How to Find The Best Dropshipping Suppliers on Aliexpress?

Is it possible for Aliexpress to locate the best suppliers of dropshipping products from Aliexpress to ebay? Yes! It is easy if you are familiar with the key parameters. To make it easier, we have created this checklist.

Aliexpress had 528 million visitors as of January 2021. Its popularity is increasing. It is still a popular eCommerce site that attracts buyers as well as sellers online. They can resell their products through other online shops or marketplaces.

Many people are still searching for answers to the following questions: Is Aliexpress secure? Is Aliexpress safe for you to purchase from? Is it reliable? How do you find reliable and trustworthy Aliexpress suppliers?

All these questions are answered in plain English.

Let’s find out why and how Aliexpress can help you find the right supplier.

Is Aliexpress secure?

Aliexpress is safe and reliable. Alibaba owns it. It boasts more than 528,000,000 visitors, who will spend $72 billion by 2021. Although their products might be of a lower quality, AliExpress offers a buyer protection program that makes them even more secure than eBay. Aliexpress promises its customers that they will refund all money received if the product does not arrive in the time or as described.

Even if a seller refuses money back for any reason, all disputes and refund requests are taken into consideration by Aliexpress marketplace (not the vendor) and always helped. All orders placed directly through Aliexpress are protected.

It’s not a false promise. It was something I verified and received a complete refund on several items.Aliexpress’ buyer protection program is an example

Site accepts only well-known payment methods so you don’t have to worry.

It is important to learn how to locate the best Aliexpress vendors. This will allow you to avoid being sued and protect your Aliexpress buyer. Dropshipping via Aliexpress is possible on eBay, Shopify and other platforms.

Continue reading to learn the steps.

Why is it so important to find trustworthy Aliexpress sellers for drop-shipping?

Dropshipping on eBay requires that you source quality products from reliable suppliers. Dropshipping a product of poor quality can result in a lower return rate. Also, the supplier that you choose to buy from must deliver on time.

To be successful in dropshipping, it is essential to know how to locate the best Aliexpress vendors. This knowledge will allow you to not only work with trusted Aliexpress vendors, but also provide better customer service.

Your eBay seller level has an impact on how much organic traffic you receive when you do eBay Dropshipping. It is determined by parameters related to the level of service that you offer to your customers.The seller hub shows the eBay seller level metrics.

A bad product and unreliable Aliexpress sellers could result in more open cases, returns requests, late shipments, and even closures. This is the simple math: lower seller levels equals lower traffic equals fewer Sales.

Aliexpress suppliers will handle all your orders and ensure that the product quality is high. Your supplier can also answer any additional questions your customer might have about your product.

Dropshippers should only deal with reliable and trustworthy suppliers. It is possible to do this. You just need to be aware of the criteria that will allow you to choose the best suppliers.

The most trustworthy supplier vs. most profitable supplier

Dropshipping with Ali Express is a great way to maximize your profit.

This is done by finding a high-quality product, then sourcing it through cheaper but still reliable Aliexpress sellers. This is possible because Ali Express, just like other marketplaces has many sellers who may be selling the same item.

The seller of the product generated 2216 reviews and sold it 6420 more times. This is the top AliExpress seller for this product, and it’s also probably the most reliable.Aliexpress’ top seller

However, you can find not only the most well-known AliExpress seller, but many other suppliers as part of the product sourcing process using the sniping method (I put a hyperlink to it a few paragraphs above).This guide shows you how to find AliExperss sellers that are the most affordable for the same product.

Your judgment is key in choosing the most reliable and affordable AliExpress suppliers.

There is no right or wrong choice, there are no guidelines on which product to choose. However, it is important to first understand the consequences of working with or sourcing a poor product.

These are the parameters that will help Aliexpress find the best dropshippers:

Dropshippers often use the following steps to find an Aliexpress trusted supplier.

Dropshipping is a new trend among many online sellers. They only have one criteria for choosing a seller. They are guided only by the price. However, there are other important factors that can help you find the best Aliexpress suppliers to dorpshipping.

These tips will help you determine if an Aliexpress seller is trustworthy.

How do you find top AliExpress sellers?

Aliexpress top sellers are verified sellers who have built their top-rated Ali Express stores. They either rebrand themselves or source quality products directly from an authorized seller. They are highly ranked and have many positive feedbacks. They are well-known for their outstanding post-sales service and offer great guarantees.

If you’re already on the product page, or below the product image in the search, the TOP BRAND sign will help you locate them.Sign of top Aliexpress sellers

You can sort vendors by the number of orders in the search results. This is one way to find reliable Aliexpress suppliers. Simply type the product name in the search bar, and then select the filter “Sort By Orders”.Sort by Orders to find top Aliexpress sellers

Below the product photo, you can see the total number of orders. You can check a few to continue your search for a dropshipping vendor.

Verify the product’s quality

Aliexpress has a product page that allows you to see the reviews of the product. Each product has a score section as well as a section that contains the written feedback. The score section is located below the product title on a product pages. The score is based on the range from 0 to 5 stars.Aliexpress seller with positive reviews

The feedback section contains messages left by customers who have ordered this product and the AliExpress supplier. It often contains photos that buyers have taken. You can look at them to see if the product matches the description and images.Aliexpress product page has section for customer reviews

Dropshipping beginners should focus on products that have a minimum of four stars, at least two written reviews, and at most 50-100 orders.

To resolve any doubts regarding the item’s quality, shipping time and communication with the seller, you can also check out the negative reviews. Buyers can be very picky. Consider switching to another vendor if you have the same problem as described in product feedbacks.

Learn how to save and find pictures from product reviews. You will need them later for eBay Search Engine optimization. To zoom in on the image and view the product more clearly, click the button. This will allow you to assess the product’s quality before you dropship it.

AliExpress Suppliers offer a variety of shipping methods.

Dropshipping via eBay is difficult for suppliers that don’t offer good shipping options.

To find the best AliExpress vendor for your product, you will need to first check the shipping and price. To determine the shipping cost, you must first know what the minimum requirements are.

Let’s take a look at what to pay attention when selecting the best Aliexpress dropshippers:

Dropshippers should choose the most reliable and fastest shipping service, which would also be cost-free or affordable.AliExpress sellers offer shipping solutions. Click here to learn more

A tracking number is the best way to determine if a shipping method works.

Trackable shipments should be shipped via air cargo. This includes the EPacket delivery option. Shipping options without tracking numbers must be shipped via sea cargo.

Avoid shipping methods that do not offer tracking numbers. If you do not provide a tracking number, buyers can claim that the order was lost.

Find out which delivery options provide tracking information in this guide about Aliexpress standard Shipping (compare with other shipping methods).

Additionally, eBay’s seller metrics include valid tracking numbers that have been uploaded on time. You can’t provide tracking numbers if you don’t want to. The lower your seller level, the less you will get organic traffic from eBay.Aliexpress offers several shipping options


You can also use the ePacket looker Aliexpress extension to display the sellers that offer ePacket shipping.This screenshot shows how ePacket extension works

ePacket, however, isn’t the only shipping option that offers a reliable and fast service. Other shipping companies such as UPS Expedited and e-EMS offer a reliable and fast service. Aliexpress standard shipping can also be quite reliable but tends to ship later.

Before you list an item that ships to other countries, ensure your AliExpess seller is shipping there. Click on the box with countries to do this.Aliexpress shipping companies in countries and countries

Be sure to check the Buyer Protection and Returns policies

Attention: Aliexpress suppliers may cooperate with local return service providers in your destination country and offer local returns for free. They are however rare. If you do find such a seller you should verify his/her reliability so you are able to trust him/her.Aliexpress has buyer protection and return terms

It is highly recommended to only work with Aliexpress sellers that offer buyer protection.

What is Aliexpress Buyer Protect?

Aliexpress Buyer Protection is a standard set of guarantees known as Buyer Guarantees. It protects customers from unreliable Aliexpress seller and poor shopping experience. This guarantees a full refund in the event that the item doesn’t arrive or is damaged during shipping.

AliExpress’s Buyer Protection begins at the time of product purchase. It is shown on the order information My Orders page. It ends 15 days after the buyer confirms that the order has been received. It is possible to extend it by submitting the Purchase Protection Extension request.Aliexpress Buyer Protection Time

AliExpress will refund your money if you are not satisfied with the product within the Buyer Protection Period. After the claim process is complete, you can request a refund. You can also request a partial refund if the item does not match the Aliexpress product description.

This guarantee does not affect your rights as a consumer under any mandatory laws or regulations in your country.Dropshipping is a great option from Aliexpress.

AliExpress Returns

Aliexpress sellers that offer free returns will display the icon on their item details pages. AliExpress buyer protection is available by submitting a dispute to Aliexpress. You can manage all actions related to Aliexpress orders, including tracking, cancellation, refund dispute, and opening a return/refund claim from the My Orders section of My account > My Orders.

Aliexpress sellers can’t agree with you, even though they have checked all your requests. Aliexpress will review all your requests and may be able to assist you. You have a better chance of getting a refund if you provide enough proofs.

My personal experience with Aliexpress has shown that they are reliable and that their protection program works well. My refund requests were all approved. All the information I provided in my refund requests (screenshots and tracking information, etc.) was correct. Aliexpress supported me. Even when I was denied by the sellers, Aliexpress supported me. They shipped my item longer than they promised or delivered it at another address.

AliExpress reimbursed me for multiple orders even though the sellers didn’t seem to care about them.Aliexpress’ buyer protection program is an example

You can also cancel an Aliexpress order by opening the My Orders section and finding the order you wish to cancel. Click on View Details in the upper left corner of your order to cancel or open a request for refund. Select the reason you need and give as much detail and evidence as possible. Click here to cancel your Aliexpress order

Check out the AliExpress store performance

You can then look through the Aliexpress suppliers overview. Simply hold the mouse over the store title of the seller to do this. The seller’s performance will be displayed. This includes their positive feedback rate, communication speed, and item as described rate.Overview of AliExpress sellers

Dropshipping beginners should avoid Aliexpress sellers that have less than 95% positive feedback.

It would be ideal if all three criteria were green in seller’s performance.

A sign indicating the Top Brands sign is located near the store’s name is another good indicator. Aliexpress’ best sellers are the top brands. This sign is awarded to the top sellers who sell high quality products and have a great seller rating.

To check the seller’s supplier score, install the Aliexpress Chrome extension. It appears at the bottom left corner. You will also be able to see the best sellers for the item you are looking for if the seller rating for that item is lower.AliTools Chrome extension allows you to get the Aliexpress seller rating

Alitools uses its internal metrics to rate sellers and display detailed descriptions. This helps you make the right choice. This is a smart decision when you are looking to purchase any product from this website. This can help you decide whether or not to purchase from the seller.

You can also write to an Aliexpress seller with any questions. You can ask questions such as how long it takes to get your product back in stock, and what his handling time is. You will also get information about how long it takes for the seller to respond to customers.

Final lines

That’s it! Collaborating with trusted Aliexpress sellers can help you build a dropshipping business and increase your seller rating. It will also reduce product cancellations.