How to Use Oberlo to Find Dropshipping Products?

It can be difficult to decide when searching for products online.

We aim to eliminate the guesswork involved in finding a product and allow you to make data-driven business decisions about which products will be most effective for your company.

We have therefore added actionable product statistics for all Oberlo product listings.

We’ll be discussing the data points and features we have added and how to use them to your advantage.

How to Locate Products on Oberlo Using Data

These are the key data points to consider when selecting a product.

Star Ratings and Review Counts

Oberlo will show you a star rating for each listing when you search for products. It ranges from 0-5 stars.

We’ve also added the review count, which is the total number of reviews left for each product, to the star rating.

This statistic will allow you to determine how reliable the current star rating. For example, if a product gets 5 stars from 100 reviews, it is likely that it is high quality.

This doesn’t mean that products with fewer reviews are less reliable – they might just be new to Oberlo.

The star ratings and reviews will allow you to see how products are received by your target audience. This can help you decide which products to add to your store.

Order Count

When you are looking for new products to add to your store, we want you know how many orders each product has received. This information will allow you to determine how competitive a product might be and how popular it is with your target audience.

Click on any product listing to see the order count for the last 6 months.

This data has been compiled to assist you in making better selections during the selection process.


Entrepreneurs often ask: “How do I determine if a product’s competitiveness?”

Every entrepreneur who depends on Oberlo Dropshipping wants to be transparent, so we have added our imports data into our product listings.

Oberlo allows you to search for any product and see all the Oberlo merchants that are selling it. If a product listing has 100 imports it means that 100 Oberlo stores have imported the product.

Our imports data will also help you understand how many entrepreneurs are creating the orders you’ll see on our product statistics.

Longevity and Feedback from Suppliers

Finding a great product is just one step towards making your business operational.

After you have chosen the product you wish to sell, it is time to assess the reliability of the supplier. You want your customers to be satisfied with the product they order.

Enter Oberlo’s supplier data.

While viewing products in Oberlo, you can see the positive feedback percentage of suppliers and how long they’ve been active on the platform.Essentially, this data shows just how good a supplier is in terms of communication, shipping speed, and sending items as described.

Pro tip: Oberlo users have recently been able to access variant mapping. This allows you to reduce stock-outs, and replace products that are no longer available with cheaper and better versions depending on their availability. Variant Mapping is available here.

Summary: Where to find products on Oberlo

All of these data points have been combined with one goal: To help you succeed.

You can learn a lot about a product by using the information that is available on each listing. We recommend that you dive in and get started learning.

These are the key data points to help you find top-quality products on Oberlo.

  1. Analyze review counts and star ratings
  2. Check the order count of products
  3. Check out how many times a product was imported.
  4. To find reliable vendors, you should check the supplier’s feedback and track record.

All Oberlo users can access these product statistics for free.

Sign in if you already have an account and use our search function. Sign up to Oberlo if you are new to the site . It takes just a few minutes and is completely free.