11 Best Font Style Combination for Shopify Stores

Shopping online should be enjoyable! Your goal as an online seller should be to make shopping easy and enjoyable. Your Shopify customer shouldn’t have to search through pages of Shopify trying to find the right product among other irrelevant information.

Customers will leave your website if they can’t find what they need quickly. According to research by scientists, website users abandon websites within 10-20 seconds. This is why it’s important to make the experience better.

Fonts are an essential part of a seamless user experience. Today we’ll help you select the right font strategy for your Shopify store. We will also share the best Shopify fonts. Start your Shopify store today if you don’t yet have an online shop.

Fonts are Important:

Your client should have a quick and simple experience, as I said. Your potential buyers shouldn’t have any difficulty navigating your website or reading the information.

Useful sites reduce interaction costs and keep customers focused on the purchase process.

According to nngroup the interaction cost refers to the total effort required by users to interact with a site in order to achieve their goals.

You can make interaction less costly by making it easier to scroll, read, and look around. This mission can be helped by the use of proper fonts that make your message clear, easily understood and easy to read.

Most internet users scan web pages instead of reading them line by line. Every word on a webpage matters. Fonts are crucial. Pleasing fonts make it easier for readers to understand and read information. They also help them stay on the page longer and ultimately, purchase products from your store.

Which Font is Most Appealing to the Eye?

Helvetica was voted the best font ever. It is a simple sans-serif font, which makes it easy to read on a computer screen. This is why Helvetica is often used in graphic design, logos and websites.

Sans serif fonts can be read more easily on the screen than serif fonts, even at smaller sizes. Most serif fonts are used in books and newspapers. Helvetica, a clean and elegant font, is suitable for all designs. It can be used with any calligraphy, handwriting, or decorative font.

There are many popular sans-serif fonts on the internet, including Roboto, Avenir and Verdana. These fonts make excellent choices for e-commerce websites, titles, and headlines. Let’s take a closer look at the top fonts for Shopify shops.

The Best Shopify Fonts for a Store

Here are the top minimalist fonts that you can use in Shopify store. It’s easy to get distracted by the sheer number of fonts available online. We decided to simplify the task and have compiled the best 10 fonts. They can all be used in an online shop of any kind.


Verdana, a sans serif font, is often used by web designers. This font is easy to read on screens because the letters are simple and well-placed.

Roboto Regular

Roboto Regular is a lightweight, geometric font that can be used in almost all designs. It can be paired with traditional serif fonts or decorative script fonts.

Open Sans

Open Sans, another minimalist font, will work well with any script or decorative font. Combining any calligraphy font with Open Sans will make a great match for jewelry and handmade items. It is a great choice for Shopify.

Cabin Font

Cabin is similar in appearance to Open Sans and Lato but has its own personality which makes it very memorable.

Courier Font

Courier font is an older font that has been around since the beginning of time. This font was first used by IBM typewriters. The letters are evenly spaced. The font is easily readable even on small screens.


Palatino, an older serif font, dates back to the 14th century. This font was first used in 1949. This font is traditionally used to create titles and print ads.


Lato is my favorite sans-serif minimalist font! One tip: You can combine Lato Light and larger Lato Regular to create a sleek online shop.


Montserrat, a lightweight font, is better for body text. It can be paired with a Playfair Display for a unique look.


Oswald is a very popular font that is widely used on the internet. It can be used for any type of title or header. It will grab attention if you put Oswald in all capitals.

Playfair Display

Playfair Display is a fun decorative font that features beautiful curves and rounded forms. Italicizing it makes it look great.

Best Font Pairings For An Online Shop

There are many fonts available, including script, sans serif and slab serif. Both serif fonts and sans serif fonts are equally beautiful together, as are serif and script fonts.

Combining bold, decorative fonts with simple, minimalist fonts is a great way to create a font combination. Here are the top combinations of fonts that will work best for your Shopify store.

Playfair + Sophia Pro

Sophia Pro is a premium, minimalist serif font. It can be used with any typeface. Playfair Display is a bold sans serif font that will make a great choice for titles and headers. With the simple and clean Sophia Pro, bold Playfair fonts pair well.

Sophia Pro is compatible with Open Sans Canada Type Gibson, Brandon Grotesque and Proxima Nova.

Abril Fatface + Open Sans

Abril Fatface font, a font that is inspired by 19th-century European advertisements posters, is elegant. It is a great choice for online stores if you pair it with Open Sans, which are lightweight, clear and well-spaced.

Crimson Text + Sans

Work Sans, another clean font that’s well spaced and easy to read, is great for body text. Crimson Text, a bold serif font for book production, is also available. If you want elegance and modern, this combo is for you.

Canela + Karla

Miguel Reyes created Canela in 2016 as a display font. This display font was inspired by William Caslon’s display faces, which are neither serif or sans serif. Karla is an open source sans serif font that has wide spacing. It is perfect for body text, as shown in the above image.

Louize + Trade Gothic

This is yet another unique font combination that you can use in your Shopify store. Louize is a serif font designed by MatthieuCortat. It is based on an 19th-century inscriptional font. Trade Gothic was a sans-serif font that was created in 1948.

It was very popular in magazines, books, and brochures. You can see the combination on a website.

How to Change the Font in Your Shopify Store

  1. Click on the Online Shop’ link under ‘Sales Channels’ in the main menu.
  2. Click on the “Themes” link and then click the “Customize” button. This will bring up the customize mode for your shop.
  3. Navigate to the “Theme settings” menu from the left sidebar in the Customize mode.
  4. Click on the “Typography” menu item.
  5. You can also change the fonts for your buttons and headings, as well as the fonts for your main text. Click on ‘Change’ to choose the font you prefer and save your changes.


This guide should be helpful when you are creating your Shopify store. Because fonts have a huge impact on user experience, they are crucial for a website. You can increase sales by combining fonts correctly.