NextSmartShip Fulfillment and Factory-direct Dropshipping

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Dropshipping from factories is where the wholesalers or manufacturers send the products directly to consumers. Because it is low-cost and energy-saving, it is popular among e-commerce entrepreneurs. However, as online businesses grow, many business owners look to third-party logistics providers (3PL) for assistance. Why add another link? This is a comparison of NextSmartShip order fulfillment and factory-direct Dropshipping.

Let’s first look at NextSmartShip’s plans for handling the goods that were delivered to its warehouse.

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shopify dropshipping store set up

– Inspection: unbox the goods, inspect the quality, ship the no pass products back to the factory and record the inspection result.

– Print and stick SKU Bar-Codes: Follow the customer’s instructions and print SKU barcode stickers. Stick them to every unit and do a double-check

– Make inventory: scan the products into NextSmartShip inventory management system

– Order sync: eCommerce store owners can order sync orders using their online shops to integrate multiple platforms into their order fulfillment system

– Pick and pack: includes the following 3 processes

Labeling: Print and place custom labels on every product

Custom packaging and more: pack the ordered products with custom boxes, bags or other packages to ensure the products are good-looking and safe during shipping

Kitting and assembly: put multiple products in one package, or add catalogs, leaflets, thank you letters, gifts, etc.

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– Ship the products: Send the packages to global customers using the most cost-effective shipping methods. This ensures fast delivery and low costs. Once the package has been shipped, the tracking number will be sent by email to the consumer.

It is not difficult, even though it sounds complex. The entire process takes place in NextSmartShip warehouse within 24 hours. How to choose between dropshipping and 3PL order fulfillment? These pros and cons may help start-ups, crowdfunding campaign runner and ecommerce owners make better decisions.

Factory-direct dropshipping.


Low risk and budget. E-commerce owners do not need to pay inventory fees or warehouse fees. They only have to pay shipping and handling fees for products that they have sold. This is particularly important for small orders or those with unstable orders.

It’s easy. Dropshipping is hassle-free.


Uncontrollable. Dropshipping service providers take care of everything. This means that you won’t be able control the entire process. It can be very frustrating when your store receives a lot of orders quickly. Shipping delays or damage can cause problems that neither you nor the consumer can fix.

High error rates. Dropshipping factory direct is economical, but sometimes e-commerce owners have to pay for unhappy customers. Manufacturers tend to focus more on getting more orders than professional order fulfillment. They sometimes pack the wrong product, color or size in their packaging.

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Shipping complexity. Dropshipping can make shipping more complicated for e-commerce businesses that have multiple suppliers. A customer may order multiple products from different suppliers and receive multiple packages. The store owner must pay freight for each one.

No after-sale. Dropshipping suppliers are responsible for any shipping or packing errors. Customers should complain to the store owners, and not the supplier. Facebook decided recently to remove all dropshipping business ad accounts due to the high number of complaints. This incident shows that dropshipping is not a reliable and professional business model.

NextSmartShip 3PL order fulfillment.


Completely controllable. NextSmartShip customers are the ones who control the entire order fulfillment process. This includes package tracking and return processing. NextSmartShip allows online store owners to monitor their inventory and track shipping status. It also returns tracking numbers for every shipped package so you can quickly address any issues.

This is our own Service Offered by the Blog Author.

shopify dropshipping store set up

Simple return processing. High rates of exchange and return are a major problem for e-commerce clothing or accessory businesses. Consumers’ purchasing decisions will be affected by their exchange and return experience. NextSmartShip offers multiple warehouses in the US and Europe. If a buyer is unhappy with the product, they can return it to the nearest warehouse, which is fast and inexpensive. There will be no impact on resale as the inventory will always be up-to-date.

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Better consumer satisfaction. Customers need fast shipping and accurate packaging. They won’t be satisfied if they get the wrong product or their Christmas present in January. NextSmartShip’s goal is to please the end-consumers. No matter how complex the fulfillment requirements are or how picky consumers may be, NextSmartShip will do a great job.

There are more shipping options. Because they specialize in global shipping, third-party fulfillment providers are able to offer more flexible shipping options for store owners. NextSmartShip works with top-rated shipping couriers such as FedEx, FedEx and RoyalMail. This allows customers to select the most suitable solution based on their budget, speed requirements, season, product type, destination, and other factors. Ecommerce entrepreneurs can start with a basic solution, and then expand as their business grows.

Dropshipping can be as affordable as 3PL. 3PL order fulfillment does not have to be expensive. It can also be as affordable and cost-effective as dropshipping. With the 90 days free storage and affordable shipping, NextSmartShip customers will find it being a good China order fulfillment center for start-ups.


Stock must be kept. Dropshipping is a decision that an ecommerce business owner must make. However, it can be costly to purchase stock in order to lower risk.

It is important to plan ahead. Planning is essential for any business, particularly small ones that ecommerce businesses. When making marketing plans, you should consider order fulfillment. It will be the A in the SMART principle. For example, if you want to make more profits during the holiday season, after making marketing plans, you can consider to send inquiries to multiple order fulfillment service providers, get their solutions and rates, make a list, and take full control of the total budget and customer experience.

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Nextsmartship eCommerce Fulfilment Review

Are you ready to take your ecommerce business to the next level of success?

Online shoppers today expect reliable, fast and cheap shipping.
NextSmartShip’s software, people, and services all work together to provide seamless shipping.
E-commerce fulfillment that works.International shipping at affordable rates, 2-day delivery
Your customers will be able to shop online with the same ease and convenience they expect.
This will allow you to spend more time on revenue-generating activities.

Get on your way to success fulfillment sucess.

Everything from stock storage to fulfillment, our end-to-end service takes care of it all.
Processing orders, custom pick and pack, shipping, and returns

More efficient
order management

Our software seamlessly integrates with your sales channels. All your orders can be managed in one place. Our intuitive dashboard allows you to keep track of all your orders, monitor order statuses and identify sales trends.

More precise
inventory management

You can ship your inventory to any of our warehouses around the world. NextSmartShip’s inventory software gives visibility into inventory levels as well as units sold per day. You’ll be able to see your inventory and make better sales decisions.


Being unique is key to standing out. We will work with you to meet your needs. Our warehousing staff is professionally trained to pick-and pack accurately and safely so that your product reaches your customers in perfect condition.

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More efficient
Shipping & Returns

The fulfillment process begins the day after an order has been placed. We will pack your order at the nearest fulfillment center and send it by the fastest and most economical method. Your store will automatically update the tracking number and notify your customer. Our return management services make it easy to get back your money.

Scale your business efficiently

Spend less time managing fulfillment operations and more time growing your business. You can think of us as your internal fulfillment team. We will do all the legwork so that you can concentrate on revenue-generating and marketing activities. You will have more money to spend on expansion because you have optimized fulfillment costs.

Reach new markets

You can ship to any country in the world with our global fulfillment centers and network distribution partners. Let’s discuss how we can get your product to the right destination at the best price. There are no boundaries.

Make your brand memorable

Brand impression is influenced by the quality of your business’ delivery capabilities. NextSmartShip offers 2-day shipping and outstanding customer service. Our customized packaging and kitting services will make your customers’ unboxing experience memorable. Are you ready for your next 5-star review

Shopping Cart Abandonment Reduced

Customers will be more likely to shop with you if they have express shipping options, low shipping costs (or free shipping), or easy returns. For a greater return on your investment, reduce abandonment of shopping carts and increase conversion rates on your site.

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Nextsmartship Amazon Fulfilment Review

Are you ready to scale yourAmazon company?

Selling on Amazon is a great strategy.
Today, ecommerce is booming. Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), while offering many benefits, such as Amazon Prime two day shipping, is a major obstacle for many sellers.

NextSmartShip offers all the support needed for FBA Prep including barcode labelling, packaging, repackaging and poly-bagging. With NextSmartShip Fulfillment by Merchant (FBM), your store can double its sales potential.

Storage management is easy

NextSmartShip allows you to store your inventory Warehouses around the world Find out more Our stock level visibility tool gives you complete visibility of your inventory. Inventory management system. We can To expedite shipments, palletize them Warehouse and help you save inbound Shipping costs to Amazon.

Take great care when packaging and repackaging

All items are meticulously prepared Storage and shipping Shipping and labelling Photo documentation and item protection All of these are included in the FBA Prep process. Every item is double-checked to make sure it’s safe
Meet Amazon’s policies. A full range of You can also pack the following options: We are available to help you with your business needs.

Minimize manual Processes and workflows

Automate your FBM process With our powerful fulfillment software.
NextSmartShip seamlessly integrates Orders can be placed through your Amazon store
These are then assigned to the closest fulfillment center for timely and reliable delivery.

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Each merchant is unique. No matter which products you use, Selling is easy if you can find the right packing
Choose the option that best suits your needs Our selection We offer packing There are many options available for:

Get more savings with Affordable fees

A lower price Amazon’s FBA Prep Service is better than Amazon’s. NextSmartShip offers FBA Prep Accessible to merchants of any size Our pricing policy is simple and transparent. So you will always know what is expected of you
You are getting what you pay for.

No more shipping rejected

We will make sure that your items arrive safely Meet Amazon’s policies. No more rejection Non-compliance can result in lost time and shipments. Let us take care of the logistics so that you can concentrate on what is important. Revenue-generating business activities

Incredible customer service

We know how frustrating it can be To have a question unanswered. Our customer service team is outstanding. Excellent support available around the clock to assist you Any problem that you might encounter.

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