10 Best Crystal Wholesale Suppliers in USA, UK, and China

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This guide will introduce you to the best wholesale crystals suppliers around the globe, where to look for them, what to do to sell wholesale crystals, and Q&As regarding the wholesale crystals business.

I will first show you the top wholesale crystals suppliers in the USA and China.

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Next, I will show you how to find wholesale crystals vendors as well as tips and tricks for the wholesale crystals industry.

Last but not least, some Q&As regarding the wholesale crystals business.

Let’s get started…

Wholesale Crystals: Why?

Wellness is a growing industry. Global Wellness Institute estimates that the global wellness industry is valued at USD$3.7 trillion.

This is not surprising, considering the wellness industry includes books, yoga, meditation, and supplements. One thing that may surprise you is the fact that currently, the alternative/complementary medicine market is worth approximately USD$200 billion.

The breakout star in the wellness industry is crystals. Google already has seen a 40% rise in searches for crystal healing.

This has been the case for 4 years. January is the peak month for “healing crystals” search. This could be attributed to the “new year and new you” thought.

Regardless of whether crystals actually work, there has been a steady increase in interest in them among business elites and spiritual leaders. The crystal market is growing.

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As an entrepreneur, investing in the crystals sector is one of the most rewarding things you can do. There are great chances of making big profits.

Wholesale Crystal Suppliers in China


Chinabrands has a wide range of products. It’s a great resource for dropshippers and retailers looking to achieve top marketing results. Its products have very low prices.

These products are high-quality because they have passed through rigorous quality control procedures.

The pros:

* Invest much energy in technology. The API integration is optimized to ensure a successful end–to-end system integration. You can order and manage inventory in synchronization.

Chinabrands will automatically capture orders from customers who pay in your store. Then, Chinabrands will ship the order directly to your customer.

API allows you to add multiple products simultaneously. Imagine that your store receives 100 orders per day. This will greatly help you manage your orders.

* Many choices of suppliers and products: Chinabrands offers more than 1000,00 products, and over 5,000 verified suppliers.

The products you receive are direct from the manufacturers. Many factories in China want to expand their sales but lack channels. Chinabrands is a platform that connects Chinese goods manufacturers with global buyers. Chinabrands allows manufacturers to list their products and buyers can buy directly from them.

* Wide coverage of warehouse and delivery: The warehouses of CB cover more than 50 countries and 3 continents, and the entire warehouse is more than 100 across the globe. There are more than 200 countries covered by the delivery line, and you can choose from 1W+delivery routes.

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KTG Crystals

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Since 2008, this wholesale crystal supplier has been selling crystals. This company was founded in 2008.

Crystal stickers, rhinestone jewellery, rhinestone appli, and crystal nail art are just a few of the products on the supplier’s catalogue. The seller offers free samples and a 12-month warranty to buyers.


* KTG Crystals products can be recycled.

* The supplier offers a 12-month warranty.

* You can get free samples

* Delivery takes approximately 3 to 5 business days.


* Prices not available on supplier’s websites.

* There are limited payment options.

Wholesale Crystals Suppliers in USA

Wish Crystal

Wish Crystal is a top-rated wholesale crystals supplier located in the US. This seller sells crystal healing products, crystal pendulums and orgone pyramids.

Wholesale prices will be offered by the seller. A nice profit margin will be possible.


* Wide range of products.

* Excellent wholesale prices

* Easy to use website.

* Delivery can take up to 7 days in most cases.


* Live chat is not available 24/7.

From The Mines

The Mines offers a variety of products. It is easy to find what you are looking for. Peacock ore and emerald are some of the crystal rock options. To be eligible to become a wholesale buyer, you will need to get a FEIN (employee identification) from the IRS.


* Many different mineral and crystal stones.

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* The website is simple to use.

* Contact information is readily available.


* Wholesale crystal buyers must have an IRS employee ID.

* There are no product prices.

Best crystals

Wholesale crystals supplier provides crystals, jewelry and tumbled stones. The prices offered by the seller are reasonable. Best Crystals is a good supplier for entrepreneurs. You should be able make a decent profit. It will be easy to access the supplier’s site.


* Numerous products.

* A simple to use website.

* Excellent prices

* Products can be returned within 7 days.


* Shipping charges are not included in the price.

* There is no live chat.

Pikes Peak Rock

Pikes Peak Rock’s category section has a large product list. This makes it easier to find everything you need on one website.

The seller offers attractive prices. The minimum order for US residents is $150 International customers must place a minimum order of $350


* Numerous products.

* Easy to use website.

* Affordable prices.

* Contact information is easily accessible.


* Customer support is not available 24/7.

* No refund or return policies.

Gems Geodes Wholesale

Wholesale crystals suppliers are ideal for crystal jewelry and crystals. There are many products offered by the seller. The contact information for the supplier is easily accessible. Wholesale crystals suppliers offer a wide range of products at very reasonable prices.

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* Affordable products.

* The seller’s website is user-friendly.

* Numerous products.

* Contact details easily accessible.


* Customer support is not available 24/7/7 days a week.

* No refunds or return policies available.

Wholesale Crystals Suppliers in UK

Moussa Minerals

Wholesale crystals supplier offers a variety of products. You can also wholesale related products like fossils, giftware and tumble stones.

The supplier offers a large variety of products in the crystals category. It is very easy to use the supplier’s site.


* Numerous products.

* Website is easy to use

* Wholesale discounts.

*Subsidized shipping available for orders greater than PS200


* There is no live chat.

* You can’t see product prices before creating an account.

Gemstone UK

The wholesale crystals supplier offers many products. Wholesale buyers can expect great product prices from the seller. The website of the supplier is very easy to use. If your order exceeds PS250, the seller will ship your product free of charge.


* Website is easy to use

* Wide product variety.

Orders over PS250 qualify for free shipping

* Great wholesale prices


* Customer support is not available 24/7.

* Orders over 22kg are shipped in two boxes. This increases the shipping cost.

Holistic Trader

Holistic Trader offers many crystal products in its catalogue. Minimum order is PS130. You will receive free shipping if your order exceeds PS280. The shipping takes 2 days.

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* Numerous products.

* The seller promises wholesale prices that are competitive.

Orders over PS280+ qualify for free shipping

* Website is easy to use


To view the prices, you will need to create an account

* There is no live chat available for the seller.

Crystal Magic Wholesale

Wholesale crystals supplier also sells figurines, fossils and jewelry. The website of the seller has currency-changing capabilities. It is easy to find contact information. It is very easy to navigate the seller’s site.


* Website is easy to use

* Numerous products.

* You can easily access contact details.


* There is no live chat.

To view prices, you will need to create an account

Albion Fire and Ice

Wholesale crystals suppliers offer a large selection of products. You can get gemstones, crystals, fossils, etc. The prices are very affordable. It is easy to navigate the seller’s site.


* Website is easy to use

* Great prices

* Numerous products.


* Customer support is not available 24/7.

Wholesale Gems Suppliers in USA

When it comes to finding suppliers, there’s nothing more frustrating than trying to do your research and come up with a comprehensive list. After all, you don’t want to waste time or money on suppliers that won’t meet your standards. That’s why we made this list of wholesalers—now you can quickly and easily find the right supplier for your needs. From small business owners to large corporations, these are the top suppliers in the USA. So don’t hesitate; start exploring today and see which wholesalers can help you achieve your business goals.

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There are many reputable wholesale gem suppliers in the USA. Below is a list of some of the most well-known suppliers.

1. Harshil Gems

 Harshil Gems is a wholesale gem supplier based in Houston, Texas. They have over 20 years of experience as a wholesaler and offer an extensive selection of high-quality gemstones and jewelry materials.

2. GIA (Gemological Institute of America)

GIA is a global leader in the certification and grading of diamonds, pearls, and other precious stones. They offer a wide range of services including appraisals, lab testing, and consulting. Their products can be found at some of the most respected jewelers around the world.

3. The Gem Trader Company

 The Gem Trader Company is one of the oldest and largest wholesale gem suppliers in the USA. They offer an extensive selection of gems, jewelry supplies, and other precious materials at competitive prices. Their products can be found at many top retailers across the country.

4. Blue Nile

Blue Nile is one of the largest online retailers of jewelry and accessories in the world. They offer an extensive selection of high-quality gems, jewelry supplies, and other precious materials at competitive prices. Their products can be found at many top retailers across the country.

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How do I find wholesale crystals suppliers?

Many people are confused about how to find reliable suppliers for their crystals business. Some take a lot of time to identify great suppliers so I have included some tips to help you find the right supplier.

. Make sure the wholesalers are great for your business/brand

It is not always easy to find a reliable wholesale crystals supplier. Although you can find testimonials on the internet or get suggestions from other entrepreneurs, it is important to only work with great suppliers for your business/brand.

It is important to note that different business models can work. It is important to note that different business models work for different entrepreneurs.

. Participate in the Local Trade Shows

This is a great way to meet wholesale crystals suppliers you might be able to work with. Trade shows allow you to connect with people whose business aspirations/interests are similar to yours.

You can also exchange information with wholesalers if you find crystals that you like at trade shows. Request samples by contacting the suppliers.

If you feel that the products and suppliers are a good fit for you and your customers then you can establish a business relationship.

. Google is your friend

Google is a great resource for any business, whether it’s a startup or a well-established crystals business. You can search Google for wholesale distributors of eyelashes to locate wholesale suppliers that you can work with.

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. Locate Businesses that are Exiting the Industry to Place Bulk Orders

This is an excellent way to get wholesale deals for your crystals store. Many businesses exit the industry and sell their stock wholesale. Some stock will be priced below wholesale.

It is vital that you buy products out of passion and not because they are inexpensive. You should ensure that stock is in good order. Before purchasing stock, verify that the business is not closing for the right reasons.

. Use the Yellow Pages

Look for wholesale stocks on the Yellow Pages within your area. Find wholesalers that sell the products you are interested in and offer competitive prices if you find one.

Shipping is now easy. You don’t have to limit yourself to your local area.

. Buy from International Companies

This option is great if you’re just starting out or if you have a tight budget. This option is best if you are able to wait for stock to arrive. Many large international companies offer products at affordable prices.

Verify that crystals purchased from large companies are high quality before you make a purchase.

. Bulk Wholesale Orders

Some companies compile lists of wholesalers that offer different crystals. This list will help you to eliminate the need to search for all suppliers.

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How to Find the Best Wholesale Crystals Suppliers

. Verify that the supplier is certified

It is important to ensure that you get high-quality wholesaling crystals products. Verified suppliers will guarantee high-quality products.

Verified wholesalers source products directly from the manufacturer or from authorized dealers. You can be confident in the products of a supplier that is certified.

. The minimum order quantity should be low

If you have a small budget, make sure that the minimum order quantity is low. This will reduce your startup costs and reduce risks.

. Priced at a Pocket-Friendly Level

Wholesalers that sell high-quality crystals at low prices are a good option. This will allow you to make a profit on your business.

. Service after sale should be satisfactory

Check testimonials from other buyers to confirm that a supplier provides great after-sales services. Avoid suppliers that offer poor after-sales services.

. Quality Assurance

Suppliers who offer product warranty should be your first choice. Only suppliers will offer product warranty if they are confident that the products they sell are of the highest quality.

It will be easier to return the product or get a replacement if it is defective if there is a warranty.

Selling Wholesale Crystals: Best Practices

1. Make sure you get the display right

When selling minerals or rocks, the display is critical. Crystals reflect light naturally because of their crystal structure.

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This crystal’s unique quality can be used to increase the appeal of your display to potential customers. Shine light on the display to set the crystals ablaze.

2. You should be focusing on rare and unique crystals

You might already have many crystals in stock. Make sure you are displaying rare or unusual pieces.

This trick will increase the value and intrigue of smaller stones. To grab your customers’ attention, focus on extraordinary pieces.

3. Signs with benefits and properties

People who visit your store might not be aware of the properties and benefits of crystals that you have. Display both the benefits and properties to make it easier for potential customers.

If potential customers are aware of the basics and alternate uses of the stone, they will be more likely to pay you for it. People who speak regularly in public might find a crystal to boost their confidence.

4. Etsy allows you to expand online

Etsy.com offers a 100% free shop opening. Etsy allows you to reach a large audience that may be interested in your products or services.

Etsy is a great way to grow your business online. It is easy to use the online marketplace. It should be easy for you to open your shop online.

5. Make Great Photos

Great pictures are essential if you want to sell minerals or rocks online. You should clearly show the crystalline structures or bands of color in your photos.

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You can create great photos by investing in a better camera, or a stage with excellent lighting techniques. A great camera will require that you spend some money but it can be an investment that can bring you a lot of cash.

6. Show the Interior Design Items

This is a great way to show your customers the stock’s worth. The smaller crystals can be placed in a clear glass vase to be used as interior design pieces. It will make it easier to sell rare and high-quality crystals if you can envision your customers’ vision.

Where can I find wholesale crystal jewelry?

You can find top-quality suppliers online if you are looking to wholesale crystal jewelry. These suppliers include:

* Cheapwholesalejewelry.com

* Meilys.com

* Juvaliashop.com

Where can I buy genuine healing crystals wholesale?

Wholesale prices are available from many suppliers of healing crystals. Prices can vary depending on which supplier you choose.

It is always a good idea to compare the prices of products on different websites. Here are some suppliers of healing crystals:

* Kabeeragate.com

* Gemexi.com

* Agateexport.com

* Wishcrystal.com

* Crystalexport.com

How do I get gemstones wholesale but be able to see them before I purchase?

Online gemstone merchants almost always offer a return policy. You can return the product if you aren’t satisfied with its quality.

You should carefully read and understand the return policy before you work with a supplier. We have listed below a few gemstone suppliers that allow you to return products if they are not of the desired quality.

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* Multicolour.com

* Gemkart.com

* Africagems.com

Which websites are reliable for buying real healing crystals?

There are many suppliers of healing crystals online that you can trust. Researching a supplier is a good idea to find out if they are trustworthy.

Avoiding fake healing crystals by doing your research before you buy. We have listed some of the top healing crystals suppliers below:

* Crystal-shop.co

* Healingcrystals.com

* Kabeeragate.com

This concludes my post about the top wholesale crystals suppliers in China, the USA, and the UK, as well as the tips and tricks in the wholesale crystals business.

Now, I would like to hear from you:

Do you want to be a part of the crystals business?

What wholesale crystals suppliers do you prefer from the current list?

Please leave a comment for me to know.

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