CJdropshipping Review – Reputed Vendor from China

Dropshipping is a way for businesses to open a store without any inventory. Dropshipping solutions have increased in popularity, which opens up more possibilities for entrepdreneurs of all sizes.

If you are not familiar with dropshipping, I will briefly explain it to you. Dropshipping allows you to choose items from various suppliers that can be sold in your online store. Dropshippers will be notified when your customer places an order to fulfill the order and ship the products that the customer has ordered.

You pay a supplier a base price, while the seller marks up the items to make a profit.

You need to assess your options when considering partnering with dropshipping partners. CJdropshipping provides all of your dropshipping needs.

This CJDropshipping Review will examine their capabilities and the pros and cons.

CJdropshipping Review

CJdropshipping, a Chinese company that offers dropshipping services, is located in China. They are able to find products and process orders quickly, as well as fulfill each order.

It also offers API support, affiliate program, photo-video service, warehouse service, and many other services. CJdropshipping is a combination of Oberlo and AliExpress.

CJdroppshipping is known for its no-fee approach. This is why so many choose to work with them. CJdroppshipping charges no storage fees, monthly subscriptions or minimum order quantities. There are also no setup fees. There are no fees for each item sold.

CJ Dropshipping Delivery Time

Dropshipping from China to other countries might be possible if you choose e-Packet. It is fast and cheap, and can reach almost all the countries. In recent times, e-Packet is no longer available. This means that your business is at risk. E-Packet has gone out of business. After many waves of price inflation, e-Packet’s price is now uncompetitive. This is not even considering the inexplicable delays caused by backlogs from the quarantine.

Shipping fees have decreased slowly since May. The recovery of flights has resulted in shipping fees decreasing slowly since May. This affects the dropshipping margin and price heavily. E-Packet and China Post Registered Air Mail announced a new wave of price increases.

Is there a shipping option that is both fast and affordable? CJPacket can be a great solution for dropshipping in this current environment.

What is CJPacket exactly?

CJPacket, a shipping line created by CJdropshipping, is a unique one. CJPacket packages will be shipped by special airlines and trucks to provide a better experience while under quarantine. This will significantly reduce the delivery time. It takes 7-12 days to deliver your package to the US. This is faster than any other shipping method like ePacket. However, the cost is still lower.

CJPacket is faster and more affordable than other options. CJPacket sublines might be quicker for some countries, especially if it is a particular line to a country.

CJPacket is able to reach 18 countries by July 2020. You can see the list of countries available.

Shipping Lines that Deliver Faster

Dropshipping under quarantine is first and foremost about delivery time. I compared the prices and efficiency of lines to major countries and chose those that were more efficient.

(Note: Shipping times are not included in the above section if there is inventory at CJ warehouse. Otherwise, it will take 24-48h. If not, it will take 3-5 days.

North America

Dropshipping is a big business in the USA.

CJPacket is recommended for ordinary products that are shipped to the US. Delivery takes 7-12 days and is the same time as before the quarantine. CJPacket YDS US, or USPS is a suboptimal option. USPS delivers two days quicker, takes 10-20 days to deliver, but costs less than one dollar. If the products are in stock at our US warehouses the USPS+ delivery time is 2-7 business days.

CJPacket 7-12 Day Trial

CJPacket YDS US 12-22 Day

USPS 10-20 days

USPS+ 2-7 days

Canada is still experiencing delays today. There are many backlogs at local post offices. Recent orders take between 15 and 25 days.

CJPacket 15-25 Day Trial

Mexico was affected by the ecommerce promotion over the past two month. CJPaket, CJPacket Ordinary or CJPacket Sensitive deliver the goods in approximately 15-25 days.

CJPacket/CJPacket YW Ordinary/CJPacket YW Sensitive 15-25 Days


CJPacket Australia is the best option for Australia. It takes 8-14 days while CJPacket, CJPacket YW Ordinary and CJPacket YW Sensitive can take 1-2 days.

CJPacket Australia 8-14 Day

CJPacket 9-15 Day

CJPacket Ordinary 10-16 Days

CJPacket 10-16 Day Sensitive YW


CJPacket Sensitive GB, which takes 7-12 business days, is the best option for the UK. The delivery time is very promising because the line with the country’s name is unique. CJPacket Euro Ordinary and CJPacket Euro Ordinary offer efficiency. If your package is more than 3kg you can choose CJPacket. Delivery time is between 8-12 days.

CJPacket Sensitive GBG 7-12 Days

CJPacket/CJPacket Euro Ordinary 8-12 Day

CJPacket Euro Ordinary is the best option for France, Germany and Italy. It is also available in Belgium. Delivery takes 7-14 days. CJPacket YW Ordinary and CJPacket YW Ordinary are next. Delivery takes approximately 8-16 days.

CJPacket Euro Ordinary 7-14 days

CJPacket/CJPacket Ordinary 8-16 Days

CJPacket, which delivers to Spain, Denmark and Sweden in 9-18 days, is the best choice for the Netherlands.

CJPacket 9-18 Day

Southeast Asia

CJPacket JL Express is the preferred line to Southeast Asia. It takes 4-8 days from Thailand to Singapore, 6-12 days from Singapore and 7-14 days for Malaysia to reach Malaysia.

CJPacket JL Express 7-14 days

Shipping costs comparison

Dropshippers are also concerned about shipping costs. Shipping fees have risen sharply since the emergence of COVID-19. CJPacket offers a competitive price, while other shipping methods are increasing in cost.

It’s easy to see the shipping charges if you check the product page. Click on the country you wish to ship to and you’ll see all available shipping options and their respective costs.

(Note: This Estimated Delivery Times has not been updated as the delivery times vary day to day. Please refer to the delivery times given above. )

The results show that CJPacket lines have a significant advantage over other lines. CJPacket shipping costs for this product weighing 100g are $4.50 and USPS $5.65 respectively, ePacket $5.58 and other lines are much higher.

CJPacket charged $12.64 for this backpack, which weighed 730g. It was shipped approximately 2 times by PostNL and about $30 by DHL. EMS. e-Packet costs $15.61 and is $3 more than CJPacket.

You can check Shipping cost calculation. If you don’t set it correctly, your final dropshipping costs will differ. Shipping costs are affected by more than weight and destination country. This column is often overlooked.

There are 15 options boxes. Different lines are available for different attributes. All lines can ship normal products. When you choose electronic, the number of lines available is reduced to 13.

If you select liquids, the lines available turn to 2.

You can either tell yourself about the product attribute or consult our product descriptions.

The Product Attributes can be found on the product page. This product’s attribute is Electronic. You can use Shipping Cost Calculation if you check the attribute. The weight is 344g.

CJPacket will offer a second price promotion within weeks. Delivery times will be quicker. CJPacket is now available. Get a faster shipping service .

How CJdropshipping Works

CJdropshipping has been a top dropshipping company worldwide. Their site has over a million visits per month and they have 260,000 users. Shopify merchants have the ability to import products into their stores. CJdropshipping will then deliver the products directly to customers.

CJdropshipping is still very popular.

  • Each month, they fulfill 1 million orders.
  • In their supply chain, there are more than 200 000 items.
  • Shopify has been trusted by more than 60,000 merchants and 260,000 users.
  • CJPacket is their global logistics provider. Most orders are shipped within 7-14 business days. This is about a week faster than the average time for most of its competitors.
  • Integration with Shopee and eBay, WooCommerce and Shopify.
  • They offer video shooting, POD and free sourcing.
  • CJdropshipping warehouses can be found in the USA, Thailand, Germany Jinhua Yiwu Shenzen and other international locations.

CJdropshipping is based on a simple concept. CJdropshipping fulfils and delivers the items while store sites sell them.

This is how the process looks:

  1. They source products. CJdropshipping allows you to submit your product sourcing requests. They will work with their suppliers in order to locate those items. You can request that the item you are looking for be added to CJ’s product catalogue, even if it isn’t yet in stock.
  2. CJdropshipping keeps product inventories. CJdropshipping stocks items so that shops don’t have to. CJdropshipping has warehouses all over the world. These are where inventories are kept. Dropshippers have the option to purchase overseas stock in advance if desired. This can significantly reduce shipping times. Stock is free.
  3. They conduct quality checks. CJdropshipping quality checks every product before it’s sent to customers.
  4. CJdropshipping ships orders. Their app allows integration with other eCommerce platforms. This allows you to automatically manage your product inventories.
  5. CJdropshipping delivers purchased products directly to your customers. All items purchased by your clients are delivered directly to their homes. CJdropshipping can fulfill orders as soon as they are placed. You can get your items delivered in as little as four days if the CJPacket is signed up (their alternative for ePacket).

You can manage all these steps using their mobile app. Just a few clicks are all it takes to import products to your store.


CJdropshipping will likely have it, no matter what product you are selling. You can also choose from thousands of print-on-demand products or add your own designs to personalize those products.

After you have listed products in your online shop, you can also bundle SKUs to create product packages. These are the key features CJdropshipping has to offer:

No order restrictions, no application fees

WooCommerce and Shopify are compatible with CJdropshipping. CJdropshipping is now available in the Shopify App Store.

The CJdropshipping application is free to download and install. To do this, you don’t require any technical knowledge. It makes it easy to track orders and place them.

Affordable prices

Prices for items on AliExpress and CJdropshipping are the same. After you have sold more than 50 units per day, you can negotiate with CJdropshipping to get a lower price.

Shipping quickly

CJdropshipping offers this advantage. You have several shipping options. You can find most of the stock items you want to list in your store at CJdropshipping warehouses throughout the United States. You can use local USPS shipping because of this.

CJdropshipping offers the CJPacket shipping option, which delivers your items within five to fifteen days. USPS+ ships products from China’s warehouses in about four to eight business day on average. You also have ePacket and many other options. These are the main choices.

Processing times are quick

Dropshipping via AliExpress has one major problem: AliExpress sellers often become dropshippers. A consumer will place an order and then order the item from a supplier.

Some suppliers have minimum order requirements. This means your order may not be processed for several days until the minimum is met. This could mean that your order won’t be processed for up to a week.

CJdropshipping usually processes orders in one to three business day. Because they store many of their products in warehouses all over the globe, they can process orders much faster. Orders for products not in their warehouses can take up to three to five days to process. This is still a reasonable time frame compared to AliExpress’s order process.

Quality control

CJdropshipping uses Quality Control to inspect each item before shipping. This is to make sure clients don’t receive defective or damaged merchandise. It can be a hit and miss based on other user experiences I’ve read. CJdropshipping cannot do much if suppliers are providing poor quality items.

Quality control is an integral part of the company’s operations. CJdropshipping will inspect each item before it ships. Items sent to CJdropshipping from their suppliers partners may incur a small charge for quality checks.

Large inventory

CJdropshipping offers a wide range of high-quality products. CJdropshipping is a preferred supplier to AliExpress.

Pay special attention to the section “Trending Products”. This section contains many items that active dropshippers are selling regularly because of customer demand.

Products featuring videos

CJdropshipping also offers videos of different products. These videos are made in the production studio. These videos are available for free to Facebook advertisers and other companies.

If you wish, you can request a photo shoot. You can request exclusive photos or a video. The $150 fee for exclusive rights to the video is payable. Prices for other services may vary depending on your needs. Although the videos won’t be Instagram-worthy, they are still good quality considering they were created in CJdropshipping Studios.

You can order items

They will source any item you request. Simply give them the URL of your product. For most businesses, you can start with five sourcing requests per daily. Based on how many products you have sold through CJdropshipping, the actual number of sourcing requests you can make is dependent on how many.

To increase the number of sourcing requests, you can buy a paid plan.

Option for custom packaging

Custom packaging is another useful feature. You can make your dropshipping business stand out from the rest by creating your brand. You can easily create your brand by branding your packaging using “blank products”, which you don’t sell.

There are many options. Sometimes, all that is needed to increase perceived value is to add your logo to a container. Another service you can avail is product etching and engraved.

Talk to an agent

After you begin selling, you will be assigned your own agent. The agent assigned to you will be your primary contact person. You will usually be in touch via Skype.

Dropshipping agents can make your company a success. Agents are your eyes and ears. Good agents will help you with product questions and concerns. They can also send product photos if needed. Agents can tell you what items are doing well.

Chat support

Chatting with a CJdropshipping support team member will take around ten minutes. Dropshipping from China has the advantage of being able to communicate with and contact people who understand English.


CJdropshipping’s print on-demand function, although it is not well-known, is one of its most important features.

You can design the POD products by yourself or your customers.

Warehouses at different locations

All of the CJdropshipping products are available in all countries.

The warehouses of these companies are located in Germany, France and Italy.

Connect with products

All products in your store can be linked with the same CJdropshipping products so that you can order fulfillment. CJdropshipping does not have all the products you are looking for. You can submit a request to source them.

CJdropshipping allows all your stores to be connected simultaneously. It doesn’t matter how many stores you have or manage.

Automatic synchronization of orders

Just one click is all it takes to link the CJdropshipping platform and your e-commerce orders. It simplifies order fulfillment.

Inventory monitoring and tracking

To keep track of all orders, you can use the CJdropshipping dashboard.

Manual orders

Manual orders are easy to make. Simply click on the “Add to Cart” option on the product pages, and then enter your customer shipping details.

Accounts for staff

For large e-commerce stores, individual staff accounts can be created. This will allow you to increase profitability, profit, and overall revenue.

Review of product

Customers feel more confident buying online if they have read customer reviews. A product’s reviews will make customers feel more confident and more convinced.Example of an import product listing and review.

CJdropshipping products can be listed and product reviews imported.

Upload orders via CSV files

Excel files can also be imported to fulfill bulk orders. This can be done via the dropshipping centre dashboard.

Automated invoices

CJdropshipping will automatically create invoices for all items purchased.

Bundle SKU

Combining related products into one may be an option. You can combine SKUs from different products into one SKU. This will allow you to bundle products and speed up your order fulfillment.Exemple of bundling products

You can bundle similar products by using “buy one, get two” pricing.

Combining orders

A combined order can include multiple items ordered by the client. This can result in significant shipping cost savings.

Split orders

Some shipping companies do not allow shipping above a certain weight. For example, ePacket won’t allow you to send items weighing less than 2000g. CJdropshipping lets you split your orders into multiple packages so you don’t have to worry.

Holding inventory

CJdropshipping allows you to store your items for free. Companies that pre-order large quantities of items and wish to speed up order processing often use this option.

Shipping calculator

CJdropshipping’s product shipping calculator is one of its most valuable tools. It can be used to calculate shipping costs using product weight and dimensions.

Enter the details of your product. The expected delivery time will be displayed. The shipping costs and fees for international orders will also be displayed.


CJdropshipping can be integrated with many popular websites. CJdropshipping integrates well with eBay and WooCommerce, Shopify, Shopee, Shopify and ShipStation.CJdropshipping can be used to connect WooCommerce stores.

It also contains an API. You can create custom integrations for popular applications by web developers and other people with coding knowledge.

Fulfillment & Order Management

CJdropshipping handles all aspects of shipping and fulfillment. CJdropshipping will take care of all the details so that your customers receive the correct items. A tracking number will be provided to you so that your clients and you can track the order’s progress.

CJdropshipping gives you more control over the fulfillment of your orders. You can, for example, combine or split orders to save shipping costs. CJdropshipping will only need to know that you want to combine items in the same shipping box.

CJdropshipping can take up to four business days to fulfil orders from their product warehouses.

They have the advantage of shipping via CJPacket. CJPacket’s CJdropshipping shipping option is what AliExpress is to ePacket. CJPacket costs less and clients receive their packages faster.

You can also choose from other shipping options. CJPacket is not mandatory. CJdropshipping will not accept any dispute requests without a tracking number.

They currently have warehouses in thirty countries, including the United States. You can find all their warehouse locations by hovering over the “Warehouses” link in their top menu.


You can open a CJdropshipping Account for free and link it to your store. Additional services like custom packaging, labels and logos will cost you extra. View all fees for services here. Only items that are sent to CJdropshipping’s US warehouse will incur warehouse fees.

All of their base prices are included in their product catalog. Your profit margins are equal to your prices less the item costs and shipping cost. Shipping costs and base price for domestically shipped products do not count.

These additional services and orders can be paid in eight ways. PayPal and credit cards are the most popular methods of payment. You can find all payment options here.

What is included in the free service? What is included in the free service?

What are the features that you will pay? You’ll need to pay for Your private stock, Fulfillment fees, Request for additional sourcing limits, Video and image shooting service, Custom packaging, and Processing fees for fulfillment.

CJdropshipping Pros & Cons

Here are the main advantages and disadvantages of CJdropshipping.


  • The mobile app is very user-friendly. You can use it to get information about the latest products or to import items.
  • It is free to join. As soon as you are ready, you can begin selling your items.
  • The impressive product catalogue offers thousands of products in multiple product categories.
  • You can also customize and sell thousands of print-on-demand products.
  • If you want, you can customize the packaging and add your brand.
  • CJdropshipping Google Chrome extension is available.
  • Quality can be checked on all products. This will ensure your clients get the best quality products.
  • With their global warehouses, you can expand your market reach and receive fast shipping on all orders.
  • CJdropshipping is used by many well-known couriers. CJPacket is CJdropshipping’s shipping method. It usually takes a week to deliver your package than USPS, Canada Post or ePacket.
  • An agent will be assigned to you so that you can remain in constant contact.
  • It is an all-inclusive package. It covers everything from sourcing, shipping, and everything in-between.


  • Sometimes, their user interface is too complex. Dropshipping can seem overwhelming and confusing to newcomers.
  • Remember to include processing and warehouse fees for items sold in the US. This applies to all products not stored in American warehouses.
  • CJdropshipping prices are comparable with AliExpress. Although it is the most affordable option, it is not the best. To get the best rates, you may have to rely on bulk shipping via a fulfillment company or hire a private agent.
  • Most annoying is the loading icon for nearly every action in your CJ dashboard.

CJdropshipping Review Conclusion

CJdropshipping offers a wealth of information online, including tutorials and video guides. Each client is assigned a personal agent for no cost. For any questions or additional services, you can always reach them. You can also contact their customer service staff by emailing or calling.

This company excels in areas that other dropshipping services might not be able to reach. This company is a single-stop dropshipping source. Their worldwide shipping is available. You can also add your own designs to their print-on demand service and personalize your order packaging. CJdropshipping’s trusted and flexible features are being used by more than 300,000.

CJdropshipping can be done internationally. There are some limitations regarding CJdropshipping’s performance for customers who live in the United States. Your costs may rise if you have products that are retrieved from other warehouses.

Before you can choose the right platform for you, it is important to compare them all. This CJdropshipping review article aimed to give you enough information to make an informed decision about CJdropshipping. The service has everything you need to start a dropshipping company.

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