List of Top Rated Dropshipping Sites in America

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Dropshipping is a great way to make a profit, whether you’re new or an experienced dropshipper. Chinese suppliers have lower prices than many suppliers around the world. It is a great business model, but it isn’t the only option dropshippers have.

Dropshipping to America has many advantages over Chinese suppliers, especially for the US market.

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This article will discuss the many perks of working with American suppliers. It will help you to make more money with dropshipping, grow your business and have more satisfied customers.

Top 7 American Suppliers for Dropshipping

You now know all the advantages of working with American suppliers. Let’s find out which suppliers are the best to work with for higher profit margins.

Three suppliers are recommended. If you have a Chinese supplier already, you can add two American suppliers. You can only work with American suppliers by testing out the ones listed below, and keeping your top three suppliers.


Wayfair is an international dropshipping supplier that has warehouses all over the globe. They provide fast shipping within the USA, with two-day delivery. This makes them an excellent choice for American consumers. Wayfair offers many categories for the home, as well as outdoor categories. There’s almost anything you need.

Don’t forget to check out their daily Sales for profitable products. You can also pay with PayPal which is the preferred payment method for most sellers. If you are interested in learning more about dropshipping from Wayfair , please see our complete overview.

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Costway is one of our favorite suppliers. Because the platform was built by dropshippers, they are eager to work with dropshippers like you.

Costway offers a few benefits. You can get cashback, PayPal payment, free shipping for everythingclearance and many other benefits when you work with Costway.

They can also provide you with an dropshipping arrangement. This special feature can be used to get business agreements between yourself and your supplier if you are ever asked.


Overstock, another American dropshipping friendly supplier, offers fast domestic shipping, easy PayPal payment, and daily deal to help increase your profit. Their customer service has a live chat option that allows for quick and simple solutions to any problems you might have.

Learn more about Overstock, including how to maximize your profits. Read our Overstock full review to get started with this dropshipping friendly supplier. They have many advantages over other American suppliers.


Walmart is an enormous online retailer that offers a wide range of products from different categories. Many of their products can be delivered next day, which is what American customers are looking for.

Also, you can send products in gift packaging so that your customer doesn’t see your brand or cost. For the best deals, check out their huge savings or clearance sale pages.

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Dropshippers also use Amazon to source their products. They have millions of products and excellent customer service. Prime members receive their Prime products within two days. This allows for fast delivery and happy customers.

You can also use the top sellers section for product research to find similar products to best sellers. This is a great way to identify your first winners and expand.


Costco, an American wholesaler, has hundreds of warehouses all over the globe. You’ll find hidden gems in this supplier, as well as fast shipping times of two days to most US addresses.

You can also find great deals online at their online offer page. Make sure to check if your product has been listed there before you buy.


Dropshippers often use HomeDepot as an American supplier for their eCommerce business. HomeDepot caters to the home niche. They also have everything you could need for home improvements.

To find the best-selling products, you can read product recommendations and customer reviews to help you choose and source high-quality items.


Target is another online marketplace that offers tons of products and categories. You will find great deals on their top offers page so make sure to keep your eyes open.

They are also ready to go for holidays months ahead of the event with pre-made holiday categories. It can be used to prepare for holiday before competitors, generating more sales and profit.

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Lowes, an American online retailer that focuses primarily on the home niche (similarly to HomeDepot), offers a wide range of products in different categories. You can also use them to help you prepare for the holidays in your store.

Lowe’s latest arrivals section contains all the new products. Here you can find your next bestseller. Their daily deal page offers the best deals, which you can sort by type. You can combine the best of both worlds and find super-profitable products.

Dropshipping from American Suppliers

Dropshipping with American suppliers has many advantages. You can also work with many American suppliers to grow your dropshipping business. Let’s start with the benefits and then move on to the suppliers.

US Customers Get Faster Shipping and Delivery Time

Dropshipping to the US market means that American suppliers ship and deliver products quicker than any other supplier in other countries. Because you’re dealing with domestic shipping, the products ship from the US.

Instead of waiting 2 to 3 weeks or more to receive your packages from Chinese suppliers, domestic shipping usually takes just a few days. Customers are happy to pay more for quicker shipping times.

Customers will be more satisfied with faster delivery times, which is crucial for long-term success of your business.

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Reliable Tracking Info

The buyer can stay in touch with US shipping companies such as UPS and FedEx to track the delivery status of his package.

American suppliers work with reliable shipping companies that offer tracking information. This will ensure that you don’t have to worry about packages being lost or reimbursing customers.

eBay allows US shipping companies to track numbers, which helps maintain a high seller rank. The tracking events will ensure that buyers don’t have to worry about their packages.

Multiple Shipping Options

For those who are eager to receive their package, US shipping companies offer faster delivery options. You can get your package delivered in as little as one to two days. These delivery options are available from American suppliers.

Shipping costs for one- to two-day delivery are usually added. Buyers who require their package fast will not mind paying an additional shipping cost. It is a smart idea to have multiple shipping options available as long as your supplier supports them.

Stock Availability

Stock status is more accurate for US suppliers than it is for Chinese suppliers. Chinese suppliers are more precise and efficient in logistics, so stock should not run out as quickly. It usually replenishes itself quickly even if it does.

Dropshipping from Chinese suppliers can be confusing. Sometimes you might notice an item in stock but the Chinese supplier will start searching for it within his suppliers. You will need to search with other suppliers or cancel your order for your buyer if he can’t find it. This is not a good idea for customer satisfaction.

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You can therefore rely on US stock and logistics more. Dropshippers need reliability. Dropshippers who can rely on product availability will have higher chances of customers returning to buy.

Higher Quality Products

Almost everything today is made in China. Products sold from US warehouses tend to be of better quality than those from Chinese warehouses because they have been subjected to more testing before they are released on the market.

But, don’t stereotype Chinese warehouses. It doesn’t necessarily mean the product will be inferior just because it was made in China. Your brand new iPhone or Macbook are made entirely in China.

However, eCommerce is a business where sellers want to get the most bang for their buck. This means that they need to buy products in large quantities at low prices from China. This often comes at the cost of product quality.

Because Chinese products are subject to more product testing before being allowed to be sold in the US, they tend to be of higher quality than those shipped directly from China to the consumer.

Americans Love ‘Made in USA’ Products

Americans are proud of their country. They are proud of their country and support American companies and manufacturing. They understand that American manufacturers are more beneficial than Chinese suppliers and that they can help strengthen the American economy.

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American consumers will therefore prefer to purchase products made in America. Even though it may mean paying more, saving money and strengthening the economy are worth it. There is great pride in American-made products.

Products for a Higher Price tag

Selling products at a higher price is one of the best ways to sell on the American market.

Although there is always competition in any market, selling more expensive products will yield higher profit margins because the profit percentage is a percentage.

is not like the Chinese market. states that the lower you go, the greater chance you have of closing a sale.

Americans are well aware that products shipped from the USA have a higher value than those shipped from China. They want to help the American economy and pay more for American goods.

The American market is therefore more profitable than any other market, even in tough competition. Because the prices aren’t as low as Chinese products and so the profit margins are almost always higher, it is worth it.

Customer Support

Online stores must deal with returns and damaged goods. Dropshipping is a challenging business.

There are longer wait times for each case to be resolved when customer service is initiated in different countries. The return process is often complicated and unpleasant for both the seller or buyer.

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American suppliers are able to offer superior customer service for the American audience than any other supplier. The return process is quick and easy, with many American suppliers offering free returns under certain conditions.

Overall, American customers have a much easier time dealing with returns and customer service. The US suppliers are the best when it comes to customer satisfaction.


The American market is a huge and lucrative place to start an eCommerce business. It may seem saturated at times but if you look around and discover more suppliers and new product releases and find products similar to what you sell, you can always find your place in the market and make a killing.

This article will help you find American dropshipping suppliers. Begin with two suppliers and then move on to three once you are profitable enough. You will see your business flourish in one of the most competitive markets in the world if you put in a lot of effort in product research.