What is Blind Dropshipping and What are the Advantages?

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You can imagine yourself as a customer ordering online. You receive your package at your doorstep and discover that it isn’t from the company you ordered, but from another company. How would you feel?

You can also search for the wholesaler’s information to purchase directly at a lower price. The seller is at risk in either case.

How can you resolve this problem? You can use a method known as a blind dropship. This article will explain what the blind dropship is, its pros and cons, as well as some tips and advice.

What is blind shipping?

Blind shipping refers to when a shipper sends a product directly from supplier, without revealing the identity of the supplier. The shipper’s name, address and phone number will be displayed on the bill. This is not the case for the supplier.

You must pay the shipping fee and the blind shipping fee before you can ship blind.

Blind shipping is a good idea. This is a question you might ask.

Customers may place their next order from the supplier if the packaging includes information about the supplier. Blind shipping can help to avoid this.

To do this, arrange blind shipping. Your shipper will be able to remove the information from the delivery and add yours instead. Tracking information should be included with every shipment.

What is a blind packing sheet?

A packing slip lists the products that are included in a shipment. It is usually a document that informs the shipper to release inventory in order to deliver the shipment.

Blind shipping orders require a blind packing slip. It does not contain any information from the manufacturer or customiser.

If they offer this service, you can contact your wholesaler or shipper. You can customize your packing slip easily, even if you have already paid for blind shipping.

You can customize your custom packing slip with any information or design that you like, including your logo, thank-you note, order information and background information.

What is a blind ship?

We now come to the real question.

Blind drop shipping is when you list the products on your website as though they were purchased and shipped directly by you and not by wholesalers, importers, or other suppliers. Blind shipping means that the products are listed on your website without any indication that inventory is being kept in the house.

You pay the wholesaler when you place an order. When the order is delivered, the dropshipping company will ship the customer to your buyer in such a way that your buyer assumes the order came directly from you.

This means that the shipping address or name of the supplier will not be included in the order. The wholesale price charged to suppliers will not be added to your shipment. Your buyers won’t know about your wholesale costs.

A blind drop ship is a way to prevent customers from being lost. Customers can contact the manufacturer directly to purchase products. However, this does not stop the manufacturer or supplier from reaching out directly through the information that you have provided. We need a double blind dropship.

What is a double blind dropship?

The blind dropship above is only for customers. They don’t know the source of the product. The double-blind dropship is different. Suppliers are also in the blind and are unaware of where the products will be shipped.

You will need to contact the shipper directly. This could be a freight agent or a transport company. Without the agreement, the origin and destination of the shipment are not known to anyone except the seller and shipper.

It sounds expensive, but it is. This method is only available to a small number of businesses who send proxy orders due to its complexity.

What are the advantages of a blind dropship?

Blind drop shipping is a great option for dropshipping companies. These are the most common advantages:


Blind drop ship protects your company’s rights. Your suppliers won’t be able to contact your customers using the information that you provide, or try to steal future orders from your customers.

Direct purchases from suppliers with an inventory are more trustworthy and secure for customers. Your customers won’t know the difference with the blind dropship.

Customers want quick transit times and experiences that reflect their opinions of the brand they purchased. You have earned their trust, and you must keep it. Brands must match orders in order to provide consistency.


This can lead to more costly shipping and longer delivery times. You can’t control the way your shipper changes information on your products so packaging can get damaged. There is no way to fix it.

Documents for blind shipping are usually sent via email. This is to avoid and prevent any errors that might occur during the process. An incorrect bill of Lading is the most common error. This legally binding document reassures all parties involved in delivery.

Do not worry! I will teach you how to avoid these problems in the next section.

How do you start a blind dropship?

The process may vary depending on which platform you use. The first step is simple. Contact your suppliers to find out if they are able to do it.

After purchasing an item, you are often given the option to leave a message for the seller. Use this opportunity to contact the seller with a request

Please do not include any marketing materials or an invoice with your order. We will blindly dropship the item. Thank you .”

Your supplier will ship your item without any marketing materials, invoices or coupon codes.

To be extra secure, you can ask your supplier directly (kindly) whether blind dropshipping is available. Also, make sure they know what it is.

I would recommend only working with suppliers who have a score between 2,000 and 2 million.

Blind dropping ship can also be done with the assistance of a third party shipping company. If you are unable to reach an agreement with your supplier, or find another supplier, this should be done.

Next, provide the legal name or operating title of your company along with the logo in JPG and PNG formats. This information will be included on the blind packing slip. It also helps you to brand your business.

Blind drop ship is the right option for you?

Dropshippers: The answer is a resounding YES. This prevents the vendor selling directly to you. Your business’ survival depends on your customers buying the product from you and not the supplier.

Keep your relationship healthy with clear expectations, constant communication and a healthy relationship between you and suppliers. Respect the supplier’s cooperation and ask them if they are able to help with inserting promotional material.

Keep in mind that even though it may sound complicated, keep things simple. You can be resourceful in your search for a solution, and you can work with shippers and suppliers. Things can then flow seamlessly.

Shopify: Blind Drop Ship

Blind drop shipping is a great way to ship for another trading partner (ie. Use your customer’s name, logo and return address to ship orders to your end consumer using Shopify standard and the optional app Order Printer.

First, you need to get your partner’s company name. This can be either the legal name or the operating name of the company that you plan to ship for. Next, you will need to obtain the logo (in JPG/PNG format). If you already have these information, you can download the Order Printer App if it has not been installed in your store. Click “Add template” in the Order Printer app. You can use the pre-existing packing slip as a guide and then edit the template to add your logo and name.

The template should have areas that are able to display the logo and company name on the packing slip. You can replace the image source with a URL to your customer’s logo and the company name or text you prefer. The trading partner’s name should be used as the packing slip. Watch out for orders from drop shipping trading partners when you ship orders. Orders will start with “Drop Ship:” depending on how you do it now. Choose the template that is associated with the partner. When you print packing slips for your partner, you will need to put their name on it.

This tip is a quick one that will allow you to blind ship for your customers. It won’t require any process changes, IT headaches, or extra expense. is a link to the Shopify help document on the topic.

We hope that you found some value in this article. We will create a new article explaining how to take advantage of similar approaches on other platforms if we come across them.


Dropshippers that are struggling with inventory or branding issues will find blind shipping an attractive option. The right approach will help you grow your business and build a network of partners that can work together, despite being short of resources.

This is the beauty and power of dropshipping and eCommerce. People can come together to make a profit, even though they live across continents.

Start a blind dropship now to increase your eCommerce skills. You can leave any comments or suggestions below. I’ll be sure to review them all. All the best!

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