12 Best International Online Shopping Websites in Turkey

Turkey’s fashion industry is growing rapidly and is quite impressive. Fashion industry is embracing trendy national clothing such as wide pants, short jackets, and a veil. For men, long robes and large turbans are increasingly popular. Turkish fashion is blending eastern and western styles.

This popularity has created a greater market for novice wholesale businessmen such as you.

You don’t need to look elsewhere if you are looking for a place in Turkey where you can start selling wholesaling products. Scroll down to see the incredible list of Turkey Online Shopping Websites.

These sites are among Turkey’s top 15. There are many options for stuff and great deals. You will find it within your budget, and the purchase rates are very competitive. Below is a guide on how to shop in Turkey, as well as a FAQ section that answers general questions about shopping.

Let’s get started on the odyssey.


Turkish Exporter is a government-owned website. You can find here both multinational and national Turkish companies that sell and buy products.

This site offers regular email updates which will be a great benefit. You will be kept up to date with market trends and changes through the email updates. This will allow you to plan and buy products in accordance with current trends to maximize your sales.

Wholesale items can be purchased from many categories, including jewelry, baby products, husbandry, outfits and electronics. This site contains a list of reliable suppliers, as well as their complete catalogs and contact information.


Turkishexportal allows you to shop online from Turkey and around the world. This is an online marketplace for global trade that allows B2B transactions. This site brings together Turkish buyers, sellers, manufacturers, and importers as well as Turkish exporters. This site has a collection of exclusive tools for wholesale buyers. It boasts the largest Turkish database of suppliers in over 35 industry categories.

These are some of the options available to you:

* You can post unlimited buying requests and bids

* Access to thousands Turkish sellers and items

* No registration required

* Easy access and time savings

* Buy on the move via your mobile device

* Original sellers

* Direct communication with sellers and manufacturers possible


Turkishsources, an online shopping portal for Turkey, facilitates trade services with Asia and integrates products for China. It is available in more than 240 countries. This site offers a variety of products in the categories of fashion, electronics, hardware, and health. It is possible to purchase pure Turkish products that have been manufactured by Turkish companies. Turkishsources is an essential site for online shopping. It offers a variety of lifestyle and fashion options, as well as trade shows that feature over 9000 booths.


WhoCit is the best turkish online store that specializes on wholesale clothes. WhoCit is a clothing company that has one of the largest brands and product chains. WhoCit offers 17 brand labels in its catalog. It offers the best quality and reliability, as well as excellent delivery services through its website. Wholesale items are available for men and women. There are many types of clothing available, including t-shirts, jeans and skirts, jackets, jackets, shorts, and all kinds of pants. You will also find trendy and plus-size maternity clothing, hijabs, and capris.


FimkaStore, a Turkish online store that wholesales women’s clothing, is the oldest. It has been in business for more than 30 years. FimkaStore also introduced JOYMISS, a leading brand. FimkaStore is a part FimkaGroup, which has five operating companies in manufacturing and marketing. Live chat allows you to communicate with sellers and track your orders once they have been purchased. Their wholesale stock will provide you with exclusive deals and high-quality products. You can get a 5% discount by placing your telephone number on the website.


ClupFashion has been around for 10 years and is well-known. They offer a great shopping experience by offering high quality, carefully selected products. ClupFashion is a great place to wholesale brand items. They sell brands such as Stella, Marisis, and Sirius. To sell their products at wholesale prices, they have partnered up with over 30 Turkish manufacturers of Ladieswear in standard sizes and plus sizes. They guarantee the authenticity of every item and ensure prompt delivery. ClupFashion is available in more than 100 countries.


Turkopt is an online shop in Turkey where you will find high-quality, trendy items. All items are made in Tureky by top manufacturers and boutiques from Istanbul. Turkopt features designs from more than 150 Turkish clothing brands. Turkpot has a wide range of fashionable and stylish apparels for children, women and men. turkopt offers affordable style and trend at a reasonable price. Turkopt ships all over the globe via Turkish postal service PTT. You can also order via UPS from some countries such as Nigeria, Russia, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Poland and some Arab countries.

WOW- Wholesale

WOW wholesale is a trusted wholesale distributor site that specializes in apparel, footwear, and accessories. This site offers a wide range of fashionable items and will save you the hassle of moving from one page to another. WOW wholesale, as its name suggests, is a popular shopping site. This is where most people who work in the clothing industry buy. They have more than 70,000 items from 80 brands. * All items can be sorted by brand, size and category.


Merkandi, an international wholesale trading platform based in Turkey, is called Merkandi. This platform is not only used for wholesale regular products, but also for liquidation stock, excess stocks, and customer returns. It has more than 1000 users, over 30,000 opinions and access to over 150 countries around the world. This B2B platform allows you to easily purchase wholesale stock from different sellers at special rates. It has data in 14 languages. You can buy items in categories such as shoes, jewelry and electronics, clothes, jewelry, baby stuff and furniture, industrial products, tools, kitchen tools, sports, food, beverages, health and drinks, and many more.


Wholesale7.net has access to many Asian markets, in addition to the largest market in China. This online wholesale website, which is Turkish-based, offers trendy and fashionable items at extremely low prices. This site offers hijabs and ‘Abayas’ as well as western and oriental clothing. You can reach multiple customers by wholesaling these items and you can easily grow your novice business. Wholesale7.net offers copied designs from Japanese magazines and Korean magazines. They offer excellent customer service and good quality products. They dropship and wholesale.


Trendsgal, an online global seller, is located in Turkey. This fashion site is a one-stop fashion destination offering a wide range of fashionable, unique and stylish apparels as well as fashion accessories such watches, jewelry, bags, shoes, and watches. You can also find beauty and health products on this site. Every item can be purchased wholesale. Trendsgal offers 100% security for every item. This makes it a great site for newbies looking to start a business. Trendsgal is legal registered and fully protected by Norton Secure technology. Trendsgal offers excellent customer service and dropshipping options.


Next, a Turkish online and offline shop, has 700 shops worldwide. It operates under a national flag. Next sells wholesale and retail products for children, men, and women. The categories of items include shirts and jeans, pants, shoes as well as bags, dresses, jackets, and home decor items. Next deals only with high-quality products and branded items.


Dosso Dossi, also known as DDFS, has been involved in online and textile wholesale since 2002. They are well-known worldwide as a brand in Turkey’s Fashion and Organization fields. DDFS offers wholesale products for children, men, and women in the categories of bags, shoes, and apparel. Plus sizes are available for both genders. You can also get beautiful prizes and discounts for your regular customers.


Guzella describes them as an inspiration that comes only from one sun. They have been in business since the 1980s. Guzella has over 1000 designers and each item is trendy, unique, and stylish. Before you can purchase any item from their website, you must complete a registration process. Guzella does not display price lists until the registration process is complete. However, they offer attractive price ranges and exceptional customer service.

IEC Grup

IEC Grup IEC Grup can be found in Istanbul, Turkey. The company sells clothing for children, men and women. You can find the items under shirts and jeans as well as dresses and traditional pure Turkish designs. IEC is able to establish direct relationships with manufacturers and avoid the middleman. They also offer customized deals. Each order is pre-inspected before it’s shipped to customers. IEC Grup is a great site to visit if you are looking for low-cost, high quality products.

Guide Tips for Online Shopping in Turkey

Turkey is an ideal place to shop if you enjoy traditional and cultural items. Turkey is the ideal destination for you if you’re looking for unique items with an antique touch from its region, its culture, and its values.

Below are some guidelines to help you shop online in Turkey.

* Make sure that you’re at the right website when searching online.

* Only shop on authentic websites

* Use familiar websites.

* Pay attention to the customer traffic. If it is high, it may be the right place to shop.

Don’t buy souvenirs or antiques that are not authentic.

Wholesale usually requires you to buy large quantities of products. You can get reviews from several customers before you buy wholesale.

* Choose traditional and antique products if you have a preference. You should not mix it with modern designs. If you want to offer your customers a choice, then go for both.

* Buy traditional Turkish items wholesale, such as lamps, scarfs, skirts, and souvenirs. These unique, handmade Turkish items are available on most wholesale websites.

Questions about Online Shopping in Turkey

Q1: Which is the Best and Largest Istanbul Wholesale Market?

Ans: Customers often seek out original, but cheaper items in the markets. Istanbul, Turkey’s most famous city, is home to many shopping centers and markets. These shops are often mixed with counterfeit and real shops. The Grand Bazaar, an offline wholesale market with brick and mortar facilities, is the most popular. Fimkastore is the largest online wholesale site. At very low prices, you can find the best and most pure selection of products.

Q2: Where can I buy mobile phones in Turkey?

Ans: Mobile phones can’t be compromised on. It can be difficult to find wholesale mobile phones in Turkey’s dense markets. TurkishExporter, Turkishexportal and Turkishexportal are the best B2B platforms to wholesale mobile phones.

Q3. Where can I buy Turkish home accessories?

Ans: Turkish accessories are items that have traditional and cultural designs. Turkish accessories are unique and different from other products around the globe. Merkandi, which offers quality and variety, is a good place to start.

Q4: Where can I buy Turkish souvenirs online?

Ans: Turkishexportal and TurkishExporter are the top online wholesale websites where you can find the highest quality, original souvenirs. So buyers don’t have to worry about any fraud, these sites only feature authentic sellers and manufacturer hyperlinks.


Turkey is an ideal place to wholesale, especially for unique and oriental items. Wholesale businessmen who prefer traditional products to modern items will appreciate this article. This article is for those who want to expand their business or are interested in something new and different. These shops and the guidelines will help you choose the right shop for you. Don’t wait, check out these links to get started with your business.