11 Trusted Workout and Fitness Clothing Suppliers USA

Wholesale business owners or dropshippers who are interested in wholesale gym clothes will find this helpful. We will be listing today the top wholesale manufacturers of fitness and workout clothing from around the globe, including China and the USA.

Wholesale fitness apparel includes leggings and yoga pants, leggings, sweat pants, athletic shorts, sweat pants, tanks, tops, sports bras as well as T-shirts, Sneakers, Sweatshirts and many other items. Wholesale workout clothes should be made from synthetic fabrics. These clothes are made for gym and workouts.

There are many online and offline wholesale suppliers, manufacturers and distributors of workout clothes. It is important to select the best supplier for your business. You need to choose the best sportswear clothes supplier, not only must they be of the highest quality but also the prices must be affordable so you can make reasonable profits.

How can I find a good manufacturer for a fitness clothing shop?

There are hundreds of fitness apparel manufacturers to choose from when you search the web. We need to be careful about what we choose to do with our money.

Large Selection of Fitness Clothing

The first thing to look for is a wide range of products that cater to women’s workout clothes. It would be easier to select the best workout clothes if there was more of it.

Cheap Pricing

You aren’t just looking to sell women’s workout clothes. Your goal is to offer quality products to customers, and to make a good profit.

You should also check whether the products are rightly priced or overpriced. Comparing other manufacturers is a good way to do this. You should strive to find the lowest prices possible without sacrificing quality.

High Quality

Many people think that high quality products can’t be bought at low prices. It’s possible that you are wrong. We’ve seen many reputable fitness clothing manufacturers who offer the highest quality clothing at wholesale prices.

Yes, there are suppliers that can supply you with the best quality and lowest priced workout clothes. All you have to do is search for those suppliers.

Business Ease

You will be looking for suppliers or manufacturers that don’t have strict wholesale policies when you are looking for your wholesale supplier. They should be able to do business with you as easily and comfortably as possible.

Consider them your partner. So choose your business partners carefully. This would be very beneficial to your business.

Wholesale Fitness and Workout Clothing Manufacturers

We want to emphasize the importance of style and quality in fitness apparel before we create a list. They must be made of good material that can absorb moisture from sweating. If this moisture is not absorbed, it can lead to micro organisms that can infect you. These sportswear must also be lightweight and flexible.

Make sure your clothes are safe and sustainable. You will be able to attract more women who love to exercise, and you will also have more sales if your clothes are affordable for women.

1. ActiveWear

The Activewear Manufacturer is located in the USA. It is one of the most trusted and well-respected activewear, sportswear, and workout clothing manufacturers. They offer the largest selection of activewear, athletic wear, and gym clothes for men and women. They offer fashionable and fashionable wearables with a pleasant and comfortable experience for the wearer.

Their private label manufacturing company is the best part. You can also have your own brand of clothing at a low price through them.

2. Fitness clothing manufacturer

It is also a US-based manufacturer of activewear and workout clothing. Their clothes are energizing and feature novel designs, vibrant colors, and fabrics made with the highest quality fabric. There are more than 400 pieces of activewear in their collection. They offer a variety of active wear, including a Sports bra, Compression fitness clothing, running clothes, sweats, tracksuirs and fitness pants.

You can also download the catalog to see every product in detail. Wholesale buyers can also get private labeling solutions.

3. Fitness Wear Direct

Fitness Wear Direct is an American company based in Los Angeles. Since 1989, they have been manufacturing accessories and clothes for the fitness community. Their in-house design team can style and create trendy clothes for your workouts. If you are a brand owner, they can also create private labels.

They also have a low minimum order quantity of 12 units per style. Register as a wholesaler to get wholesale rates on their tank tops or other workout clothes.

4. Alanic Global

Alanic Global, a new clothing brand founded in Melbourne, Australia is called “Alice Global”. They combine technology, design, and art to create beautiful and practical activewear for the fitness community. They also design workout clothes for men. They have a reputation for being one of the top international wholesale suppliers of fitness clothing.

They offer a cost-effective custom clothing solution for bulk customers that allows them to provide a private label service that is unmatched in the fitness industry.

5. GymClothes

GymClothes, a US-based wholesale manufacturer of workout clothes, is also available. They are a leading manufacturer of activewear and have been around since 2004. Their website is easy to use and allows them to shop online. They offer the best quality fabric in the business and make no compromises.

Minimum order quantity is 500 pieces. All items in the collection are available wholesale at very reasonable wholesale prices.

Fashion is constantly changing, so they continue to improve their products and bring more fashionable and fashionable workout clothes to their customers.

6. MonoB Clothing

Mono B Clothing was founded in 2009 and produces clothing for every occasion. The company’s extensive collection includes swimwear for women and high-performance activewear, lounge wears, and athletic clothing.

Mono B Clothing’s stunning prints and fashionable designs will never go out of style. They also offer wholesale plus-size workout clothes for women. To ensure exclusivity, they will only give you the catalog of their designs and clothes once you sign up.

7. Blank clothing

Blank clothing is a family-owned business in Australia. Blank clothing offers simple and elegant t-shirts, hoodies, sweaters and other sportswear in a variety of styles and colors. You can also make your own unique products. They will even print shirts and other wears.

They offer wholesale pricing. Contact them to let them know what you need and if your company logo or tags are required for the set of activewear.

8. Beyond Yoga

Beyond Yoga is an American luxury brand of athleisure and workout clothes. Because the founder is a mother and a woman, she ensures that clothing fits women’s bodies. They offer sizes ranging from XXS up to 3XL.

They keep up with the latest trends and create garments that are modern for modern living. They source the finest fabric and aim to make the most luxurious, soft and hassle-free style possible for women that can withstand the toughest workouts.

9. ClothingmanufacturerAsia

Clothing Manufacturer Asia should be the largest South East Asia apparel business. They claim to be the region’s only ethical clothing manufacturer. They have helped hundreds of retailers and designers to create, brand, and manufacture their clothes with Clothing Manufacturer Asia.

Their sister company Pattern Behaviour specializes in wholesale clothing. You can either choose from any of the designs on the website, or you can make your own design. They will then manufacture it with the highest quality fabric to meet your wholesale requirements.

10. Styletica

Styletica, a manufacturer of fitness clothes based in Australia, is Styletica. They produce activewear for merchants and people who sell activewear. Styletica might not be your favorite brand of activewear, but you may know them.

They are one the most well-known wholesalers of custom-designed and blank clothing. They have offices in hong kong and China. The company’s headquarter specializes in design, digital strategy and manufacturing merchandising.

They invite you to come visit their showroom in Australia and take a closer look at the clothes they make.

The Best Websites for Wholesale Workout Clothes

Manufacturing can be very difficult. This includes product design, product development, and manufacturing. It is best to wholesale your fitness clothes to these three reliable distributors.


Alibaba is the most popular b2b trading platform in the world and it doesn’t need any introduction. There are currently more than 100 million listings. Jack Ma founded it in 1999. Manufacturers and suppliers can sign up for the service and pay a yearly fee, depending on which type they choose.

It allows suppliers to meet potential wholesale buyers. Basic membership is free, but you should be careful not to get scammed. You should also remember that many suppliers require a large minimum order quantity to obtain the product at wholesale prices. This could deter buyers with lower capital.

Alibaba acts only as a broker. All shipping and fees will be handled by the supplier.


SaleHoo, a paid directory service for NewZealand, has also been receiving a lot of attention over the last few years. Their database includes over 1,000,000 products from 150+ categories. This directory is not intended to be used as a way to find suppliers. There are many quality suppliers listed on this platform. However, there are also some scammers.

You will need to select different suppliers for the same product to ensure your inventory is up-to-date. SaleHoo offers a complete supplier list for $67 per year.

Take a look at these Best Workout and Fitness Clothes for Women.

If you’re into exercise and the gym, it is essential to have good workout clothes for women. They are essential for your body’s flexibility. Tops include Sports T-shirts, Sports Bras, and Sports Tank Tops. Bottoms include Yoga Pants, Gym Shorts, Running Shoes, Waist Trainers and High Waist Leggings. There are many options and you may find a lot.

You can source and wholesale workout clothes and other accessories for your store. These accessories can be up-sold or sold as a package.

You can browse Chinabrands Exercise and Fitness Section to find tons of products. Quality running shoes, resistance bands, fitness gloves, and more are all available.