Profitable Dropshipping Products and Niches

Top Trending Products and Niches for your Dropshipping Store

When you use our dropshipping store building service, we will list winning products and promo videos from top niches in order to get quick sales from your eCommerce dropship store.

We offer Dropshipping store building service in both WordPress and Shopify.  

If you already have a store, we will add products with promo videos directly to your store.

How we select profitable products and niches ?

We normally choose products based on the aliexpress sales count, customer reviews, seller ratings, product demand, ePacket shipping and solution based items.
All the products in our collections are not available in local stores. So that people will fall easily when we promote it on social channels with demo videos and marketing content.
The products we share to our clients are already performing well in our own dropship stores. We frequently remove low performing products and adding new products in weekly basis.
So our list is always an updated one with profitable and saleable  products.  Currently we have more than 400 products in our list and it is growing.
Copyright Free Promo videos for Facebook ads available on all the products.  All the videos are edited in such a way to prevent copyright claims. Moreover all the videos we use it our Facebook pages first, if we got copyright warning message we just ignore that video and product.
click here. full collection of trending products.

For Existing Dropshipping Store Owners:

If existing store owners want to list our trending products in their store, we list it for $50 USD per 50 Products.
What is included in our product listing service ? 
1. We list winning products from top niches directly to your store.
2. Product title and description neatly edited in order to bring more conversions.
3. Copyright free Promo videos for facebook ads to all the products we listing.

4. We teach you how to find latest winning products and promo videos. So that you can keep your store updated with latest products .

We accept only PayPal Payment. Delivery Time: 24 Hours
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Niches Covered

Health & Beauty

Houseware & Kitchen

Pets & Garden

Sports & Outdoors

Toys, Kids & Baby

Automobiles & Tools

Electronics & Accessories

Basic pack
$50 USD
50 Products
Title and Description Edited
Promo Videos
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Standard Pack
$100 USD
100 Products
Title and Description Edited
Promo Videos
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premium pack
$150 USD
200 Products
Title and Description Edited
Promo Videos
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Sample Products and Promo Videos

Niche: Sports & Outdoors

Product Title: Self Training Tennis Tool

Niche: Houseware & Kitchen

Product Title: Magic Kitchen Sponge

Niche: Pets & Garden

Product Title: Pet Hair Vacuum Cleaner

Niche: Health & Beauty

Product Title: Finishing Touch hair remover

Niche: Toys, Kids & Baby

Product Title: Glowing Race Track

Niche: Automobiles & Tools

Product Title: Powerful Magnetic Wristband

Niche: Electronics & Accessories

Product Title: Smart Phone Telephoto Lens

Dropship Store on specific Niches

We normally build General store with trending products from top niches.
If you want to build your dropship store in any specific niches, we are happy to serve you in your niche.
We research your niche in several basis like product demand, google trends, aliexpresssales count, Facebook pages & groups, instagram hashtagsavailable in local stores etc.
Once your niche matches all the conditions, we build your niche dropship store for free.  If your niche doesn’t suit for dropshipping, we recommend you some other niches.
Free Niche Stores available in both WordPress and Shopify.
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Hi guys. Just want to leave a review for Chris’ services.

I have been trying to do dropshipping since Aug. There are some main issues that I got stuck with and this is where Chris came in to help.

I have a general store and I do product testing as I am reasonably familiar with FB ads.

However I’m new to product research. After learning from hundreds of videos, I’m faced with two problems.

1. I am taking too long to find winning products.

2. My store looks empty if they are only filled with products I wish to advertise for.

This is where I met Chris. I saw his services to help duplicate his store to help newcomers jump start their business. As I had my store already I asked if he could just fill my store with his products instead. He said yes and needed only a day for 50 products.

I was a skeptical at first. It didn’t seem this was possible. I have lost so much money with other VAs. However Chris seemed very honest and sincere in our conversation, and I decided to invest in his services.

I paid him, and I went to sleep.

When I woke in the morning…..Volia! My store was filled! He had woken up early to work on my store as it was Xmas day and he had errands to run.

Not only was i satisfied with his products, I paid him a 2nd time for another 50 more products.

Now as I look at my store, it looks properly done up and authentic with interesting items in every collection.

Will be starting my ads next week once I fix a few apps and my email flow. Wish me luck guys!

John Jiayong Low / Singapore

Chris is awesome at helping beginners like me find niche products to help my store make sales. He provided me with great videos on my facebook ads!. He also asked me useful questions that helped him answer my questions faster!.I really recommend this group as an asset to the drop shipping community!

Lucy Marcellus / USA

I have been struggling with dropshipping for about a year and to be honest it’s tiring with multiple failures along the way. Here, I would just like to thank Chris for his awesome guidance and teaching in product selection research and answers regarding product niche. On top of that, great product video for my facebook ads provided by him. If you are starting out in dropshipping or just a beginner, I would definitely recommend you to follow Chris and this page.

Ji Yang / South Korea

Amazing value and good help. This will definitely help anyone who is in the dropshipping business. Keep it up guys

Aziz Elou / Israel
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