13 Leading Private Label Candle Dropshipping Suppliers

All over the globe, candles are used for different purposes. Candles are used for lighting up dinners, making their date more romantic, and for rituals. There are many uses for candles, and top-of-the-line antidepressant fragrances are available.

There are many questions surrounding the business of candles. There are many opinions about candles. Some say they have a very small market share, others think it is not profitable and some argue that customers are less interested in candles. The truth is that no business is large or small. It all depends on the vendor’s business model and how it is positioned in the global marketplace.

This article will discuss the current state of the candle industry in the global market. It also includes links to the top-rated dropship website and the most popular candles on the market. You can also find FAQs to assist you in visiting the websites for custom candles or private labeling.

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Dropship Candles: Why?

There are many types of candles available. They can come in a variety of sizes, shapes and types, including votive, pillars, sticks, or pillars. They can be scented or unscented, plain or colorful. The multibillion-dollar industry of candle manufacturing, supply, dropshipping and wholesaling is huge. It’s safe to say it’s huge.

There are many parameters that can be used to determine the market share of a product, regardless of its industry. Markets for candles can be analysed by type, distribution channels, and region, such as America, Asia, Africa, and so on. Growth, future perspectives and other competitive analysis.

In 2016, the global candle market was worth US$ 7.5 Billion. It reached US$ 7.5 billion in 2016, and it was worth US $4950 million the next year. The market is expected to grow at a 2% annual CAGR rate, reaching US $ 5790 millions by 2025.

This market analysis serves the main purpose of identifying, expanding and broadening the market importance of different market segments. That’s how the candle industry is growing and presenting new opportunities for vendors. Dropshipping candles does not result in a loss of business, but it is profitable, productive, and economically viable.

10 Best Candle Dropshippers in The USA/UK/India


Chinabrands.com has been ranked number one on the List of dropship candle websites. This company provides a low-cost way to get into drop shipping. Customers are also provided with simple to understand plans for distributors and suppliers.

They offer a complete drop shipping solution, including product sourcing, publishing, system integration, and shipping. You only need to promote your store.

Chinabrands integrates with all major platforms like Amazon, eBay and Shopify, Shopify. Shopee. Wish. Aliexpress. Cdiscount. Jumia. Priceminister.

You can shop wholesale from over 5000 exclusive manufacturers and get it at a low price. They offer a discount point policy as well as CB points that can be used to offset the cost of your order.

Chinabrands offers SEO-optimized product description templates that you can download and then import to your online shops. This will make it easier for you to create product descriptions. It will also help your store rank higher to drive more traffic and sales.

View the Features:

* Source from over 5000+ verified exclusive manufactures

* 500+ Million Products from 172 Categories

* There are no MOQ limits

* Wholesale price starting at $0.3

* Professional QC team is extremely strict in quality inspection

* CB points offset and heavy discount as payment

* Next-Day Delivery with Global Shipping

* No cost to download/Sync SEO optimized product listings

* Auto order fulfillment

* Integration seamless with more than 20 platforms

To do business with Chinabrands (CB), there are only four steps:

CB imports products – Sell products in your store – Place orders from CB – CB ships the products


Candles 4 Less, a place that offers the lowest prices for candles in the USA, is where you should look. They sell candles and holders. Dropshipping is possible with millions of candles in stock.

You can also find premium candles and candle decorating accessories in our inventory. Dropshipping is possible with no additional investment. Customers can place orders on your website immediately and you can begin dropshipping.

Dropshipping candles can be done for restaurants, hotels, hospitals, weddings, retail shops, spas, salons, florists, and other venues. Candles 4 Less has a 100 percent money-back guarantee in case you are not satisfied with the products. All orders are shipped worldwide via UPS, FEDEX, and USPS.


Candlewacks is an American dropshipping website for blind candles. This means that they dropship at extremely low rates and offer exclusive discounts.

Dropship orders are not charged separately. Instead, you will need to pay $200 for a yearly membership. This is completely refunded. A 10% discount will be offered on the entire stock.

You can dropship any one of the 100+ fragrances. You can send the site your product details by email.


Wholesalecentral is a marketplace that’s only used for dropshipping and wholesale business. This website does not allow retail sales. There are 13 dropship candle suppliers in the USA. These suppliers are experts in selling more than 10,000 candles, candles stands, and other candle varieties. There is no minimum order requirement for top-rated brands of candles. To get access to the premium version of the website and all other suppliers, you can sign up for the site.

Wholesale Deals

Wholesaledeals is a UK-based B2B platform. They are known for providing the best list of dropshippers, wholesale suppliers and wholesale deals on candles, candleholders, and other incredible products. Wholesaledeals currently has 283,650 dropshippers and wholesale suppliers. All of these suppliers are available for order placement and contact. The platform gives dropshippers and product makers free access to this platform.


Puckator, a giftware company, specializes in dropshipping and wholesale. Their huge selection includes great scented candles, candle holders and candle stands. The candles on this website are safe and pure. You can only place orders up to PS100, which includes VAT. Register on Puckator to view price and product information.

Ancient Wisdom

Dropshipping is possible with Ancient Wisdom. The company offers a wide range of candles, including Votive Candles and Scented Candles as well as Nightlight Candles and Votive Candles.

Ancient Wisdome offers its customers the opportunity to sell their products without having to worry about managing large inventories. They can pack and ship orders anywhere in the world.

Only if you receive the wrong or damaged items, they offer a return policy. All orders are carefully packed without the mention of the Ancient Wisdoms’ company name, but if the candles are branded then they mention their name on those items.

Heaven Scent

Heaven Scent is a company that can self-label and brand candles and other products. These services are available to all businesses, large and small. Heaven Scent has been creating bespoke labels for its products for over 10 years. You can have your label created by their team of experts. You can only place a minimum order of PS250

Heaven Scent does NOT offer graphic design services in order to keep their prices affordable for their customers. This company requires detailed information from buyers about labels. Additional PS25 per hour will be charged for labels that take more than two hours to complete.

Heaven Scent can create their own glass, fragrance, and packaging. They can currently produce 3000 scented candles per day. Drop shipping is a very impressive service. Visit them for more details.


Exportindia is India’s largest B2B marketplace. Their suppliers and inventory is extensive. ExportsIndia.com is a great way to promote your business. Their innovative methods will help you expand your business. This website offers dropshipping and wholesale scented candles.


The top-rated global website esources provides a large directory of manufacturers, suppliers wholesalers retailers and dropshippers. Dropship candles: esources lists 2256 Indian manufacturers, suppliers and wholesalers. They can dropship orders anywhere in the world and are approved and verified by the website owners. Indian companies produce candles in a variety of designs and scents at very affordable prices.

Wholesale Yankee Candle Dropshippers

We can help you increase traffic, sales and profits by partnering with you.

Who are We?

We are the largest US specialty brand of premium scented candles. We have the largest selection of high-scent candles and innovative home fragrance products.

Become a new dealer

Do you want to become a New Dealer? We would love to meet you! If your company meets these guidelines, we invite to speak with our New Business team. Let’s get started today!

Get in touch

Send an email to this address. Please note the candle lines you are interested in and a brief description about your business, including contact information. A member of our New Business Development team will contact you soon!


To become an authorized wholesaler dealer, you will need a physical store. We do not currently pursue Amazon, Ecommerce or any other third-party resellers.

Wax & Wick

Wax & Wick sells microbatched soy candles. They are handcrafted and made in small batches in the USA to ensure their high quality.

This company sells candles made entirely from soy wax, woodwicks, and high-quality fragrance oils. These candles can be used as a healthier alternative to paraffin candles. They are best suited for patients suffering from depression.

Dropshipping and wholesale candles will be a benefit. These candles are very popular among buyers, and your customer base will grow within days. All items are shipped via USPS. However, they don’t accept responsibility for items damaged in shipping.

Samples are not included in the 35 % discount, but you can get them for free. You can find many discounts on the website. Please visit us for more information.

Top Trends in Candle Industry

The candle business was established in 1990s. They became a part of home decor. Its beautiful and appealing uses led to a 10% increase in sales by 2000. With the advancement of technology, consumer demand has changed. This led to a boom in fragrance candles.

The growth of the candle market is astounding. There are many types of candles. They come in different sizes, shapes, scents, and colors. However, some products are more popular than others on the market.

Below are the top-selling candles on the market.

* Floating Candle

* Tea Lights

* Votive Candle

* Pillars

* Birthday Candle

* Cartridge Candle

* Wax-Filled Container Candles

* Liquid Candle

Candle Market by Raw Material

* Beeswax

* Stearin

* Paraffin Wax

* Rapeseed Wax

* Palm wax

* Soy Wax

Dropship Private Label Candles

Dropship top-quality candles and have them labeled with your company’s name if you are looking for private labeling candle businesses that excel in their work. Heaven Scent is the top-rated and most trusted company. Although they don’t offer graphic printing, their private labeling skills are well-known.

Dropship Custom Candles

It is difficult to find companies that drop ship custom candles. Some of these companies may compromise on the quality and price of their products. CANDLES 4 LIESS and Ancient Wisdom offer high-quality customized candles. These websites offer great quality at affordable prices.

More to you

Dropshipping candles are gaining popularity in the global market. Every day, the candle industry expands. The market share is increasing, which means that there is more room for new businessmen to occupy.

The top-rated candle dropshippers are those who have earned the trust of their customers and sold high quality products at affordable prices. This level can be achieved by adhering to quality maintenance and earning the trust from your customers.

I hope you found this article helpful in understanding the many aspects of candle business. Please comment if you have any additional ideas or points.

Dropshipping Candles on Shopify

Now that you have a plan for success, it is time to learn how to market your homemade soy candles. Online selling is a great way to make money, just like other B2C business-to-consumer businesses. To attract customers from around the globe, you can use digital channels such as social media or your own ecommerce site.

A Shopify store is a great way to sell candles online. We have everything you need to create a Shopify store.

  • This guide will show you how to create a Shopify store.
  • This guide will help you prepare for your Candle Store launch on Shopify. It includes a complete checklist to ensure you don’t forget anything.
  • These are our top themes for candles shops on Shopify.

Without the right apps to automate repetitive tasks and make your Shopify store more efficient, you won’t be capable of running a functioning Shopify store. Let’s now look at the essential apps every store needs. These apps can all be found on the Shopify app marketplace, and they are ALL FREE!