10+ Best Font Style for Shopify Dropshipping Stores

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Dropshipping: What does it mean?

Dropshipping is an ecommerce method that allows online stores to sell products directly to consumers. The merchandise does not need to be stored or handled by the retailer. Drop-shippers could be distributors, manufacturers, or any other supplier. Drop shipping is an easy business model. Store owners must work closely with distributors to ensure a smooth supply chain and keep the handoffs behind the scenes from the customers.

Dropshipping is a partnership between the distributor and retailer that makes it different from other business models. Dropshipping doesn’t require you to purchase your products in advance or to rent storage space. You don’t need to make anything. All you have to create an online store and ensure that your fulfillment process runs smoothly.

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shopify dropshipping store set up

How does Dropshipping work?

Dropshipping is selling products via your online store. The supplier then fulfills the order. There is no need to pack, ship, or maintain inventory. All you have to do is sell. This is how Shift4Shop makes dropshipping easy than ever.

Your online store is where the customer places an order

Your customer shop as usual, adding items to their shopping cart at your Shift4Shop. As usual, payment is made.

Your store forwards the order on to a third party supplier

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Your supplier receives the customer’s order information for fulfillment. You pay the wholesale price of the item and you keep your markups and profits.

The supplier ships the order directly to the customer

Dropshipping is when orders are shipped with your store name, address and logo on the packing slip.

Your store informs the client that their order was shipped

Your online store sends the customer an email to inform them that their order has been shipped. This notification is sent by you and not your supplier.

Customers expect to be able to find what they need quickly without having to go through a lot of information and products. Consumers can leave their search if they are unable to find what they need or are frustrated by the browsing experience.

Typography is one of the most important aspects that keeps website visitors’ attention. The right typeface can help you communicate your message and make your brand more easily identifiable.

This article will show you how to choose the right fonts for your Shopify store. Let’s get into the details.

When building an eCommerce website, it is important to remember the “minimum interaction costs” principle. This refers to how little effort is required to determine whether a piece is worth reading. According to a study done by the Nielsen/Norman Group, only 28 percent of words are read on an average website. This percentage can vary depending on how many copies are available on the website. The statistics confirm the simple truth that every word must be carefully calculated, despite the fact that people spend on average 15 seconds browsing the website.

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Fonts are crucial in this process. If used properly, fonts can help draw the reader in, encourage them to spend more time on your site, and ultimately lead them to purchase.

The best font for Shopify

Let’s now look at the fonts that you can use in your Shopify store. This doesn’t mean that you can’t use other fonts, but these fonts will be the most widely used and user-friendly.


Helvetica is an old font. It has been in use since 1957. It is part of the sans serif family. The letters do not have curves at their ends. It is a classic font. Now it can be split into several types such as Helvetica light and rounded. Helvetica is a simple font that major corporations use for their marketing materials and logos.


Garamond is also old and has a retro feel to it. It is ideal for text in printed books and can be easily read. This font will give your website a timeless feel. Some people may find each letter to be an engraving.


Arial is the most trusted font available, and it’s the standard in typography. Arial MT is a name for certain word processors or machines that use Arial. They are identical, with no noticeable differences.

This font comes in many different subtypes, but they are all easily readable. It is part of the sans serif font family. Sans serif is a font that has no lines at the ends of each letter. This font is easy to recognize and is available on all Microsoft devices. This font is also recognized by Android and iOs.

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Courier Family

There are two types of couriers in the courier family: courier old and courier new. The most popular version today is the former. Because all letters are equally spaced, the font is easy to read. This font is wider than many others. This is how Howard Kettler created it in 1955.

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shopify dropshipping store set up

Computers and browsers both know the courier family and will not make any modifications if they visit a website that uses this typeface. It has been around for many decades. It was first used in IBM typewriters. Later, it was popularized in personal computers.


Many font experts consider Verdana a web font. It is a simple sans serif font that can be read quickly. The letters are slightly longer, which makes it easier to read on smartphones, tablets, and laptops. Verdana now focuses on computers and portable devices. It is rightly so, since it was designed for and by Microsoft.

Times New Roman

This font is a slightly modified version of Times font (one of the oldest fonts). It is widely used in magazines and newspapers all over the globe and is easily recognizable. This font is also used in many books, so it’s easy to read by people all over the globe.

It was named Times because the Time Magazine, which was founded in 1931, was responsible for creating this font. It is no longer used in the journal but is still used for body text in newspaper ads-book publications.

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Bookman is similar to Times New Roman. It is also known by the Old Style Bookman. It is widely used in trade printing and display typography. Although it was popular in the 1960s and 1700s, its origins can be traced back as far as the 1850s. You can use Bookman as a header but you also have the option to use a thinner version in your body text.

Trebuchet MS

It has a medieval feel to it. It gives off the impression of old castles, where wealthy people used to live. It was created by Microsoft, and first appeared in 1996. It was also designed for the internet and is called a “trebuchet”. Trebuchets were medieval siege engines that could fire huge projectiles. The font was so named because it was to be launched on the internet.


Trebuchet MS has many similarities to this one. If you don’t have Calibri, this one looks great. It is part of the serif family. This means that there are lines at the ends of the letters. It is also a very simple font. Cambria works best as a body text, since it is easily readable even though it is small.

Palatino Font

This font is extremely old and can be traced back to the 14th Century. It has a wide style that makes it easy to read. It was created in 1949. It was named after Giambattista Palatino, a master of Italian calligraphy. This font was traditionally used for print ads and headers. However, it is used more often for body text in eBooks.

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This font is very popular for headers. It is bold, dense, easy to read, and makes a great headline. It is ideal for titles and subtitles but not the text. The font’s thickness can make it difficult to read if used excessively. You can use it to announce a deal, or to grab attention in your ads.


This font is quite recent, having been released in 2004. It was then made available to the public in 2007. Microsoft introduced it to the world and made Times New Roman the default font for Microsoft Word. It is round, making it easy to read. It’s not cartoony, even though it is rounded. It is considered a simple font and has a formal appearance.

Copperplate Gothic

This font is large between the characters. The font was created in 1901 and used copperplate engravings for its basis. The font is easy-to-read and can be used to create a bold header on your blog or for product names. This font works best as a header and can be paired with bold fonts such Verdana that provide a lot of space for the body text.

Avoid these mistakes when choosing fonts

Be careful not to get too complex with your fonts. Too many fonts or styles can make it difficult to read your text. This can often make the text difficult to read and distract the reader from the message. It is important to choose smaller fonts. These are the things you should avoid when choosing fonts:

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Do not mess with the proportions

It is not a good idea to stretch, skew, compress, or manipulate the font proportions. Don’t even bother.

Avoid the Comic Sans and Papyrus fonts

These fonts have become synonymous with unprofessionalism due to their overuse and misuse. You don’t want your brand to look unprofessionalized and ingenious.

Last words

It can be hard to choose the right fonts for Shopify’s online store. However, this article contains a collection of fonts that will help you create the perfect font combination for your website. You can create a pair that works together by using attributes like color, height and weight, as well as classification. For further discussion, please leave comments below. :-