10 Trusted Wholesale Luggage and Duffle Bags Distributors

Wholesale luggage bags, accessories and duffle bags are available for resellers or distributors.

This comprehensive guide provides information about the top luggage suppliers in countries such as India, China, USA, China, Canada, and the USA.

Get insights into the Luggage Market: Learn about Products, Sales and Basic Concepts

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Globalization has made it easier to travel. This is due in large part to factors like migration, international education and increased tourism. To ensure a smooth and safe journey, you need to be able to carry your luggage in comfortable, high-quality bags. You will also need luggage accessories like locks and tags to help you identify your personal belongings at airports and other congested areas.

Travel and tourism are closely linked to the demand for luggage and bags. A boom in tourism is bound to lead to an increase in luggage sales. Numerous top luggage manufacturers are always creating new luggage bags to make traveling easier.

A market report recently revealed that China’s 2018 value growth was driven by tourism demand. The UK has a growing number of female professionals, which is leading to a rise in demand for laptop bags and handbags. These examples show that the demand for handbags and laptop bags is influenced by the fashions in particular countries.

Types of luggage bags and luggage tags

It is important to be aware of all the different types of luggage and accessories available in order to make an informed purchase. If you are looking to target specific customers, or expand your inventory, here is a list you can choose from.

Different types of wholesale luggage and duffle bags

Wheeled Duffels

For sports enthusiasts who travel often and need to carry a lot of stuff, a wheeled duffle is a great option. It would be easy to transport the duffle with its wheels.

Wheeled Backpack

Backpacks are the most comfortable type of luggage bag. Traveling is made easier by wheels backpacks. This bag can be carried on the back and, if necessary, can be wheeled through long stations or airports.

Duffel Bags

While plain duffle bags are lighter than wheeled duffle bags, the option of dragging it along the way is not possible. There are many duffle bags on the market. It is easy to store as the bag can be folded in half and stored in a small space.

Laptop Bags and Sleeves

These days, almost everyone uses laptop bags. Because it is softly padded, the bag is safest for your laptop. You can also find other compartments to store your belongings.

Wheeled Bag

Traveling with wheels is easier than ever before. You can carry heavy bags on your shoulders or in your hand, and walk long distances while climbing up and down stairs. You can also drag the wheels on rough surfaces.

Weekender Bag

Weekender bags are small bags that can be used to carry things on a short trip or for planning a weekend. Although it may not be a suitcase, the bag is usually rectangular in shape and can hold all your weekend necessities.

Types Of Wholesale Luggage Tags

Normal tags with initials

The best travel accessories are luggage tags. They help you identify your luggage from the others. It can be chaotic to travel in an airplane because many bags are the same brand, design and color. Traveling with luggage tags is easy thanks to them. You can purchase a variety of tags from this site, including printed tags that can be personalized with a name, initial, or even a photograph. You can also find PVC tags, metal rings tags, and cute warning labels with quotes.

Smart Luggage Tags

If your luggage is stolen or lost, smart luggage tags or QR tags will help you track it. Smart tags can be used to track bags using Bluetooth, GPS and QR codes. The manufacturer can track the bag by turning the tracking off. This is the best way to ensure safe travel for corporates.

Best Wholesale Luggage and Luggage Tag Suppliers from China/USA/UK/India/Others

Below is a table that will give you a quick overview of these wholesalers, including their features, average price, customer satisfaction, and other information.

China’s Best Wholesale Luggage Bags Suppliers

China is a major supplier of consumer goods in the global market. You will find the following list of top wholesale luggage bags and luggage tags sellers in China useful if you’re looking to bulk buy luggage bags from China.

Made in China:

Made in China, a top business-to-business third party e-commerce platform, is based in China. This platform is a great one for buyers and sellers. There are many options for handbags, duffle bags and backpacks. Their website has 27 categories and 3600 subcategories. They have a wide selection of wholesale luggage bags at very affordable prices.


The largest trade platform in China is the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC).

The platform connects buyers and sellers, but it also promotes the trade of goods and services. It organizes promotional activities and trade shows to draw in customers. The website features the most recent collection of luggage tags and travel bags from top suppliers at affordable prices.

India’s Top Wholesale Luggage and Duffle Bag Distributors

You need to find the best wholesale products to make your niche in this huge market in India. Below is a list with two suppliers of wholesale luggage bags in India

1) IndiaMart:

Indiamart, one of India’s largest business-to-business platforms, connects Indian buyers and sellers. Their website features a huge selection of wholesale suitcases and duffle bags. You will find bags in a variety of sizes, materials, shapes and attractive designs that can be tailored to your specific needs. From their vast collection, you can find travel bags, backpacks and soft luggage bags as well as trolley bags. You can also order customized luggage tags wholesale.

2) Eworldtradefair:

Eworld Trade Fair, another Indian business-to business and business-to customer portal is also a top-notch one. It is primarily aimed at small and medium-sized businesses. It is more of an Indian directory, listing all suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, and other information on its website. You can find the contact information of distributors and suppliers of luggage, as well as their name and category.

UK’s Top Wholesale Luggage Distributors

The UK has a few brick and mortar shops that are well-known for being low quality. It is possible to spend a lot on wholesale purchases. It would be great to order wholesale online. Here’s a list with the top online wholesalers in the UK.

1) L&S Wholesale:

L&S wholesale is the UK’s leading online seller of bags. The website offers a variety of bags that are both durable and stylish. These bags are lightweight and easy to carry, but also durable. There are a variety of styles available, including crossbody bags, crossbody bags and college bags. Distributors of luggage can offer top-quality products at affordable prices.

2) Falcon Bags:

Falcon International bags was founded in 1985 and has been selling luggage bags and accessories for more than 35 years. It’s a UK-based business-to-business platform. They make bags bearing the labels Balmoral and Falcon. You can purchase plain bags or have it custom-made with add-ons such as embroidery, laser etching and screen printing. You can choose from a variety of trendy designs or more comfortable ones.

Wholesale Luggage and Luggage Accessories Suppliers in the USA

The USA is home to one of the largest wholesale markets. We have two suppliers in the USA that can supply wholesale luggage bags at reasonable prices.

1) OlympiaUSA:

Olympia USA, a company that produces travel accessories for its customers, is three decades old. They produce high-quality bags that are durable and long-lasting. The bags are made with innovative technology to ensure a great travel experience. There are a variety of styles and designs available, including classic bags as well as trendy graphics. A variety of luggage tags are also available.

2) MerchandiseUSA

This wholesale merchandise liquidator has been in operation for more than 33 years. They offer clearance, closeout and overstock products so you can get great deals on all categories. This website is ideal for wholesale resellers who wish to sell in bulk. You can find a wide range of handbags, duffle bags and insulated bags on the website. This is a great website to browse while stocking up on your favorite products.

Canada’s Top Wholesale Luggage Distributors

You can also check out the list of wholesale suppliers in the following countries. We have listed the top wholesale luggage suppliers in Canada.

Canada Luggage Depot:

Canada luggage depot is an e-commerce site in Canada. Here you can find the best quality products at incredible prices. You will find a large selection of handbags and umbrellas as well as briefcases and handbags. You can find brands such as Samsonite and Roots, Air Canada Travelpro, Baggallini and Travelpro. They offer free shipping for orders over $49.

Q:Where can you find manufacturers to wholesale luggage tags?

Olympia USA in the USA is a well-known manufacturer of luggage tags. They also sell them at an affordable price. For more information on finding wholesale luggage tag suppliers in a country, visit the country directories. This would be Eworldtradefair in India and Esources in the UK. These are my top picks, based on the guide.

Q: How do I import duffle bags from China?

Wholesale orders can be made through e-commerce portals such as Made in China and Chinabrands. They are able to offer high quality products at a reasonable price. Chinabrands is a great choice because they offer drop-shipping, which makes it easy and stress-free to run a business. More information can be found here.

We have scoured all the top wholesale luggage and duffle bags suppliers that you can purchase in bulk. What’s the verdict on the best dristributor of these bags?