Dropified Review Multi-Platform Dropshipping Software

Dropshipping is a popular eCommerce model with low risk and high profits. This is why many entrepreneurs are trying it.

This allows merchants to buy products directly from the manufacturer or wholesaler and then ship them directly to their customers, without ever having to physically handle the product.

Dropshipping is not as simple as it used to be. Dropified is the solution.

Dropified is an automated dropshipping program that allows merchants to run their dropshipping businesses without any hassles.

This Dropified review will cover all aspects of Dropified, including its pricing, features, options, coupons and other details.

What is Dropified?

Dropified was a dropshipping software program that Chase Bowers established in 2015. It was previously known as Shopified. It allows eCommerce businesses to search, buy, manage, import, and ship products to their online stores.

Dropified makes it easy to source products, research products, place orders, manage orders, track orders and review the tracking.

Dropified allows users to automate many tasks and saves them tons of time. Dropified takes care of all the logistics, including packaging and shipping. It has served over 281,000 customers with more than 6 million orders.

Dropified integrates seamlessly with Shopify and WooCommerce as well as AliExpress, CommerceHQ and Alibaba. Merchants can now link products from trusted suppliers to sell them online.

Dropified Features

Dropified is distinguished by many unique features. Dropified’s customers can stay ahead of their competition in eCommerce with these features. These features include:

Profit Dashboard

Dropified offers a dashboard to help you track your profit or loss. Every business owner wants to be a success. This dashboard helps you identify which products are selling well and which ones aren’t.

This feature is not only about profit and money, but it also ensures that shipped items sell for the correct price.

This feature is only available to Premium (Grow Plan), members at the moment.

One-Click Product Import

Dropified’s One Click Product Import allows you to upload product pictures and descriptions directly to your online shop without having to save them first and then copy the descriptions.

Once you’ve scoured the websites of vendors and chosen the products that you wish to sell through your online store, it is time to put them up using their photos and descriptions.

Automatic Fulfillment

This feature automates order fulfillment. This means that forms in stores can be filled automatically with the shipping details by using a Captcha Solver.

This Captcha Solver navigates through the website of the vendor that you wish to order from. It solves captchas, fills out the details, and then moves on.

Dropified offers advanced product search with a tool called AliExtractor. This tool will help you find profitable products by using your search.

It can locate different products, and provide information about the sales volume history as well as vendor ratings for each product. It allows you to make more informed decisions when selecting products to sell in your shop. You can only use this tool to shop on AliExpress.

Import Product Reviews

This feature allows users to import product reviews. It’s as simple as that. It allows you to import product reviews directly from vendor pages into your product pages.

Simply click on the Reviews tab of Dropified’s Product Edit page to set your filter options and click on Import. It’s easy as a stroll in the park.

Imported reviews can increase your conversion rates and credibility. Buyers will be more comfortable with the information because it is true.

Custom Product Description

Instead of writing the product description for each product you wish to sell, you can create customized product descriptions.

Dropified will take care of all the details so you don’t have to think about how to describe your product.

Built-In Image Editor

Dropified is similar to Adobe Photoshop and allows users to crop, resize, or edit images.

You can adjust the brightness or clarity of an image, change the color, or remove logos.

Alerts for Product Price Changes and Availability

This feature helps you avoid losing money. Dropified will keep you informed when prices change or products are not available on the supplier’s website.

This feature will keep you informed about the latest happenings in your market. You can use the Product Price Change Alert to see if your price is dropping or if the supplier has raised it. If this happens, you will need to adjust accordingly.

The Availability Alert will inform you if your product is out-of-stock and whether you should sell it. This alert will help you avoid embarrassing yourself by not displaying products that are out of stock.

Chrome Extension

Dropified’s Chrome Extension was initially created by Chase Bowers for his own personal use. It was designed to automate his tasks and save him time. This feature is relevant to eCommerce businesses and helps automate many aspects such as order placement, tracking shipment, product uploads, order management, and so on.

The Chrome extension allows you to import multiple products from different suppliers into your online store in just one click.

Training and Customer Support

Dropified offers excellent resources through its training centre and YouTube channel. Dropified can be reached via email or live chat to answer most frequently asked questions.

You can also reach them via Facebook Messenger to get quick assistance.

Dropified provides 60 days of training to help dropshippers make a profit.

Dropped Third-party Integrations

Dropified is a partner with many vendors and suppliers, including Shopify and WooCommerce. BigCommerce, CommerceHQ and AliExpress. Costco, Amazon, eBay, Amazon and Alibaba are all examples of dropified’s partnerships. Dropified integrates technologically with them to make it easy and seamless for customers to buy and sell products online.

These third parties can be found in many countries, including China and the USA. There are many suppliers available. This integration makes it possible to shop at different suppliers without needing to source them.

Dropified makes it easy to source products and import the details to your store. You can also place orders directly from vendor websites.

Dropified Pricing

Dropified offers three pricing options: The Research Plan (Build Plan), the Grow Plan (Grow Plan).

The Research Plan is completely free, while Build and Grow plans are available at monthly or yearly prices. You can save more money with the yearly plan, which is also cheaper.

Research Plan

This plan is free and will help you search, source, edit and organize products from all the product marketplaces or vendors.

You get access to Chrome extension, Dropified dashboard and the image editor. It can be used on one account, with no store connection or automatic margin marking up.

You can also save up to 500 products through your custom product boards. This plan includes all training necessary to grow your eCommerce business.

Create a Plan

The Build Plan is $26 per month if it’s billed monthly. It can also be billed annually for $19 per month. You can save $84 by purchasing the yearly package.

This plan is ideal for those who are just starting to automate their eCommerce businesses. It includes all features from the Research Plan plus more.

It can be used on up to two accounts and one store. You can save up to 1000 products by creating custom product boards instead of 500. You can place up 500 orders per month and order from stores.

Grow Plan

For a monthly subscription, the Grow Plan costs $67 per month. It is also available at $47 per monthly for an annual subscription. This allows you to save $240 when you pay annually. This plan is ideal for merchants looking to expand their eCommerce business through complete automation.

It includes all the features of the Build Plan plus more. Grow Plan features include AliExtractor PRO and custom product descriptions, product bundlings, order audit, profit dashboard, order audit, and an advanced in app photo editor.

It can be used on up to four accounts and three stores. Your custom product boards can hold up to 10,000 products. You can place orders and list products on Facebook and Google without restrictions.

Notice: The Build Plan and Grow Plan both offer a 14-day trial. You can cancel at any time. You can test the plans before you commit to paying. To access the trial, you will need to enter your credit card information. However, payment begins after the trial ends.

Dropified Affiliate Program

Dropified’s affiliate program pays 30 percent to every customer who purchases a package via your hyperlink. This is a great deal considering the fact that the commission is for 12 months.

Three Best Dropified Alternatives

Dropified is just like any other company. Dropified also has competitors in dropshipping. Dropified is not the only one that has these competitors. They all offer unique features and differing prices.

I will tell you about three of the most popular competitors to Dropified. These are AliDropship and Doba.


AliDropship integrates with AliExpress. This plugin can be used to transform a WordPress site into a dropshipping shop. AliDropship allows you to build and grow your dropshipping website while automating mundane tasks.

It features one-click AliExpress product import to your store, Chrome extension and free updates.

This software is great for eCommerce beginners. You will need to be familiar with WordPress CMS.

AliDropship costs $89 per year on a one-time basis. For a lifetime.


Doba has many features that are similar to Dropified. Doba integrates with AliExpress only, but unlike AliDropship, Doba can connect with many suppliers and manufacturers. These manufacturers and suppliers are well-categorized, making it easy to locate them.

Dropshipping products come in millions and have all been thoroughly vetted. Doba’s user interface makes it easy to add these products to your shop.

Doba features allow you to search and filter products, manage your eCommerce shops easily, track orders and provide price change alerts.

Doba offers three payment options, just like most dropshipping software: the Start-up Plan and Enterprise Plans, as well as the Business Plan. Each payment plan offers monthly, quarterly, annual and quarterly payments. You can also try the service for free for 30 days.


Oberlo has been constantly compared with Dropified. Oberlo is a dropshipping provider that integrates with AliExpress.

It includes features like product customization, Chrome extension and sales tracking.

Oberlo offers two pricing options. These include the Explorer Plan or Boss Plan. The Explorer Plan is free, it has 500 product limits, unlimited product order, Oberlo Chrome extension and variant mapping.

The Oberlo Boss plan is $29.90/month based on a monthly contract. This plan allows users to access all Explorer Plan features, bulk orders, approximately 30,000 product limits and multiple staff accounts. It also includes shipment tracking, a CAPTCHA solver and multiple staff accounts.


It’s easy to use

Dropified’s interface is simple to use and has received many positive reviews from its users. Dropified is easy to use and has well-laid features.

Dropified offers learning videos to help new users learn how to dropship on their website.

Dropified has been rated 5 stars over 5.


Dropified is a trusted dropshipping platform that can be used anywhere in the world. It is easy to use and has a short learning curve.

Dropified is rated 4 out of 5.


Dropified offers a freemium plan called the Research Plan. This plan will allow you to get familiar with dropshipping.

Dropified’s lowest plan for Dropshippers is the Build Plan, which costs $228 annually.

Dropified’s most expensive plan is the Grow Plan. It costs $564 per year. Dropified offers a 14-day trial that allows you to try Dropified before you commit to a Dropified plan.

Dropified gets a 4/5 rating because of its higher price.

Customer Support

Dropified customers can reach out to their customer service team by email, live chat, or via Facebook messenger.

They also provide walkthrough videos and rich resources to help users get to know the platform.

Dropified gets a 5 out of 5 rating for customer service.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

Is Dropified Legit?

Dropified is a trusted dropshipping platform that has been used by more than 280,000 dropshippers. Dropified has been rated 4.2 and 5 on the Shopify app Store, which is an indication that it is reliable.

Can You Use Dropified On Mobile?

Dropified is currently not available on mobile devices. You will need the Chrome extension to access its features on a desktop computer.

Dropified Use: What Suppliers?

Dropified works with AliExpress and eBay as well as a host of other suppliers. Any integrated supplier can be used to quickly add products.

Dropified has US suppliers?

Dropified does have many US-based dropshipping providers. Its most popular US suppliers include Wholesale Central and Sunrise Wholesale, eBay, Salehoo. Worldwide Brands, Doba.

Does Dropified Use AliExpress?

Yes, Dropified uses AliExpress, alongside Alibaba and eBay, as its main supplier. AliExpress is the largest online marketplace in the world. It is part of the Alibaba Group and its headquarters are in China.

One final thought about The Dropified Review

Dropified is the perfect dropshipping solution, for both experienced entrepreneurs and budding entrepreneurs. Dropified includes helpful features like automated product import, image editor, profit dashboard and integration with top online markets.

It also offers affordable pricing plans that are worth considering when dropshipping products.

Dropified makes it easy to manage your dropshipping company and allows you to concentrate on marketing and branding.