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Answer 1:

There are many ways to do this, but the customer must pay the shipping costs.

You can:

A) Charge the customer shipping costs and label it accordingly.

B) Offer free shipping and charge an additional fee to your product.

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C) Offer flat rate shipping. For each item, charge $5. Any other costs should be added to the product’s price. If shipping an item costs $8, add $3 to that cost and charge $5 shipping.

Each method has its merits and disadvantages, but you need to make sure your customers pay for shipping expenses.

Answer 2:

Liz Hull has written everything you can agree to.

It all boils down to how you present your products, and the agreement that you have with your supplier.

My friend sells the items for a very reasonable price (delivery included price) and charges a delivery fee. This works well for him.

According to research, buyers will pay as much as +20% to receive ‘free delivery’. It may be worth including the item and offering free delivery if you’re selling high-value items. This could make the item more expensive if you do it with a lower-value item.

A great thing about free shipping is when you spend more than a certain amount. Be sure to do your maths carefully.

Consider offering an incentive to add a second or third item to your consignment if delivery is included. The delivery cost will likely be the same regardless of how many items are present in the consignment. (Roughly). Leather bags are available for sale at a price of just PS100, including delivery. I also offer free delivery worldwide. Two bags can be purchased for 15% each.


It is run on Shopify. There are also apps that allow this. It is called Buy One Get X, I believe.

Best of luck to you and your business. It’s not always easy to find the right formula first time, so don’t be afraid of trying different things.

Answer 3:

Your customer pays the shipping costs regardless of what kind of product it is. The shipping cost can be added to your total price, and you can label it free shipping. You can also divide the shipping cost into two parts: product cost and shipping costs.

Answer 4:

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shopify dropshipping store set up


Drop shippers usually include shipping costs in their MSPRs, so that the customer doesn’t have to pay for it. Modalyst can be used to manage your Shopify store. Modalyst can also be used to source the shipping costs. This allows you to pass the cost on to the customer directly. This is a marketing strategy that does not include free shipping.

I hope you find this helpful.

Answer 5:

Although there may not always be shipping costs, the customer pays.

You are supposed to make the item available for sale on your website or through a third-party marketplace (e.g. You should list the item for sale on your website or third-party marketplace (i.e. Amazon, eBay, etc.) and then charge shipping costs. Some suppliers offer free shipping, but it’s true. It’s up to the supplier to decide if they want to charge shipping.

Answer 6:

It all depends on your business model, relationship with vendors and pricing strategy.

No matter what your Business Strategy is, the consumer will always have to pay shipping costs regardless of whether it is free or not.

Consulting companies allows me to help them push FREE Shipping and absorb shipping costs. This is possible with High Margins Products. We are also working with vendors to lower shipping costs. We are open with vendors to let them know what shipping costs we actually pay.

It also depends on the maturity and success of the Business Model. Volumes you are able to share with vendors, etc.

Answer 7:

It’s usually the customer who pays. However, some suppliers/distributors offer to take care of the shipping costs instead. It all depends on who you work with. Shipping should not cost more than $5-20 depending on the product and whereabouts.

Answer 8:

End customers. Sometimes the cost is not obvious, such as free shipping

You must first identify dropshipping’s participants: dropshipping suppliers and shopkeepers, as well as dropshipping customers.

  • Dropshipping suppliers take care of shipping and storing the product.
  • Online business owners are called shopkeepers. They manage an online store.
  • Customers are those who order online and then pay for it.

This is the process:

The customer places an order and pays the shopkeeper. Shopkeeper then places an order and pays the supplier to ship the products to the customer.

Shipping costs are included in your payment, regardless of whether it’s a customer order or a shopkeeper order. It is not clear if the shipping cost is included in the product price or is it written separately.

Payee and payee share a profit margin. Shopkeeper will be charged products and shipping fees by the supplier. The shopkeeper will pass the entire cost on to the customer and set a higher selling rate than what he pays to the supplier.

The person who pays the last amount will pay all costs, including shipping.

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shopify dropshipping store set up