12 Fashion Accessories Dropshipping Suppliers and Companies

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Online marketers are keen to promote fashion products such as bags, shoes, and clothing. It’s not surprising that the fashion industry experiences high sales growth each year. This market of over $2.4 trillion is attracting many online businesses to explore further to discover a niche to increase sales.

A good clothing & apparel fashion products dropshipping supplier is the key to the success. Finding a reliable supplier can be difficult. Below are some top fashion supply wholesale and dropshipping businesses to help you make your selection easier.


Chinabrands is a top drop shipping wholesaler. They offer a wide variety of fashion accessories, including shoes, bags, and clothes.

Chinabrands is a drop shipping wholesaler that offers 100% full category occupation, excellent customer service, top technical support, and low member costs.

Many retailers also complained that they are unable to determine the quality of wholesale electronics. Some even tried to cheat the system during purchase.

Chinabrands has invested a lot of money in quality control. Every product purchased from Chinabrands must be inspected at least three times. This is different from many manufacturers who randomly inspect the goods. Chinabrands offers 100% products inspection to ensure that every piece of wholesale electronics meets the quality standards.

This is in contrast to the prices that retailers paid for online marketing services at a higher price. Chinabrands insists on offering the lowest wholesale electronics prices for all businesses.

You will also receive CB points for every order you make on Chinabrands. These points can be used to reduce your next purchase amount. Chinabrands members can enjoy a discount when they register. The final price that you receive from Chinabrands may be very competitive due to the CB points and the attractive discounted.

Are those all the Chinabrands have to offer? There are many more options that Chinabrands offers than this.

Get started with wholesale sandals business at no risk

Are you short of cash for your business? Are you unwilling to take risks? Chinabrands has the solution to all your problems. Chinabrands offers drop shipping services for retailers that will help you avoid capital and risk.

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Many retailers spend a lot of time searching for profitable products. Every day, there are thousands of Chinese brands being purchased by retailers. It is easy to locate the latest market trends and top-selling models on the website. You can increase your sales by leaving the product research to Chinabrands.

Chinabrands will handle your SEO job. Save Your Time

Many online retailers were unhappy with the creation of optimized SEO product descriptions for their e-commerce online shops. This was especially true for newbies. Chinabrands has professional teams that can create strong SEO product descriptions so its members can upload all details to their online shops more easily.

In 24 hours, get your wholesale sandals

Are you fed up waiting for your package? You can get your wholesale sandals in 24 hours with the help of Chinabrands’ worldwide warehouses.

Collective Fab

Collective Fab offers a wide range of boutique clothes as well as blind dropshipping services for drop shipping businesses. You can upload products to your shopify store and receive inventory notifications automatically.

They also offer online retailers a complete website solution. With their help, you can launch your website in 24 hours. The monthly membership fee is $29


MOY Fashion was founded in 1996. It’s an online marketplace for wholesale fashion products, including tops and cardigans as well as dresses, leggings and palazzos.

You can dropship from them the latest wholesale boutique clothing. You will also find high quality clothing at MOY. The basic service is free. However, you’ll need to pay $6/month if you want to have automatic robots assistance.

Fashion Dropshippers

Fashiondropshippers, a UK-based wholesaler and dropshipping business, integrates more than 5000 products for online marketers.

They offer product automation for Shopify, WooCommerce and BigCommerce platforms, as well as eBay and Magento. Dropshipping can be started by them for as low as PS25 per month.


Myonlinefashionstore.com is a sister company of ccwholesaleclothing which features in clothes, shoes, kids and fashion accessories. They have been in the fashion business for more than 15 years so it is easy to find the best fashion clothes for online retailers.

You can choose from three different dropshipping packages: $19/month for regular dropshippers, $29/month Shopify dropshipping customers, $49/month woocommerce and bigcommerce dropshipping customers. They also offer a turnkey solution for website setups that range from $99.00 to $199.

Dropshipping Clothing

Clothing Dropshipping, an apparel distributor based in New York, is Clothing Dropshipping. You will find a wide range of high-quality clothing and fashion accessories at Clothing Dropshipping.

You will need to pay $249 for access to dropshipping services. Then, renew your monthly membership at $39.


Brandsdistribution was founded in 2006 and offers a variety of 500,000 fashion products, including apparel, underwear, shoes, and other trendy accessories. The warehouse is available for dropshipping online retailers to select from.

There are three options available: EUR99/month, EUR399/6months and EUR699/year.


Trendsgal is a popular online store that allows consumers to buy fashion products such as clothing, shoes and bags, jewelry, watches or other accessories at wholesale prices. Trendsgal is a great option if you’re looking for wholesale clothes, drop shipping shoes or fashion accessories wholesale.

You will also get a better price if you order more from Trendsgal. Trendsgal Dropshipping membership costs $3.99/month, $9.99/3 months, $19.99/6 months, and $35.99/year.


Maxuce, a Korean fashion-style clothing wholesaler and manufacturer in China, was founded in 2008. They are very affordable.

It’s completely free to establish a dropshipping relationship. They are a great choice for clothing dropshipping online.


Coco Fashion was founded in 2015. Coco Fashion was established in 2015. They focus on European fashionable clothing for women 18 to 35 who are passionate fashion lovers. The website also features 50 new fashion items every week.

Dropshipping relationships with them require $50 to start. You will need to renew your drop ship service each month at $10 per month.

Are you still looking for wholesalers of fashion products? You don’t have to worry, I also have a list of the best wholesale fashion clothing and accessories companies.

Wholesale Bloom

Bloom is a great place to shop for women’s clothing. This boutique is perfect for accommodating plus sizes.

You can choose from both classic and unique pieces to add variety to your collection. Their website has products starting at $5. You can create an exclusive catalog with these amazing pieces.

Wholesale Fashion Square

You will immediately notice their beautiful aesthetics as soon as you visit the WFS website. They understand that you are searching for high quality items, and they will help you find them. You can purchase pieces in different categories, such as seasonal, plus size, or sale.

There are also nice promotions that they offer from time to time. The company can pre-determine the clothing packs, so be aware.

Influence Fashion UK

If you are looking to start a boutique for young women and men, this website is the perfect choice. You will find a wide range of fabrics and prints that you’ll love. To find the most profitable items for you, check out their trends section.

You can get free delivery if you spend a certain amount. If you live in the UK, you can also get next-day delivery.

Dropshipping and wholesale fashion clothing & accessories are both great business options. Profit from the opportunity to be part of hot niches and make great sales.

There are many benefits to the dropshipping and wholesale websites listed above. Whether you’re looking for trendy clothes, cheap accessories, fashionable clothing, technical support, fast shipping, or high-quality fashion products, you will find it all in this list of dropshipping and wholesale fashion clothing & accessory websites.

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