SaleHoo vs Oberlo Dropshipping Comparison

Oberlo and eCommerce platform SaleHoo have a dropshipping tool. SaleHoo has a dropshipping tool , while SaleHoo has a dropshipping tool . is a directory of high-profit wholesale suppliers. There are many other important differences, including price, features and customer service.


Of course, we are often asked about the differences between Oberlo and SaleHoo. They’re very similar. Both companies can help you set up an online store. There are differences between Oberlo and SaleHoo that you need to be aware of before you make your final decision. Both companies can help dropship but in different ways. We just want to know which company is better: Oberlo or SaleHoo. Which product offers the most features? Which product will be the best for my ecommerce store? Let’s get started, shall we?

General Overview

Before we dive into the details, let us take a look at some of the key differences between Oberlo and SaleHoo. We will be highlighting other differences between SaleHoo and Oberlo, including the fact Oberlo has a dropshipping tool while SaleHoo offers both a directory and dropship tool.


Oberlo and SaleHoo may look similar on the surface. But, when you dig deeper to find out what features each product offers, you’ll discover that they offer unique value to their customers. We have done a side-by-side comparison of each product’s features. Below are screenshots to give you an idea of what you will get when you purchase each product.

Dropship tool

We’ll first compare Oberlo and SaleHoo’s dropshipping tools. SaleHoo’s dropship products and Oberlo’s dropship products offer an automated product import from AliExpress to your Shopify shop. Each product can be set up with just one click, provided that you have an AliExpress or Shopify account. Each product can be edited to change the description, price, variant, image and title. Oberlo’s Dropship products allow you to organize your products by creating collections.

What are the differences? It comes down to two key things: Automated order fulfillment and vetted suppliers.

SaleHoo only sells products from trusted suppliers. This means you don’t have to worry about selling low-quality products or products made by people with poor business ethics. Dropshipping is possible on AliExpress. If you select a product that looks great in photos, but is poor quality or defective when it arrives at your customer’s doorstep, it can damage your business’ credibility. You will have to handle returns and refunds, but the customer may not return to your store again to buy anything else. Not only does this waste time and effort, but it also damages your company’s reputation and trustworthiness. All of this can be avoided by selecting reputable AliExpress products that have been filtered by SaleHoo. SaleHoo also allows you to filter suppliers by price, shipping address, and delivery time. This is particularly important for dropshipping. Customers won’t be pleased if they wait 40 days to receive a basic phone case. SaleHoo takes care of all these issues so that you don’t have stress about what your customers will get when they receive their order.

Oberlo can automate order fulfillment. Oberlo’s dropshipping tool allows you to automatically fulfill orders that you have placed on AliExpress. Oberlo takes a commission on each order, but users quickly pointed this out. Oberlo takes up to 6% commission for every order that is fulfilled through Oberlo,” states Michael Peter Y, a reviewer at g2. This could impact margins and force you to raise your selling price. Automated order fulfillment can be dangerous because information isn’t double-checked and automated. This is especially true with so many product choices. You might not even be notified that the wrong product is being sent to your address. Is it fair to ask a customer to arrange a return for a product they haven’t ordered? Relying on third parties for order fulfillment can be problematic if they experience bugs or other issues. Trustpilot customers have reviewed Oberlo and found that the app is plagued by bugs and other issues. Many of the orders I place don’t go through so I have to enter the address manually. This app was created to help me save time and simplify fulfillment, but it doesn’t really save much. When I contact customer service, they give me the same copy-paste answers every time.

Oberlo does not clearly indicate when their customer service is available. SaleHoo also offers 24/7 customer support. SaleHoo guarantees 100% satisfaction. If you are not satisfied with their products, you can get a full refund within 60-days of purchase.

Screenshots of Dropship Tool – SaleHoo Vs Oberlo

Below are the current screenshots for the Oberlo Dropship and SaleHoo Dropship tools. Both tools are similar in terms of what they offer. However, SaleHoo allows you to import AliExpress products directly to your Shopify store. All products imported from AliExpress are verified from trusted suppliers. Oberlo allows you to import any AliExpress product into your store. You will be responsible for all consequences.

Directory Tool

Oberlo is a more comprehensive dropshipping tool than SaleHoo. SaleHoo has a Directory product that gives you access to over 8,000 suppliers. SaleHoo Labs is a powerful market research tool and can be used to source hot products. There are horror stories of sellers searching endlessly for the right product, or sellers being scammed. SaleHoo ensures that only the best quality products are available from reliable suppliers.

Access to the members forum and email support is also available. You can find suppliers for more than 2,500,000 brands and products in the directory. If you don’t find what your looking for, you can contact their support staff who will help you locate it. The SaleHoo Directory, a well-known product, was launched in 2005. It has helped over 130,000 people worldwide start and grow their online business by connecting them with low-cost, profitable suppliers.

Dropshippers, wholesalers and liquidators can all be found here. Filtering by location allows you to filter suppliers by whether they ship internationally or not and the minimum order quantity. The long-standing favorite of experienced online sellers, SaleHoo Directory is still a popular choice. According to a review by, “SaleHoo’s Directory is made up authorized dealers, which means that you are getting the best sellers.” It offers a Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating for all suppliers. This eliminates risk and ensures safety.


Oberlo is more expensive than SaleHoo. You need to consider not only the monthly or annual price but also the commissions they may charge for each order. SaleHoo charges $27 USD per month to automate the import of high-profit AliExpress products. They use trusted suppliers and have been vetted. Your personal 24/7 email support and 100% satisfaction guarantee will be provided. You can also return your money within 60 days. Oberlo offers a free plan with limited features, or a $29.90 USD monthly option that allows you to automate AliExpress product imports into your store. Oberlo’s pricing is similar to other options, but some users feel that Oberlo’s price is too high. Farhan A, , a reviewer on g2 said that Oberlo charges a monthly fee of $29.90 USD. This option allows you to automate AliExpress product imports into your store.

SaleHoo’s Directory offers a flat fee for a year of $67 USD or a lifetime fee for $127 USD. They charge $47 USD for their Educate product which provides exclusive ecommerce training videos. You can return any product you are unhappy with within 60 days. SaleHoo offers quick, 24/7 customer support for all its products. Rober Rowling, a reviewer at said that SaleHoo’s support staff is “excellent”. He added that they have many listings and are authentic. Their service is worth the extra cost.

Customer Service

Dropshipping is a new business venture and you need to be able to provide support and customer service. It is not a good idea to spend too much time working on your online shop and forget about the important things. An issue that can be resolved with customer service expertise shouldn’t become a frustrating nightmare.

There is a significant difference between Oberlo’s and SaleHoo’s customer services. Reviewers have noted this in their responses. Oberlo’s website doesn’t clearly indicate when their customer service staff is available. SaleHoo, however, offers 24/7 customer support. Trustpilot stated that “If they have a problem, it takes at least 24 hours for them to respond to you on the live’ chat. It is absolutely useless to have a customer breathing down you neck.

A Trustpilot reviewer who was SaleHoo, however, pointed out the benefits of having 24/7 customer support, especially for those times when you need to make quick decisions in order to run your business. The reviewer said that the team was responsive and provided tons of information. They answered all my questions, and provided a multitude of URLs for me to review the answers. It made it easy for me to make a decision quickly.

SaleHoo vs Oberlo Reviews

Both Oberlo and SaleHoo are popular in dropshipping and online businesses. There are many online reviews that have rated each company. We compare the top review sites to see which ones have the highest ratings and what actual users think about each product.