How to Start Alibaba Dropshipping Store with Top Suppliers?

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What is Alibaba and AliExpress?

These are the two largest online marketplaces owned by Alibaba Group, a Chinese company. These platforms ease the burden of finding trustworthy suppliers and quality products. However, each platform has its own integration, profit model, payment method, and shipping mode. You should consider your business goals before you decide which platform to choose. To help you choose, take a look at their strengths and weaknesses.

There is a difference between Alibaba, and AliExpress

The two platforms are owned by different companies but some features distinguish them. Alibaba is more concerned with businesses than individual customers. AliExpress, however, is designed to meet the needs of individuals who only want to buy a single unit of a product. We were able to identify the differences between the two platforms using the following factors in a survey.

Pricing: Alibaba’s products have low prices, while AliExpress has moderate prices since most of the products are sold separately.

Minimum Order Quantity: Alibaba does not allow bulk orders. AliExpress allows you to order products individually.

Product Rating: Alibaba allows only suppliers to be rated. AliExpress users can rate both suppliers and products.

Shipping costs: Due to the inability of ePacket shipping, Alibaba’s shipping costs are high. AliExpress has options for refund and replacement, as well as shipping fees.

Which Dropshipping Platform is Better Aliexpress or Alibaba?

There is no better platform for them. Each platform has its own unique advantages. You just need to assess your needs and choose the best platform for you.

Pros and cons of Alibaba Dropshipping

Each platform has its positive and negative sides. Let’s examine these in this section.


Start-up costs are low

Dropshipping with Alibaba is a great option. You don’t have to invest a lot of capital. Dropshipping is cheaper than retail. Hosting and domains cost less than 100 dollars. You don’t need an inventory for kick-start; therefore, there are no additional costs.

Minimal risk

Dropshipping with Alibaba is risk-free. In fact, it’s almost non-existent. Dropshipping with Alibaba is risk-free. You only pay for the products that you sell and don’t have to worry about leftover stock or bulk orders. You can also switch products easily if there is less demand.

Flexible Location

Dropshipping can be done from anywhere in the world. All you need is an internet connection and a computer. You can work anywhere you like, including at home and on the beach.

There is no inventory

Dropshipping from Alibaba completely eliminates the need for warehousing. Dropshipping eliminates the need to pay for inventory, packaging, and any leftover stock.

Low overhead costs

Owning a retail shop means you have to pay a lot of overhead costs like rent, utilities bills, salaries, and so on. Dropshipping eliminates all of that. Dropshipping allows you to access everything you need, even virtual assistants. This removes the need for full-time employees.

Unlimited Products

You can sell and market as many products as you like because there is no inventory. Alibaba dropshipping gives you access to a wide range of product options. Even if you are just starting out, you can have multiple product types. This will allow you to find the best-selling product.


Highly competitive

Dropshipping isn’t a new venture. The industry has millions of entrepreneurs worldwide. No matter what niche you choose, you are likely to be competing in the same way. Because there is very little capital required to start a business, everyone can join it. This increases the competition. You can capitalize on this and gain an advantage in the industry by building a brand since dropshippers are not likely to do so.

Lower Control

Dropshipping on Alibaba has its biggest drawback. It is difficult to control the suppliers. They are responsible for all aspects of dropshipping, including packaging, shipping, quality assurance, and production. Sometimes it can be disastrous, especially if the supplier fails to follow instructions and causes havoc with the delivery. It is important to remember that customers are not responsible for the actions of the supplier. You will take the blame.

Shipping Time

Dropshipping is a way to have your products shipped directly from China to clients if you are involved with Alibaba. This can sometimes take weeks or even months depending on where your clients live. Although they can be quite costly, DHL and FedEx are sometimes used by suppliers to expedite delivery.

Complex Refund/Return Procedure

If a customer is unhappy with the product they received and requests a refund, they will need to send it back to China. They will also have to discuss the matter with the supplier. This is more complicated than regular retail and can be very difficult if there are language barriers.

Dropshipping on Alibaba: How does it work?

1. Find the Niche Product

Alibaba can help you generate product ideas. It has been a popular destination for dropshippers. You will find many bright ideas to make money in the dropshipping niche from the products displayed on this website.

2. Browse Products on Alibaba

You need to do some research to find the best product niche to sell. You can find resources online that will help you to identify the right niche product. We recommend starting with small items to reduce shipping costs. You should avoid products that require complicated paperwork or certification. Avoid products that contain chemicals, food and industrial products. These products must be certified.

3. Get in touch with Alibaba Suppliers

Manufacturers are often willing to do business both with end customers and companies. They use different marketing channels to reach both buyer personas. They use AliExpress for private interaction with individuals and Alibaba for company interactions.

If you are interested in a specific product range from an Alibaba seller, please contact him and inquire if he has an AliExpress store. Dropshipping is made easier by this. It allows you to find out if the manufacturer can produce custom items and ship them.

4. Price Negotiation

Did you know that Alibaba sells products at an average retail price of $16 per item? You can gain an overview of the average price for products that have low minimum orders. This will allow you to create your own pricing system.

5. Ask for a sample

Remember that Alibaba is not Amazon and refunds are not permitted. You should not buy any product without first seeing samples. Most suppliers will provide samples without any problem. If the supplier refuses to give samples, you can take your business elsewhere. Use Alipay or PayPal to pay suppliers. Make sure that the product is properly inspected. Write down any flaws or defects you find and ask the supplier for a remedy.

6. Place your order

This is a violation of dropshipping’s core values, but it is necessary. Dropshipping suppliers should be reliable and provide quality products if you want to run a successful business. If you are going to sell on Amazon, this is crucial. Your clients will not be satisfied with your products and your business will fail. Blindly sending products is a huge mistake for your business.

Suppliers make mistakes. It’s normal. It is not what you want to see your customer become angry about a defective or wrong product. This will ruin your reputation as a businessman while you’re still in the beginning stages.

You can order a limited quantity of products to avoid this before you start dropshipping. You can compare suppliers and correct any errors. Also, you will know the shipping costs. You don’t need to order thousands of units in order to get started. Keep in mind that these platforms are highly competitive and you will have no trouble finding suppliers that offer low minimum orders. Only need to make a request.

7.Send your order directly to the customer

The next step after testing the product is to ship the product to your customer. You make more profit because the supplier pays shipping costs.

Alibaba Dropshipping

Alibaba is a popular site for wholesaling, but there are suppliers that offer products with a minimum order volume (MOV) below one. These types of products are able to compete with AliExpress as they have a MOV of one, or simply offer an individual purchase option.


You can negotiate the price with the supplier, unlike AliExpress. Start the order process, then go to the “Negotiate With Supplier” section.


Alibaba sells over 20,000,000 products, ranging from bicycle mirrors to buses and trucks to name a few. Dropshipping is possible, but the prices are much lower than AliExpress if you take out shipping costs.


Alibaba does not allow users to rate products. Instead, they only rate suppliers. Alibaba rates products by assessing how satisfied customers are with a supplier. The buyer must complete the form to rate any supplier. Alibaba does not allow customers to rate products, but it rates suppliers. Alibaba rates products by assessing how satisfied customers are with a supplier. The buyer must complete the form to rate any supplier. Instead of being rated as a ‘Verified supplier’, suppliers with higher trade volumes and a verified product line may be rated.


Alibaba does not offer the ability to track your shipment. To track your shipment, you will need to contact the supplier via the Alibaba message section. It is important to note that Alibaba shipping costs are not included in the purchase price. Click the Ocean Shipping Quote link under each product detail to get shipping costs for each product.

Payment Method

Alibaba offers many payment options including Western Union and credit cards. Dropshippers that would like to use Alibaba for their wholesaler can pay with no problem.

How do I dropship from Alibaba to Shopify?

Follow these steps to import products from Alibaba

  • First, ensure that you have installed Importify. Second, subscribe to one of our plans.
  • You must ensure that you’re using Chrome browser.
  • Visit the Alibaba website.
  • Click on a product that you are interested in importing and go to the page.
  • Click the “add” button at the top of your browser.
  • To edit the product information (title/description/price/ etc.), scroll down and click “add product”.

How do I dropship from Alibaba to Amazon?

Dropshipping Amazon from Alibaba is one of the most popular e-commerce marketplaces. You can import product information and images directly from Alibaba to your Amazon Store. This allows you to choose from millions of items.

It is also possible to set your own prices. You can also set your own prices. Dropshipping Amazon from Alibaba is easy and risk-free for new ecommerce entrepreneurs. Dropshipping from Alibaba to Amazon is a great way to make your e-commerce business more profitable. However, it can be difficult to grasp the process.

In reality, Amazon does not see the actual product during dropshipping from Alibaba. Let’s now discuss some related information.

  • Amazon acts as the front platform and collects orders from customers. These orders are Alibaba to Amazon Dropshipping.
  • Alibaba will then immediately respond to your request. Alibaba will be responsible for the preparations from now on.
  • This is the problem spot mentioned in the first paragraph. Stock of products, delivery time, and if there is a delay which party will be responsible, etc.
  • We will ignore all the problems and assume that everything is going well. Alibaba will now deliver the products directly at the customer’s doorstep.
  • Finally, the customer will receive the product. Confirm your order. This completes the case.

Let’s now see how Alibaba dropsships Amazon.

  • Your Amazon customer places an order, and pays $200 retail price
  • Your store will then keep $50 profit, forward the order to your supplier, and pay wholesale $150
  • Alibaba will ship the product directly from Alibaba to your customer.

How do I dropship from Alibaba to eBay?

Browse Alibaba to find the items you are interested selling. Browse through the different categories to see which items are most popular and get inspiration.

Once you have found a potential item that you like, calculate the value of the product using the average price on Alibaba. Then, estimate or calculate if you can make a profit. Do not buy a product whose price is too high or low.

You can create a new listing and add the SKUs to your eBay store in just a few clicks. You don’t have to worry about listing them. There are many tools available on eBay. You can copy the description and details of the product and I will edit it to make it more appealing and persuasive.

You can use the photos if they are unique and good. Most often, however, other sellers use the photos. You can also take a better photo if you wish to stand out from the rest.

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