10 Best Wholesale Nail Gel Suppliers in China and US

This guide will cover everything you need to know regarding wholesale nail gel, including some of the most well-known suppliers.

Due to high demand, the beauty industry has seen a significant increase in its size and growth over recent years. There is a huge demand for all things beauty, including makeup and nail care products. Women used to be ashamed of their fake nails, but now they love them.

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There are two types: the gel and acrylic fake nails. There are two types of fake nails. The nail artists pick the one they prefer to use on clients. There is a lot of demand right now for nail powders.

How to Market Nail Gels:

You are living under a rock if you think the nail care market isn’t happening. You will see that nail gel is very popular right now. People want a decorated nail that looks great.

Nail artists must have a supply of nail gels in order to give clients beautiful nails. These basic ingredients are used to create the base of the nail and then decorate it. There is a growing demand for professionals, so more are being hired. The market could grow to $59.31million by 2020, according to some estimates.

Gel nail extensions are very affordable and sell like hotcakes on the wholesale market. It is a great industry to invest in if you are looking for a way to make a profit.

To avoid any problems, ensure that you only purchase high-quality nail powders. Do not purchase products with inferior chemicals as this can cause damage to the client’s nails. As clients love it, keep a variety of products.

The Best Wholesale Nail Gel Suppliers

You will need to find a reliable supplier when you buy wholesale nail gels. It is important to ensure that the supplier lists genuine products so that clients don’t face any problems.

We have listed some online suppliers we believe to be legitimate in order to make things easier for you. You will also find a variety of products on their site that you will love. The websites are:

Nail Super Store:

This online seller specializes in selling nail products. You will find almost every product you could need for professional use. This website offers great deals on gel nail extensions and tools for professionals.

You will be pleased with the price and the selection on the site. If you purchase products above $99., they offer free shipping. They deliver to all 48 US states and worldwide. This website is recommended if you are looking for high-quality wholesale nail gel products.

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Princess Nail Supply

Another website that specializes in professional-use nail products. You can find gel powders, gel nails and other items for professionals in this section.

We recommend that you check out their listings. They also stock products from well-known brands in the nail industry. Free shipping for orders over $150 if you’re located in the United States

This company does not ship to the United States. This website’s specialty is their ability to ship quickly.

European Nails Shop

This website is your best choice if you’re in Europe and are looking for wholesale gel nail products. There are many products available at different price points. Each product is certified to ensure quality.

They deliver the shipment on time, and try to ship it anywhere in the world. Visit their website to see the range of products they offer. We’re sure you’ll love the variety they offer. The products are also sold in large quantities.


DHGate is a great gift for anyone who is familiar with B2B marketplaces. They connect you directly with the suppliers of the nail products.

There are many items that can be listed. You can filter through different categories to find specific products, and then check out the sellers that list them.

Register on the website to get all the details and contact the sellers directly to complete the deal.

Gel nails

This website sells gel nail products. You will find a variety of products from reputable companies that have excellent qualities.

We are certain that you will love the product listings. You can also visit their blog to keep up with the latest information about gel nails and how to care for them.

This website has a variety of products that will help you get into the wholesale gel nail market. This website has OPI products.

Purespa Direct:

Are you looking for a website that lists spa-related products? This website is a great resource for spa-related products. They have gel nail products that are related to mani and pedicure. You can also find quality products from well-known companies.

There are many products for nail spas, including gel nail polish and nail powders. You should definitely visit their website and review the list. It is easy to search the website using simple keywords.

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You have the option to pay using different safe options and the product will arrive intact within the time frame.


Alibaba is another well-known B2B marketplace. Alibaba lists almost every product you could need. Alibaba is the best website to find wholesale gel nail products.

There are many nail products available here, particularly in bulk. Alibaba allows you to rank your sellers, which will let you know their quality and give you complete trust in them.

You can check the minimum order requirement as almost all orders have one. You will find great deals on nail products at this website.

Where can I buy wholesale nail gel in the UK

It is best to search for sites that ship to the UK if you are looking to purchase nail gel in the UK. You need to search for suppliers who will ship your order.

Apart from the ones that we already mentioned above, the two suppliers that you can trust on are https://www.nailsupplyuk.com/ and https://www.nded.co.uk/. They offer some of the finest nail products in the UK.

We’re sure they won’t disappoint. Shipping is quick when you’re in the country, so there is no need to worry about it.

Do you know of any Canadian wholesale Nail Gel suppliers?

Canada is the country with the highest demand for nail extensions. It is a great place to start selling gel nail supplies. We would like to say that the suppliers that you can trust include https://www.nailsrus.ca/ and https://canadanailsupplies.com/.

You can get free shipping and any other services that you might need to run your business. You won’t have to order anything else once you use the sites. Before you place an order, we recommend that you review the various aspects of the websites.

Where can I buy wholesale Nail Gel from Australia?

Australia is often left without quality products due to the inability of many shipping companies to deliver. If you are looking to start a business selling nail products, you will need to find a supplier in Australia.

Two of the suppliers who we think will provide you good product options are https://www.thenailshop.com.au/ and https://www.diamondnailsupplies.com.au/. If you’re in Australia and looking for nail-related products, do not hesitate to visit them. You won’t be disappointed by their stock.


We can conclude that this is all the information we have on gel nail products. We hope you are satisfied with the information we have provided. Do your research to ensure you don’t regret purchasing any of these products.