Apliiq vs. Printful Dropshipping Companies Comparison

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Apliiq vs. Printful

It can take time and study to find the ideal print-on-demand company for your custom products business.

You may wish to market and sell your clothing line or other personalized products, monetize your audience, or target specific niches. Still, you’re having trouble finding a partner who can help you realize your dream.

Today, there are many print-on-demand firms to choose from, making it even more difficult to find the right one for your business.

Each platform has its own set of features, product catalogs, shipping options, and pricing considerations that influence your choice.

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We compared Printful to Printify, Redbubble, Print Aura, TeeSpring, Spreadshirt, and others over the last few months, but today it’s Apliiq vs. Printful.

Apliiq is another well-known print-on-demand service. There are few better options than this if you want to establish your own custom product business online that stresses product design and quality.

Nonetheless, let’s get started with our Printful vs. Apliiq comparison. Finally, I’ll tell you which one is superior. Stay with me.

What Are They?


Apliiq is a print-on-demand service that assists you in branding garment products properly. If you want to start dropshipping, Apliiq allows you to do so for free, quickly, and without keeping any inventory.

You may add your private labels and make a lot of money with a small investment while still making a lot of money on your products.

This way, you won’t have to worry about order fulfillment, shipping, or delivery; instead, you’ll be able to focus on the crucial tasks.

Apliiq offers a team of creatives who can assist you in developing your apparel line and realizing your creative vision.

Its services and platform were created from the ground up to help you build and develop your own product business.


Printful is a print-on-demand order fulfillment and storage service that assists online merchants in fulfilling and shipping orders.

There are no minimum order restrictions or monthly fees, and the service is free and simple to set up.

Print on demand is superior to bulk manufacturing because it produces only what your clients order.

Connect your store to Printful and take advantage of various services, including creative design, private packaging, branding, and product labeling.

How Do They Work?


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Apliiq takes a unique approach to assist you in the development of supplies for your custom garment production.

Unlike Printful, which provides a mockup generator to assist in creating “merch clothing,” Apliiq draws inspiration from fashion labels and sells mockups through photographs.

With little or no initial expenditure, your goods are made with the greatest quality apparel products.

I appreciate Apliiq because they make sure things are appropriately branded, and because they’re high-quality, they’ll bring in more money than regular on-demand garments.

Apliiq, in collaboration with Shopify, assists you in growing and scaling your print-on-demand garment business.

This means I’ll promote my items more effectively and tell better tales about each personalized item in my print-on-demand business.

It was simple and quick for me to get started with Apliiq. But, in reality, the staff install the app and is constantly available to help with any problems or questions.

Plus, I don’t have to lift a finger to send my orders because Apliiq takes care of it all with weight-based shipping to over 150 countries across the world.

Apliiq may be set up in just a few simple steps:

  • Install Apliiq in your Shopify store, connect to your Apliiq account, and configure drop shipping options.
  • Create designs on Apliiq, then send them to your Shopify store with a single click.
  • After the items are in the store, any orders you get will be immediately routed to Apliiq for fulfillment.
  • Your customers will receive their orders once they have been completed. You’ll also receive tracking information, which you may use to tell your consumers.


Printful is the most popular print-on-demand dropshipping app, and it, like Apliiq, integrates with your Shopify store so you can start selling products right away.

Printful appeals to me because they handle inventory and manufacturing, printing, shipping, and delivery to your clients’ doorsteps.

Printful makes it simple to sell my print and embroidery goods without risk, allowing me to focus on growing my business.

Another advantage of choosing Printful is its extensive product catalog, which includes everything from clothing and jewelry to upholstery and posters, among other things.

Aside from its fulfillment centers in Europe and North America, the corporation has several partner facilities worldwide.

Printful is a great option for anyone seeking a good print-on-demand company in Canada or any of these places.

Printful ships to nearly every country globally, including the United States, Europe, EFTA countries, Australia, New Zealand, and others.

When a consumer places an order, it is instantly sent to Printful, who will print, create, complete, and ship it to my customer under my brand.

After selecting my retail pricing and paying Printful a particular cost to cover production, I also gained control over my revenues with Printful.

I also receive access to free design templates that I can customize utilizing Printful’s mockup generator. In addition, I can personalize things in my store while Printful takes care of inventory and shipping.

Printful has no minimum order requirements, and my products are sent under my brand, complete with pack-ins, bespoke labels, and more.



Product catalog

Apliiq, like other print-on-demand businesses, has a wide choice of products in its catalog, but it also offers eco-friendly clothes.

I can put my unique designs on anything from camo hats and hoodies to t-shirts, sweatshirts, sweatpants, leggings, jackets, and more.

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The site concentrates on producing streetwear-inspired casual apparel, with low-cost and high-end options for my most popular pieces. For the most popular products, I also get a variety of colors and styles to select from.

If I require something that Apliiq doesn’t offer in their catalog, I contact their customer service team, who will get an estimate and a prototype of the item.

Apliiq can find practically any prefabricated apparel item for me. However, the service is only available for large orders of 20 or more products per style.

Printing options

Apliiq also customizes things by adding my clothing tags, branded labels, or embroidered patches.

Digital and screenprinting (bulk orders), embroidery, appliqué (designs sewed on a separate cloth), and cut and hem are alternatives.


I can brand my unique things with Apliiq’s branding and customization choices, such as garment tags, custom labels, and even patches.

The firm designs even the internal lining of the outfits I sell in my business.

Product descriptions

I may modify how the software creates products in my store when I set up my Apliiq account.

I’ve discovered that allowing the app to produce rich product descriptions on my behalf is easier because it’s already set up to do so once installed.

At any time, I can adjust the setup settings and edit the descriptions to my liking.

Packing slips

Packing slips for my products are given with each order dispatched by Apliiq.

To improve my consumers’ experience when they receive their orders, a message from my brand is provided. In addition, I can include links to my social media profiles, a thank you card, and my brand’s rallying cry on these packing slips.

Order processing options

The automatic order processing option is enabled by default in Apliiq, which is the recommended configuration. I won’t have to do anything because the orders will be fulfilled automatically.


I can build professional-grade products at a lower cost with Apliiq than I can with other platforms.

But before I start making the products, I set up my labels to utilize them as I design them. Setting up tags isn’t required by Apliiq. However, it is advised for professionalism.

Private labels to replace any factory tags with my branded tags, woven labels to enhance professional branding, and embroidered patches are among the titles available.


In terms of printing options, order fulfillment, shipping, and other brand customization services, Printful and Apliiq are nearly identical.

Printful, on the other hand, goes above and above with a variety of unique services such as photography and graphic design, warehousing, and more. Let’s take a quick look at each of these.

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shopify dropshipping store set up

Product catalog

Printful has a big catalog with various products, including stationery, apparel, shoes, stickers and magnets, bags, pins, books, and accessories.

Mockup Generator

I utilize the mockup and print file generator to see how my products will look with my custom designs. In addition, I can use this application to make mockup pictures and print files for my store all at once.

Printing options

I can print on my garments using various technologies with Printful, but the direct to garment (DTG) printing method is the most common.

DTG printing produces high-quality prints, and the colors utilized have little bearing on my customers’ price. For all DTG-printed clothes, the company uses Komit and Brother Printers.

Printful, like Apliiq, offers cut and sew sublimation, in which my designs are printed on fabrics before being cut and stitched into leggings, bags, backpacks, and even shirts. Embroidery, like print products, is offered on-demand and drop-shipped.

Printful mobile app

Printful built a mobile app for Android and iOS devices so you can keep working on your business while on the road.

I can use the app to create basic orders, confirm incoming orders as they come in, contact customer service via chat, phone, or email, set and remove charge holds, and report any issues.

Warehousing and fulfillment are two different things. However, this is one of Printful’s better services because it relieves me of the burden of storing and managing inventory. As a result, I’ll concentrate more on making fantastic things and marketing my store.

Printful also fulfills and ships my customers’ orders the same day if they place them before noon.

Printful’s fulfillment locations in the United States, Europe, and Canada store my stuff (pack-ins only).

Free signup, friendly prices, cost-effective delivery, no account maintenance fees, inexpensive prices, and warehouses all around the world are just a few of the advantages I like about Printful.

Creative services

Graphic design, photography, and video production are among Printful’s creative offerings. This saves me time, and I can use product videos to promote my sales.

I also don’t have to spend as much time producing and editing designs or films, and I have more freedom in selecting content for my campaigns.

Custom branding options

I can put my logo on things, enhance brand exposure, and reach more clients with promotional branding thanks to Printful’s bespoke branding possibilities.

Affiliate Program

As a Printful account user, I can become an affiliate partner, create courses educating others on how to start companies with Printful, and earn 10% of each order placed by consumers I refer.

Any blogger, influencer, or even YouTuber may join the program for free and earn affiliate commissions.

Services for establishing a store.

I’m not an expert at setting up eCommerce stores, but that’s not an issue with Printful.

Printful has a team of tech specialists who can assist you in setting up your print-on-demand online store and putting their experience to work for you. This saves you a lot of time, effort, and money over hiring someone to do it for you.

Prepare your product selections and designs, choose a store layout that you want, send visual assets and product photographs to be included in the store, and you’re ready to begin.



Shopify and Flamory are both integrated with Apliiq.


Shopify, Etsy, Wix, Webflow, Amazon, Weebly, Launch, Storenvy, BigCartel, Wish, Ecwid, PrestaShop, eBay, ShipStation, and Bonanza are just a few of the apps and marketplaces Printful interacts with.



Apliiq offers client support with a knowledge library that includes how-to articles and troubleshooting instructions. You may also contact their customer support team by submitting a ticket with any specific questions you may have.


Printful is well-known worldwide, with a workforce of over 1100 experts based in Europe and North America and has sold over 23 million items since its founding.

Printful, unlike Apliiq, provides its customers with even more assistance options.

Webinars, manuals, Printful lessons, Affiliate courses, and the FAQ section may all help you learn more about Printful and how to utilize it.

Marketing resources and eCommerce marketing tools are also provided, and a blog with updates, tutorials, and new Printful features.



Apliiq provides shipping, with most goods arriving within a week. Of course, you can always check the progress of your orders on your account’s orders page.

It could be due to approvals, damages, stock issues, or the number of unique designs if orders take longer to arrive.

Shipping timeframes vary depending on the customer’s location; however domestic orders typically take 1-5 days to arrive. If you need custom goods delivered quickly, there are rush options available.

Apliiq charges a $1 fulfillment fee, with pricing based on the weight of the package.


Printful offers a variety of shipping options. Apparel goods take an average of 2-7 business days to make, while non-apparel items take 2-5 business days, with delivery dates ranging from 2-14 days, depending on the customer’s location.

Printful charges standard shipping prices that are fixed and computed based on the average shipping cost per product category, unlike Apliiq, which charges shipping rates depending on weight.

You can charge your customers their prices for products and shipping. Still, you may have to pay customs fees depending on the fulfillment location, order destination, order value, and local limits, among other factors.

If you need same-day delivery, Printful can accommodate you if you place your order before midnight.



Apliiq is free to use, although there are charges associated with sending things to customers’ doorsteps.

Apliiq offers bulk discounts and wholesale clothes that can save up to 55 percent when you order in quantity.

When you dropship with the manufacturer’s suggested retail price, you also obtain products and pricing to make a 30 to 60% profit margin.


Printful is likewise free to use, but you may charge a retail price to your consumers and still earn a profit after Printful takes its cut. For instance, if Printful charges $10 for fulfillment and your sale price is $23, you will profit $13.

Printful’s product prices include tax and delivery in the final price, so what you see on the Printful product page is exclusive of these fees.

Sales tax, VAT, and GST are all levied on some orders coming to the United States, the European Union, and Australia.

Custom labels and some prints and techniques will incur additional charges above and above the product price, which includes both the goods and the printing.

Each fulfillment location’s products are also priced differently, making them more competitive in the market. However, depending on the currency, pricing may vary slightly.

Which Is Better?

Apliiq is a fantastic service for fashion entrepreneurs that sell their products both online and in stores.

It’s also ideal for people who want to develop their own luxury fashion clothing lines and buy in bulk and sell offline.

Both Apliiq and Printful provide a variety of customization possibilities for creating your own personalized brand label items.

Printful, on the other hand, provides even more alternatives, allowing anyone who wants to sell unique products to use the site, not just fashion entrepreneurs.

Printful comes highly recommended in this review. It’s free to use, simple to start up and maintain, has a large product catalog with a diverse range of things – not just apparel – and interfaces with various apps and marketplaces.

Printful also features a larger selection of printing alternatives (than Apliiq) and bulk discount rates, better pricing, and international delivery possibilities.

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