11 Best Print-on-Demand T-Shirt Companies in India

Are you looking to launch your own t-shirt brand but don’t want to deal with the hassle of printing and shipping? Or perhaps you’re a designer who wants to showcase your artwork on high-quality tees without investing in inventory upfront? 

Whatever your reasons may be, print-on-demand t-shirt companies are the perfect solution for turning your creative ideas into reality. In this post, we’ll be exploring the top 10 print-on-demand t-shirt companies in India that will help bring your designs to life and save you time and money along the way!

T Shirt Print on Demand in India

Print-on-demand (POD) is a business model that allows you to sell t-shirts without having to worry about inventory or upfront costs. This concept has been around for a while and it’s now gaining popularity in India, especially as more people are looking for ways to start their own online businesses.

With POD, you can create your own t-shirt designs and upload them onto a website. When someone places an order for your design, the POD company prints the shirt and ships it directly to the customer on your behalf. You earn a commission on each sale without having to handle any of the production or shipping processes yourself.

One of the biggest advantages of using print-on-demand services is that they eliminate the need for holding inventory. It also means fewer expenses related to storage space and management. Moreover, you don’t have to make large orders upfront because everything is printed only when there’s demand from customers.

POD companies offer different customization options like garment types, colors, sizes, etc., so you can ensure that your designs appeal to multiple audiences. The best part? Most POD companies don’t require minimum order quantities – this gives creators more freedom with experimenting with their creations without risking financial loss.

In summary, T-Shirt Print-On-Demand services have revolutionized how entrepreneurs approach starting a business by lowering risks associated with overheads such as manufacturing expenses and excess stockpiling while still delivering quality products at scale.


Printful is a popular print-on-demand company that offers custom t-shirt printing services in India. They have a wide range of products including apparel, accessories, and home decor items that can be customized with your own designs.

One of the best things about Printful is their easy-to-use platform which allows you to create and upload your designs seamlessly. Their integration with various eCommerce platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, and Etsy makes it even easier for businesses to sell their customized merchandise online.

Furthermore, Printful uses high-quality materials for their products ensuring that the final product looks just as great as the design you created. Customers also enjoy fast shipping times making them one of the top choices for anyone who needs quick turnaround on orders.

If you’re looking for a reliable print-on-demand service provider in India that offers quality products and seamless integration with popular eCommerce platforms – then Printful could be an excellent choice!


Teespring is a popular print-on-demand company that allows individuals and businesses to create their own custom t-shirts, hoodies, and other merchandise. The platform offers an easy-to-use design tool that enables users to upload their artwork, add text or graphics, and customize the product’s color and style.

One of the noteworthy features of Teespring is its integration with social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Users can easily promote their products on these platforms using Teespring’s built-in marketing tools. This feature helps creators reach a wider audience without having to spend money on advertising campaigns.

Teespring also provides sellers with flexible pricing options. Creators have complete control over the cost of their products, which means they can set prices that are both affordable for customers while still allowing them to make a profit.

Another advantage of using Teespring is its fast production times. Once an order has been placed, the company will handle all aspects of production and shipping within days – without any upfront costs or inventory requirements.

If you’re looking for a reliable print-on-demand platform with powerful marketing features and quick turnaround times, then it’s worth giving Teespring a try.

Teechip Pro

If you’re looking for a print-on-demand T-shirt company that offers unique features, then Teechip Pro is worth considering. This platform provides you with the tools to create and sell custom-designed apparel without any inventory or upfront costs.

One of the standout features of Teechip Pro is its design tool, which allows you to easily create your own designs using their templates or uploading your own artwork. You can also add text and choose from a variety of fonts and colors to make your designs stand out.

Another great thing about Teechip Pro is its integration with social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. With this feature, you can quickly promote your products on these channels and reach a wider audience.

Teechip Pro also offers flexible pricing options that allow you to set different prices for different products. You can even offer discounts if customers buy in bulk or use promo codes during checkout.

Teechip Pro is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to start selling custom T-shirts online without having to worry about inventory or production costs. Its user-friendly design tool, social media integration, and flexible pricing options make it one of the best print-on-demand companies available in India today.

SunFrog Shirts

SunFrog Shirts is a print-on-demand company that has been operating in India for quite some time now. It allows individuals and businesses to design their own t-shirts and sell them online without the hassle of stocking inventory or shipping products themselves.

One unique aspect of SunFrog Shirts is its large collection of designs created by independent artists from around the world. These designs cover various themes, including humor, sports, animals, music, movies, and more. This means that individuals who do not have any designing skills can still create amazing-looking shirts using these pre-made designs as a starting point.

Another great feature of SunFrog Shirts is its user-friendly website that makes it easy to upload designs and customize product details such as shirt color, size, style and price. The platform also offers marketing tools like email campaigns and social media integration to help sellers promote their products effectively.

SunFrog Shirts uses high-quality materials for printing which ensures that both buyers and sellers are satisfied with the final product quality. Additionally, they provide fast shipping options so customers can receive their orders quickly.

SunFrog Shirts provides an excellent opportunity for anyone looking to start a print-on-demand business in India or simply wants custom designed t-shirts without having to worry about production costs or logistics.


Gooten is a print-on-demand platform that offers a wide range of products including t-shirts, mugs, phone cases and much more. It was founded in 2015 to simplify the process of selling custom printed products online. What sets Gooten apart from its competitors is the ease with which users can integrate their stores with Gooten’s API.

Gooten provides a huge selection of pre-made designs for customers to choose from or they can upload their own designs. They also offer product customization features such as adding text, changing colors and adjusting images. The prices are competitive and there are no minimum orders required.

One of the biggest advantages of using Gooten is their automated order fulfillment system. Once an order is placed on your store, it automatically gets sent to Gooten who then takes care of printing and shipping the product directly to your customer.

Another great feature offered by Gooten is their global network of manufacturing partners located in different countries around the world. This allows for faster shipping times and reduces shipping costs for international orders.

If you’re looking for an easy-to-use print-on-demand platform with a vast array of customizable products at competitive prices, then Gooten may be just what you need!


Spreadshirt is a well-known print-on-demand platform that has been operating in the market for over 15 years. It offers its customers a wide range of products, including t-shirts, hoodies, hats, and bags that can be customized with designs or logos.

One of Spreadshirt’s key features is its easy-to-use design tool. Users can upload their own images or choose from the platform’s extensive library of graphics to create unique designs for their merchandise. The site also provides users with various customization options such as font styles, colors, and layout options.

The quality of products offered by Spreadshirt is another factor that sets it apart from other POD companies in India. Its high-quality materials ensure durability while maintaining comfortability for customers wearing them.

Spreadshirt also has an excellent customer service team available via phone or email to help users throughout the entire creation process – from designing their product to shipping details – ensuring every user has a smooth experience.

Spreadshirt’s pricing structure is very reasonable compared to other POD platforms in India making it an ideal choice for entrepreneurs seeking affordable yet top-notch services at scale.

Amazon Merch

Amazon Merch is a print-on-demand service that allows users to create and sell custom t-shirts, sweatshirts, and other apparel. The platform provides an easy-to-use interface for designing your products with various templates, graphics, and fonts.

One of the biggest advantages of Amazon Merch is its massive customer base. With over 300 million active users on Amazon, there’s no shortage of potential customers for your designs. Plus, the site handles all aspects of order fulfillment from printing to shipping.

Another benefit is the competitive pricing structure; sellers can set their own prices while still earning a profit based on the product’s cost.

However, one downside to Amazon Merch is the strict approval process for new sellers. You must submit several original designs before being approved to sell on the platform. Additionally, there are restrictions on certain types of content including copyrighted material or offensive language.

If you’re looking for a large audience and easy-to-use design software with streamlined order fulfillment options then Amazon Merch may be worth considering as a print-on-demand option in India.


Redbubble is an Australian-based print-on-demand company that has expanded its services to India. The platform offers a wide range of products, including t-shirts, stickers, phone cases, and home decor items.

One of the great things about Redbubble is their vast selection of designs created by independent artists worldwide. This means you can find unique and creative designs that aren’t available anywhere else.

Redbubble also offers excellent quality products with vibrant prints and durable materials. They have different styles of t-shirts available from classic to fitted cuts for both men and women.

The ordering process on Redbubble is straightforward; select your product, choose a design or upload your own artwork, and place your order! They handle all the printing, shipping, and customer service for you.

Redbubble is a solid choice for those seeking unique designs or looking to support independent artists while getting high-quality merchandise at affordable prices.


Looking for a print-on-demand t-shirt company that offers designs from independent artists? Look no further than TeePublic! This unique platform allows artists to upload their own designs and earn money every time someone purchases one of their shirts.

Not only does TeePublic offer a wide range of creative designs, but they also use high-quality materials to ensure the shirts look great and last long. Plus, with fast shipping options available in India, you can receive your custom-designed shirt in no time!

Another great feature of TeePublic is their user-friendly website which makes it easy to browse through different styles and categories. Whether you’re looking for something funny or more serious, there’s sure to be a design that catches your eye.

TeePublic also offers other products like stickers, phone cases, and home decor items featuring artist-created designs. So if you want to support independent artists while also getting a cool new t-shirt or accessory for yourself, give TeePublic a try!


Zazzle is a well-known print-on-demand platform that empowers creators to design and sell their custom products, including t-shirts. The company has been around since 2005 and has grown into one of the largest online marketplaces for personalized products.

What sets Zazzle apart from other T-shirt printing companies in India is its vast selection of customizable designs. Customers can browse through millions of unique designs created by independent artists or upload their own artwork to create a truly personalized product.

Another great feature of Zazzle is its ability to offer high-quality printing on a variety of fabrics, including cotton, polyester, and blends. This ensures that every T-shirt printed by Zazzle looks professional and retains its vibrant colors even after multiple washings.

Zazzle also offers competitive pricing options that allow creators to earn more profit per sale than many other print-on-demand platforms. With so many features geared towards both customers and creators alike, it’s no wonder why Zazzle continues to be such a popular choice for T-shirt printing in India.


To sum up, print-on-demand T-shirt companies have revolutionized the way people design and sell their own apparel. These companies offer individuals and businesses the opportunity to create unique designs without carrying any inventory or worrying about shipping logistics.

In this article, we’ve highlighted ten of the best print-on-demand T-shirt companies in India. Each one offers its own set of features, pricing options, and customization tools to help you bring your creative ideas to life.

Whether you’re starting a new clothing brand or looking for an easy way to make some extra money selling custom shirts online, these platforms are definitely worth checking out.

So go ahead and explore your options with each of these companies. With so many great choices available today, it’s never been easier to turn your passion for design into a profitable business venture!