: Where can I buy wholesale clocks?

If you live in India and want to purchase clocks wholesale, you can visit a website that sells clocks worldwide.

Two of such websites are https://www.hill-interiors.com/wholesale-gifts-and-accesories/clocks/ and https://wholesale-watch-and-clock.hktdc.com./hk-manufacturers/hongkong-wholesale-clocks-manufacturers/en/14167-1/.


These websites all offer wholesale clocks and many options for people who wish to purchase it in bulk. These websites ship products around the globe, which is the best thing about them. You could order any product from them without any hesitation.