How to Start Amazon Dropshipping Business in India?

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Common Knowledge of Amazon Drop Shipping in India

Amazon stocks and sells many items. However, many of these products are actually sold by third-party merchants through Amazon’s website.

Amazon is similar to eBay in that it facilitates the sale and solves any issues. Drop shipping is a service that Amazon offers to many countries like China, Germany and Spain.

But, not many people know much about Amazon drop shipping to India. India is a potential market with more than 1.3 million customers.

This is why we are here to discuss dropshipping on Amazon India. Below is some information about Amazon India drop shipping.

Amazon Drop Shipping in India: Foundation Background

Drop shipping is an affordable way for entrepreneurs to ship products in India. This is especially important for those who want to open an e-commerce store. Drop shipping allows entrepreneurs to sell products online without worrying about inventory and freight. It is also a low-risk model that can be used by new companies.

Drop shipping has many benefits. You can save money and only purchase the products your customers have ordered from your store. With an annual growth rate of 24.5%, Indians spent 16.08 billion dollars online in 2016.

Online sales in India are estimated to be $45.17 billion by 2021.

India is a rapidly growing market, and everyone wants to get in on it. It is possible to expect that India’s e-commerce market continues to grow in the future.

Amazon drop shipping service in India

Because of the large audience, Amazon drop shipping in India is easy to start. You don’t have to worry about marketing or SEO.

Amazon also offers fulfillment warehouses (Fulfillment By Amazon), which allow you to add your own products to your drop shipped items. You don’t even need to worry about packaging, shipping, or warehousing.

Amazon Drop Shipping in India: Features

Amazon Drop Shipping in India has attracted many e-commerce entrepreneurs due to its enormous potential market. These are the main features of Amazon Drop Shipping in India.

Don’t worry about warehouse costs

One of the advantages is that you don’t have to pay for a warehouse. Amazon FBA service allows sellers to ship products to Amazon. Amazon will then deliver the products to end-customers. This saves time and reduces the delivery process.

Large customer base

According to official statistics, Amazon has more than 244 million users. Amazon is considered a great sales channel because of its high returns. Your online store can attract more customers by selling the right product at the right prices. Amazon allows you to reach new customers that are not in your target demographic.

Advertising costs are lower

It is a common practice to run Amazon ads in order to increase sales. Good ads on Amazon will help you build a positive reputation. If you optimize your selling page beforehand, you can get large traffic volumes by paying for these highly effective ads.

Your customers will continue to browse your store and place orders.

This is why we pay for ads. Once you have paid for ads, it will be easier to make money because of the higher transfer rate from browsing to buying. Amazon does not have any minimum requirements to allow you to set the price of Amazon ads.

We now have a common understanding of Amazon drop shipping in India. Let’s start to explain how you can do drop shipping with Amazon India.

How do I start a dropshipping business in India with Amazon?

This part will show you how to dropship in India using Amazon. To begin drop shipping to India on Amazon, let’s first understand how Amazon’s drop shipping model works.

Drop shipping involves three major parts. You can place an order and notify your drop shipping supplier. They will then fulfill your order.

Your supplier will be responsible for delivering your products to your customers. They also ensure that your customers receive the goods in good condition. This completes the circle of the entire business process as shown in the graph below.

It is also important to be aware of the Amazon drop shipping policy before you go. These are Amazon’s official policies. As the image shows:

These are some strategies to help you make an impression before you sell in India’s drop shipping market.

These are the most important steps, but it is difficult to do Amazon drop shipping in India. You need to know how to do Amazon drop shipping in India.

Strategy 1: Buy the buy box

It is important to increase your sales, as most Amazon sales are made through the buy box. You must first have a high seller ranking. This is because 95% or more has been considered to be working.

You should also ensure that your products arrive within 14 days.

Then you should consider your cost. This includes shipping, and it should be less than the majority of the offers. You can also win the buybox by having a lower refund rate, faster customer response times, and a higher customer rating.

Strategy 2: Stay independent from Amazon

Amazon is one of the many channels that sell products. Many stores are registered on Amazon and they offer similar products to yours. You shouldn’t always rely on Amazon’s sales.

You must instead have your own shop. It is better to create your own website. This will help customers trust you.

Strategy 3: Perform keyword optimization

Keyword research is a way to optimize Amazon product pages. It’s similar to optimizing product descriptions for search engines. You can use tools like Google Trend, Keywords Search, and Merchant Words to help you select high-interest keywords.

Keyword optimization will improve your rank and allow you to segment and target customers. There is an easy shortcut: if you are familiar with the Amazon ads bidding system, you can quickly find your target customers. As long as you pay Amazon for the ads costs, and then do some bidding.

Strategy 4: Set a price

When pricing products on Amazon you should consider several important factors, such as the cost of Amazon fees, and your profit margins. You may need to compare the Amazon fees and other costs to determine the profit you can make from selling your products at the price you set.

This is a significant and changeable problem.

Although you might lose money in the pricing process before, you will win the buy box, which will allow you to get many customers. Your sales volume will increase and your store can become profitable. A competitive price is essential to win buy boxes and make profits.

Strategy 5: Offer a discount coupon

A coupon from Amazon is one way to increase sales. The customer receives a discount if they meet certain requirements. A coupon that is attractive to customers can be a great way to get them to shop in your store.

Coupons’ promoting features can help increase customer traffic to your store. Although deals have a greater appeal to customers than regular products, there are a limited number of products that are included in the deals.

Customers are more likely to accept a coupon if it is attractive. The coupon’s price can attract customers and help you to keep your drop shipping business profitable.

Indians have a lot of potential for consumption. Drop shippers cannot ignore India’s infrastructure. However, it has many preferential policies that can not be ignored.

Establish national optical networks. Internet services are severely lacking in rural and urban areas of India. This causes problems because the number of Internet users in rural and urban areas is lower than we expected.

This does not mean that they are not available for consumption. Local government has encouraged the development of optical networks within their locality. This will be a significant improvement over the next few years.

Mobile payment and bank are becoming increasingly popular. While it is true that 53% of Indians have a bank account, mobile payments will soon be available for the rest of the country thanks to the popularity of smartphones and networks.

Encourage the development of PPP projects that address the issues of mobile payments and inconvenient logistic.

Indian customers have tended to prefer local e-commerce platforms. Drop shipping and ecommerce are well-known to Indian customers, which helps avoid misunderstandings and creates the foundation for an international ecommerce platform. This is a great way to increase the acceptance of drop shipping from Amazon India.

We can summarize that while India has its disadvantaged elements, we cannot ignore the immense potential for future growth. Drop shipping with Amazon India presents many challenges, but also offers many opportunities.

Helpful Tips

Many websites and platforms specialize in Amazon drop shipping to India. But is another drop shipping platform I recommend for India.

Chinabrands offers complete support and service for both suppliers as well as end-customers.

How do you choose the right product?

Chinabrands provides a detailed product description at no cost to registered members. VIP members get more discounts and concessions. Chinabrands members have the right to access high-resolution images and detailed information. This is especially helpful for Amazon drop shipping in India.

This can greatly assist sellers who are just starting to sell online or do Amazon drop shipping in India. Registering on Chinabrands will give them free product detail pages. These pages can be saved to their account or transferred to another sales platform like Amazon, AliExpress and eBay.

There are many options for SKUs

Chinabrands offers a wide range of SKUs and many categories. You can distribute goods you know, or you can choose products with high profit margins, high quality, and low costs. There are almost a thousand products on the Chinabrands website. The product quality is also excellent, as they are selected with strict regulations.

Chinabrands at a Discount

Chinabrands’ prices are very attractive. Most goods are priced lower than other drop shipping platforms. This attracts many customers to sign up to be its members. Stocking on your own is not necessary, which relieves a lot of pressure. The supply of goods will be sufficient, surely.

API is a great way to combine orders and ship your goods if you don’t have a technical team. API can dock through the system. API can be interfaced by independent station clients. Clients of platform can give them permission to perform single-task or multiple practical functions.

Perfect logistics service

There are many logistics options that you can choose from. It is hard to find many freight companies, so this is a great option for beginners. Chinabrands will take care of all the logistics, including shipping and packaging costs.

Chinabrands will take care of all the rest. This allows you to save time, costs, and even reduce the risks of dropping shipping or selling on Chinabrands.

India’s best wholesale dropshipping company

Chinabrands provides a wealth of services and products to sellers. This includes dropshipping, wholesaling, and even wholesale. Chinabrands provides wholesale prices to sellers who become members of Chinabrands.

You can let your hands go as they will handle the ordering fulfillment and shipping. All you have to do is locate customers.

As I mentioned above, Amazon drop shipping to India is not a new idea for many local ecommerce entrepreneurs. Most of them have faced many difficulties in the process of navigating the complex international ecommerce market.

Amazon drop shipping India is therefore essential. They need to find a reliable cooperator because they can reduce freight risk, increase profits, and save time. Chinabrands, Amazon, and Wish can all be of great assistance. These platforms offer services to those who wish to launch Amazon drop shipping in India.

These policies are also regulated to lessen the entrepreneurs’ dependence on international trade. These commerce platforms can be beneficial for drop shipping businesses in India. Chinabrands should be a top choice for Indian entrepreneurs who want to ensure they start Amazon dropshipping companies with minimal risk.

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