13 Best Wholesale Dropshipping Suppliers in Australia

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Dropshipping is a lucrative business opportunity in Australia if done correctly. A reliable supplier is essential for managing an online shop. Today we will be discussing the top dropshipping companies in Australia, covering a variety of niches.

Australia’s eCommerce sales grew from 7% in 2020 to more than 16% in 2020. Experts had expected eCommerce to grow in any case. However, the pandemic provided the needed boost.

Dropshippers around the world have noticed that Australia’s eCommerce boom has prompted them to pay more attention.

Let’s get started and find the top dropshipping companies in Australia for your eCommerce business.

Top Dropshipping Suppliers in Australia

It can be difficult to find reliable dropshipping suppliers who are loyal and consistent with order fulfillment and product quality when you live outside of the USA. This doesn’t mean you can’t have a profitable dropshipping company.

However, having a dropshipping company and customer in Australia will enable you to tap into untapped markets while still targeting countries with high buying power.


dropshippingXL is the dropshipping programme from the popular European marketplace, vidaXL. 

Based in The Netherlands, vidaXL has an online catalogue of over 90,000 products for the home, garden, baby, pets, and sporting equipment. 

With growing demand worldwide, including in the US, UK, and Europe, as well as Australia, dropshippingXL is continuously expanding its product range and logistics facilities.

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Warehouses in Australia ensure short delivery times for vidaXL products to reach Australian customers.

To start selling, dropshippers can use plugins for Magento, WooCommerce, and Lightspeed.

Benefits of selling products from dropshippingXL:

  • Presence in 30 countries
  • Over 4 million online visitors per month
  • Support service included
  • Access to marketing materials (advertising banners, vouchers)
  • Monthly subscription of only €30 per month
  • No commission regardless of sales volume
  • Return requests handled by vidaXL for free

Sup Dropshipping AU

Order Fulfillment Automatically

Shopify orders are automatically synced with Sup Dropshipping. All you need to do is confirm and the rest will be taken care of by the Sup team.

Shopify orders can be synced, managed and shipped automatically. No more copying and pasting.

Shopify will automatically update your order status. Customers can also check their order status online.

Multiple stores can be managed from one location.

Global warehousing is available in the AU, USA, UK, China, and other countries for your customers.

Discounts are available on express lines and logistics.

Enhance Your Customer Experience With Sup Pro Service

Sup Dropshipping can help you personalize your brand and increase customer loyalty. It will allow you to gain more customers and increase your sales.

Sup Dropshipping provides brand packaging services that will help you build your brand.

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Sup packaging offers a wide range of packaging options that you can customize with your logo. We can help you repackage your products to make them more appealing.

POD Services allows you to personalize your products at a low cost and with a high MOQ.

We offer professional photography services.

Quality inspections before shipment, nearly one-by-one.

Customers can track the status of their parcels at any time.

Distribute pre-order products to global distribution centers. No more worries about stock shortages.


Dropshipzone is one of Australia’s most respected suppliers of high-quality goods.

Dropshipzone allows you to resell products in many niches, including appliances, furniture and home and garden. Electronics, health and beauty and audio and video are just a few of the options.

Dropshipzone is best suited for Shopify online shops since they have an application called “Sofortig”. You can choose from over 10.000 SKUs and import them to your online shop.

Dropshipzone has one drawback: you will need a company name as well as an ABN (Australian Business Number).

Dropshipzone is completely free to use if you meet these conditions. There are no membership fees or upfront costs. Dropshipping and wholesale are also available, so they can fit any business model.

Factory Fast

Factory Fast, unlike Dropshipzone is an Australian dropship provider that does not require an ABN.

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The Factory Fast website offers products from many categories, including DIY, home improvements, furniture, games and outdoor, as well as leisure and sports.

Factory Fast offers dropshipping services as well as bulk and wholesale purchases for your eCommerce company.

Factory Fast is an affordable online shopping mall. Factory Fast sells its products at factory prices, which means that you as a dropshipper can make high-profit margins.


CJDropshipping offers dropshipping services with warehouses around the globe, including Australia.

CJDropshipping is not an Australian dropshipping supplier but their global network and large storage capacity makes it easy to work with them. They also have stock in Australia that is available for sale.

Dropshipping directly from the Australian warehouse will allow you to enjoy fast delivery times just like if you were dealing with a local supplier.

Dropshipping with CJDropshipping allows you to dropship products in many niches such as health and beauty and electronics and gadgets. You can also dropship clothing, accessories, phones, and toys.

CJDropshipping can be integrated with all eCommerce store builders: Shopify. WooCommerce. eBay. ShipStation. Shopee.

CJDropshipping also offers PoD services, branded packaging and private labeling. White Labeling is available depending on your dropshipping model.

OzDingo Marketplace

The OzDingo Marketplace is the next dropshipping wholesaler in Australia. This family-owned business in Australia has become a favourite among dropshippers as well as resellers thanks to a Trustpilot rating of 4.9 stars.

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OzDingo allows you to search for products that fit into categories like pets and home, children and babies, electronics, fashion, and sports.

OzDingo’s wholesale service may not be the best for dropshippers who aren’t experienced. OzDingo’s wholesale option is available to dropshippers who have steady daily orders and are confident in their selling abilities.


Are you a dropshipper who is ready to sell high-value, brand items? BrandsGateway is the right place for you.

BrandsGateway, a global luxury fashion marketplace, offers dropshipping and order fulfillment services. Dropship up to 90.000 brand products by using them as your supplier in Australia.

BrandsGateway products allow you to set a high profit margin and earn up 250% per sale. You can sell Armani and Versace, Dolce & Gabbana or Moschino, Cavalli, Balmain, MSGM and other branded products.

BrandsGateway can be connected to Shopify or WooCommerce for online store integrations. You can also use the CSV/XLSX files of another store builder.

BrandsGateway can be expensive to dropship, due to the high-priced items they offer. The monthly package is 295 EUR and three months will be 590 EUR.

The cheapest option is the yearly package, which offers a 66% discount and only 1.188 EUR/year.


Do you have ever dreamed of dropshipping high-quality handmade rugs? This is your chance! Alrug is the best place to go if you are an Australian dropshipper and want to start your own dropshipping business.

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Alrug offers dropshippers worldwide a wide selection of authentic carpet designs. Alrug offers Persian rugs as well as modern, oriental, Pakistani, and tribal rugs.

Alrug, a dropshipping company based in the USA is not available from Australia. However, they offer worldwide shipping free of charge and fast delivery within 4 to 6 business day.

Dropshipping with Alrug can be difficult because of the high prices. To sell carpets for $1000, you will need to have some marketing and sales experience. You will also need to gain trust from customers.


The Catch marketplace, located in Melbourne, Victoria is an Australian-based dropshipping platform that offers different ways of earning.

You must pass a screening test to be accepted as a seller at Catch. You will need to prove that you are a registered seller on Catch.

You can either sell your products on the Catch marketplace (so long as they meet the quality standards), or resell products that are in stock. Catch will allow you to sell your products in a similar way to an Amazon or eBay store.

Catch will give you a login to your store and onboarding specialists once you have passed their screening process.

Catch doesn’t charge any fees for product listing. They do charge a $49.99 monthly fee.


More than 80% of SaleHoo’s AliExpress sellers are certified to ship internationally! SaleHoo is now one of the top dropshipping suppliers in Australia.

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SaleHoo’s directory includes over 8000 trusted and verified AliExpress suppliers who sell high-quality products. The SaleHoo membership does not come with a free subscription. There are three models available for eCommerce gurus.

  • SaleHoo Directory – Access to more than 8000 AliExpress suppliers. $67 per annum or $127 for lifetime;
  • SaleHoo Dropship allows you to import high-profit product to your store for $27/month for their Basic plan or $97/month for their Premium plan
  • SaleHoo Educate costs $47 to have lifetime access to dropshipping classes;


AliExpress is a marketplace that brings together different suppliers. Depending on where they are located and their reach, sellers or suppliers may drop off goods to Australia. Others might charge extra for this.

AliExpress is a B2C marketplace so dropshipping is possible.

While most AliExpress suppliers come from China, many ship internationally. Before you dismiss AliExpress as an option for drop shipping, make sure to get in touch with multiple sellers.


Printful can ship to Australian customers for designers and creatives.

Printful is a well-known PoD service that understands the importance personalization and localization for Aussie customers.

Printful will allow you to offer your PoD shop customers access to payment gateways and prices that are in AUD, instead of USD. This will prevent abandoned carts, and customers from changing their mind when they see the prices displayed in AUD.

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Printful is an Australian dropshipper. However, they have a partnership with a printing facility in Brisbane and one in Victoria. They have reduced shipping times for Australian customers to Australia from 15 days to 2-5 days through this collaboration.

Bondi Beach Tea Co.

All Australian dropshippers interested in creating their own tea brand are encouraged to visit Bondi Beach Tea Co.

Bondi Beach Tea Co. provides organic teas and services like private labeling and dropshipping to end customers.

Bondi Beach Tea Co. will help you design an attractive website, logo or branding if you don’t yet have an online shop or website. This will help you become a more successful seller.

It is completely free to become a Bondi Beach Tea Co. dropshipper. You will need to pay extra for services like dropshipping, order fulfillment and designing a private brand for your company.


You may have thought of purchasing in bulk and stocking your stock in a warehouse if you are an experienced Australian dropshipper. This is where Alibaba comes in.

Alibaba is not a marketplace for dropshippers. However, it is perfect if your business has a steady and consistent number of orders per day.

Although bulk buying and storage of products in a warehouse can be more risky than drop shipping, it can provide better earnings and margins.

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While some suppliers will ship to Australia from Alibaba, others won’t. Ensure you ask your Alibaba supplier questions such as delivery time, shipping costs, product quality, order tracking possibility, etc.

Bella Boutique

Bella Boutique is a top Australian dropshipper supplier for those who want to sell authentic Swarovski-element jewelry.

Bella Boutique sells a variety of jewelry products, including necklaces, bracelets and rings, as well as sets and accessories.

First, sign up to become a Bella Boutique dropshipper. You can join Bella Boutique for free and get great pricing on your products as a dropshipper.

Bella Boutique will send the product to your customers without an invoice or branded packaging.

DearJane Medical

DearJane Medical is a great supplier for Australian dropshippers in the medical supply business.

DearJane Medical, an Australian dropshipping-friendly online shop, sells all types of medical supplies and devices, including braces, crutches, walkers and nebulizers.

You can join DJM Dropshipping Program by filling out a form via their website. Once approved, you will need to set up an account and add some DJM products to your shop.

DearJane Medical can be integrated with other eCommerce websites such as Amazon, Trademe and Etsy.

Bulk Wholesale

Today’s Covid-ridden society places more emphasis on cleanliness and health. Many dropshippers have decided to sell cleaning supplies and tools.

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Bulk wholesale is a great Australian supplier in the niche of hygiene and cleaning supplies. You will find disposable gloves, dispensers, cleaning products, and suppliers for kitchen, hospitality, etc.


Colourblocker, Australia’s best dropshipping supplier, is a completely free service that’s great for dropshipping beginners.

Colourblocker currently offers free shipping to all their products Australia-wide. They do not offer international shipping options at the moment. We hope that this option will become available soon.

Colourblocker can be a great option for dropshipping if you have an eCommerce business or customers in Australia.

Colourblocker offers products for kitchen, tech gadgets and home as well as gifts and accessories.

Colourblocker can be integrated with many platforms including Shopify, eBay WooCommerce and BigCommerce as well as Catch, Amazon, and Neto.


Chinabrands, as the name suggests, is a dropshipping business that offers over 100,000 products from various Chinese manufacturers. Chinabrands products are very affordable because of this.

Chinabrands is not located in Australia but has a global fulfillment center with warehouses across many countries. Dropshipping to Australian customers is easy.

You can use Chinabrands to supply Australia.

Daring Diva

Daring Diva is the ideal supplier for dropshipping companies in Australia that sell plus-size clothing. Daring Diva allows you to join as a dropshipper if you are a registered business.

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Dropshipping is not available to private individuals. However, you can view their Brand Ambassador model.

Daring Diva allows you to dropship clothing as well as shoes and handbags.

Dasch Design

Dasch Design, a well-known Australian dropshipping supplier, specializes in all things home-related.

Dasch Design offers two models that will help you make money with eCommerce: dropshipping or wholesale (bulk).

Dropshipping allows you to set your retail price, profit margin and all other details.

Dasch Design’s greatest asset is the fact that it requires no investment to get started. You even get packaging and shipping insurance from them.

Australian UGG Original

You’re sure to have seen the super soft, super-comfy Australian UGGs. Imagine if you could sell original Australian UGGs and make a living selling them! We are here to tell that you can.

Dropshipping Australian UGGs requires you to register on their international website and to send them a URL of your online shop or social media accounts to which you plan to promote their products.

After you have done that, you will receive a 20% discount code created just for you. This code can be used on every order to apply the discount, and you can keep any difference. Earn more by selling more!

The original Australian UGGs are free shipping worldwide and come with a 12-month warranty. You can sell the pair and then place a discount order. They will drop-ship the UGGs directly to the address of your client.

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Eleganter Australia

This is for dropshippers who are interested in making children happy through the sale of toys, gifts, arts and crafts.

You’ll be able to sell a variety of products as an Eleganter dropshipper from Australia.

Dropshipping with Eleganter is subject to approval and submission of an application. You will need to submit a form.

You won’t be charged any upfront fees if you are approved to dropship on Eleganter Australia. There is no membership fee. They handle all the order fulfillment, so you can focus on your sales.


Dropshirt is our last recommendation in this list. Dropshirt has a variety of T-shirts in different colors and styles that can be customized and shipped to your online shop.

Dropshirt is a local company based in Australia. This gives them a huge advantage in terms of shipping times and customer loyalty. The first printing station is located in Melbourne and the second is in Brisbane.

Dropshirt can be used with various eCommerce platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce and Big Cartel.

Dropshirt isn’t a typical PoD company. Dropshirt works primarily with wholesalers. To get your account approved, you will need to meet certain criteria.

You don’t need an account to use their service, but you can still get it for free. However, wholesale prices will apply for your orders.

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Dropshipping Stores Australia

Why choose Australia for Direct Dropshipping?

Drop shippers mainly come from China and the United States at the moment. This means that shipping times to Australia can be longer. Dropshipping directly from your country will result in faster shipping times. Dropshipping is something your customers might not even notice.

Dropshipping requires you to be aware that shipping time may take longer if your supplier does not reside in Australia. Either you can tell how long it will take for items to arrive or locate a drop shipper in your area to expedite postage.

It might be difficult to communicate with suppliers if they aren’t located in Australia. To find drop shippers that can provide the best communication, it is worth performing a few tests.


If you are therefore looking for high-quality suppliers in Australia, the suppliers mentioned above should be helpful. We tried to list Australian suppliers for nearly all industries, but the list is not exhaustive. We update the list with new suppliers constantly as we find them. In addition, you can mention your favorite suppliers of dropshipping in Australia, and we will make sure that they fit the criteria.

Let us know what you think of this Australian suppliers list and comment below, so that we can know if you would like us to add a few more suppliers.