10 Best Name Brand Wholesale Clothing Suppliers

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Do you need affordable wholesale clothing brands but are unsure where to begin? Do not panic, it is okay. Every entrepreneur and businessperson who is starting a new venture must be able to get stuck.

It is also difficult to find a supplier for your boutique. This should be treated with care. Don’t worry, I have written a detailed article on wholesale suppliers of branded clothes from around the globe.

This article will help you navigate the various marketplaces that offer apparel branded garments at a price that allows you to resell them and make huge profits.

I will help you identify authentic suppliers. Further, I will provide details and names of the most reliable suppliers of branded goods.

How to tell if a clothing wholesaler is authentic?

It is important to verify that the wholesale supplier you are dealing with is legitimate and will provide quality goods. If we’re considering taking on risks in the wholesale industry, branded clothing is a different level. Wholesale goods should be purchased online with extreme caution.

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Name-brand clothing is more expensive than other types. This means there are many scammers who will try to get your money. How do you know if a wholesale supplier of name brand clothing is genuine and will you not be scammed?

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These are just a few of the many ways that you can ensure that a clothing supplier for reputable brands is authentic.

1. Conduct extensive research

Ask your fellow buyers to verify that wholesalers are genuine. Because they are interested in what you are, your fellow buyers will be honest. If you are looking for authenticity in wholesalers of branded clothing, those who have already purchased them will be the best resource.

2. Request Contact Information

Illegitimate businesses seldom post their business online. They don’t want buyers to contact them if they get fake goods or none at all. It is up to you to find out the contact information of a company and get in touch with them. You should find out their physical address to confirm that they are indeed there.

To confirm the legitimacy of the company, you can call them to inquire about their address and services.

3. Verify the Company’s Legal Existence

Online business setup is easy nowadays. The internet allows a company to exist even if it isn’t verified by the relevant authority. This is a skill that some Chinese companies excel at.

Do your research on any Chinese online shop before you purchase products. To illustrate, all Chinese exporters of goods should register with the Chinese ministry of Commerce and get a Certificate of Export & Import from Ministry of Commerce.

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4. Take a look at the payment methods used

The payment methods they use to make payments is one of the best indicators of authentic online wholesale suppliers versus fakes. A company that uses PayPal and Western Union will be recognized as a fake. These methods are preferred by fake companies, as they cannot be traced once you have robbed them of your money.

Legitimate businesses have access to a variety of payment options, including Letter Of Credit. You should pay for a large purchase using a Letter of Credit. This will ensure that the company does not run off with your money if you do not intend to ship your goods.

5. They are able to last a lifetime in business

The reputation of a scammer’s business won’t last more than three years. They will be prosecuted and put on trial. A business that has been around for at least 3 years is most likely authentic. They deliver what you expect and make sure their reputation doesn’t get damaged.

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Top Authentic Wholesale Suppliers of Branded Clothing

It shouldn’t be a difficult task to find a supplier of branded clothing. This is why I’ve compiled a list of top-respected wholesale suppliers of branded clothing. In this article, I will also give you a list. It is up to your decision to decide who to buy from.

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2. Sugarlips

Sugarlips, an American drop shipping company, deals in authentic branded women’s clothing. Their brand has grown to international heights since they have been on the market for more than 16 years. Sugarlips cloths are beloved and have many styles and uniqueness that your customers will love.

Sugarlips is an American company that ships to many countries at wholesale prices. The prices for high-quality branded clothing are very reasonable. They are accepted all over the world and it will not be a problem to sell their clothing.

3. Tasha Apparel

Tasha apparel is a trusted supplier of brand clothing, located in Los Angeles, USA. It is a wholesale supplier of women’s clothes. They have plenty of stock and their garments are high-quality. They also offer very competitive prices that match the high quality of their products.

Your branded clothing can be shipped wherever you are. Tasha Apparel has received positive feedback from most of its clients, which is a sign of how great they are.

4. Missi Clothing

Missi Clothing is an online British wholesaler of fashionable and trendy clothing. Their high-end cloths are very affordable and they offer a wide range of styles. You will be able to make a significant profit from their high-quality and well-respected cloths.

5. Influence Clothing

Influence Clothing is another supplier of high-quality apparel fashion garments in the UK. Influence Clothing is also up to date with current trends. They will supply high-quality trending garments at a profit.

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Their clothing is unique and they are affordable enough to make a good profit with your boutique.

6. DPL India

DPL India, registered as Designed Products Ltd is a trusted supplier of women’s clothing branded clothing both in India and abroad. It produces high-quality garments that conform to current fashion trends and are widely accepted by women around the world.

The company manufactures and exports their own garments, so you can buy the clothes directly from them. They have very reasonable prices which will enable you to sell their high-quality garments at a good price.

7. Indiamart

Indiamart can be described as the Indian equivalent to AliExpress or Amazon. It is India’s largest ecommerce website and the most popular in India. Indiamart makes it easy to source apparel branded clothing as they verify their suppliers. Indiamart also offers very low prices, which translate to good profits.

Indiamart offers the highest quality and variety of Indian manufacturers’ products. People who have used Indiamart have posted positive reviews.

8. Italian Moda

It is the largest online B2B marketplace in Italy that sells 100% Italian-branded products, including clothing. Italian Moda offers a wide range of brands to choose from. It is a well-known brand for its quality and style, so you’ll be able to make a big sale at your boutique.

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9. Made In Italy

Made in Italy is an Italian wholesale supplier of high quality, branded clothing. Their focus is primarily on clothing, which makes them stand out from other suppliers. They are designed to please women who want unique designer clothing at a fair price. They are very affordable and it will not be difficult to make a profit selling their clothing.

How to be a newcomer in the branded clothing business

Are you new to the branded apparel business? Or do you want to learn more about how to run your business effectively? You are most likely correct if you answered yes to the question. Here are some tips that will help you make your brand clothing business succeed in a highly competitive market.

You must first decide whether to distribute for a major brand, or create your own label that combines garments from different brands. This will allow you to identify the core of your business so that your public relations efforts can be effective. Consider your profitability and target audience before you make this decision.

Engage your customers and target groups to take note of their style preferences, preferred brands, and what they can afford before you buy wholesale. This will make it easier to select brands when you inquire. Don’t speculate, as it can lead to high-priced garments.

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Where can I buy cheap branded clothes in India?

Wholesale branded clothing is available from many Indian suppliers. It is difficult to find authentic ones, as there are many replica or copy clothing distributors. You can still try indiamart.com or tradeindia to get the truth. Use the tips above to help you find. You can also try Chinabrands.

Where can I find quality wholesale distributors for branded clothing in Europe?

You can also try the following list of suppliers from Italy and the UK if you are looking to wholesale brand clothing in Europe:



Or you can visit ukbusinessforums.co.uk to see what other people to say.

Last words

If you want your boutique and to make a decent income, it is a very busy business. It takes a lot of effort to find brands, track shipments, and complete custom procedures.