14 Best Essential Oil Wholesale Suppliers China

Essential oils have been gaining popularity as a cost-effective and safe way to treat a variety of health issues. Wholesale essential oils allow users to access every part of the plant’s life force.

You will find the complete list of top suppliers for wholesale essential oils.

Pure plant extracts are essential oils that have been extracted by cold pressing, resin tapping or distillation. They have many medicinal benefits and have been used for centuries in various cultures. These oils have antibacterial, antidepressant and detoxifying properties. They also have antiviral, antibacterial, stimulating, antiviral, antiviral, as well as stimulating effects.

China’s Best Essential Oil Wholesalers

Umuthi Botanicals

Umuthi Botanicals offers a wide variety of top-quality, 100% pure aromatherapy and massage oils. This supplier offers a simple and fast way to buy wholesale essential oils.

The supplier serves all major South African cities, including Johannesburg, Port Elizabeth and Butterworth.

Feature Overview:

* Shipping direct to your postal address

Flat rate for all parcels

* Bulk buying at wholesale prices

Recommend for:

Retailers who are familiar with essential oils and their therapeutic uses in therapies will be able to sell them.

Escentia Products

Escentia Products Suppliers is primarily based in Gauteng and makes deliveries there. They also have logistics agents that can be contracted to deliver further afield.

Feature Overview:

Orders that meet the minimum order value will not be charged a delivery fee

* Shipping calculations are dependent upon size and weight

* Invoice that summarizes all packaging costs

Recommend for:

Anybody who wants to work for a professional company with minimal steps and less headaches

Nautica Organics

Since 2006, Nautica Organics has been selling organic wholesale essential oils. Nautica Organics is headquartered in Durban KwaZulu Natal. Nautica Organics strives to grow its customer base locally as well as internationally over the past ten years.

This supplier is unique because they do not only sell oils, but also concentrate on other ingredients such as fruits and herbs that promote personal care.

Feature overview:

* Delivery and service that is efficient and fast

* 100% Conventional Essential Oils

* Less quantity to make it more affordable to new customers

Recommend for:

Retailer who values natural and “greener” cosmetic ingredients like hydrosols, beeswax and Aloe Vera.

The UK’s Best Essential Oil Wholesalers

Doterra Oil Suppliers

Doterra Oil Suppliers is located in Peterborough, UK. They sell essential oils in bulk to both UK and international retailers. They have many benefits and are used extensively in aromatherapy practices to transform the well-being of people and bring out their true essence.

Feature Overview:

* Storage solutions

* Books and other educational tools for business

Recommend for:

Essential oils are a must-have for those who travel with essential oils.

Trade Essential oils

Trade Essential Oils, a family-owned business that is based out of the UK, is owned and operated by Trade Essential Oils. Since 1993, they have been supplying pure essential oils.

Feature Overview:

* More than 400 essential oils and fragrances are made on-premise

* Paraben-free products

* Products that are vegan-friendly

Recommend for:

Retailer who is looking to do business ethically

Essential Oils Direct

Essential Oils Direct sells wholesale and bulk essential oil kits. This company was founded in 1993. It has more than 20 years of experience in the supply and use of pure essential oils.

Feature Overview:

* Trackable courier for fast delivery

* Same-day dispatch

* Local customers can “Click and Collect”

Recommend for:

Essential Oils Direct is recommended to retailers looking for high quality products and exceptional services.

Essential Oils Online

Essential Oils Online is a wholesale supplier registered under the UK Authoritative Body for Essential Oil Trade (the Aromatherapy Trade Council).

Feature Overview:

* Essential oils of therapeutic grade

* Pure oils of the finest quality

* A no-quibble money-back guarantee

Recommend for:

Aromatherapists, Practitioners. Doctors. College Tutors. Holistic Therapists. Students. Home Enthusiasts.

Canada’s Best Essential Oil Wholesalers


Relaxus Ltd Products is a wholesale distributor of essential oils based in Canada. They were founded 25 years ago and aim to make wellness products available to everyone in Canada and the world.

Feature Overview:

* Simple order follow-up

* Supervisions during packaging

* A 1-year guarantee for more than 99% of their products

Recommend for:

Relaxus is ideal to service professionals and those with in-depth knowledge about the massage, chiropractic and physiotherapy industries.

Aromatics Canada

Aromatics Limited sells wholesale essential oils made from the best ingredients at competitive prices. They offer therapeutic essential oils in small and large quantities.

Feature Overview:

* Prompt delivery

* Customer service dedicated

* Factory audits and assessments

Recommend for:

This is a great option for sellers with clients who struggle with the pressures of work every day and want to find balance in their lives.


Essential Wholesale is a leading supplier of wholesale essential oils in Canada. They specialize in the supply raw materials and natural materials to cosmetics industries. Their primary goal is to meet the growing demand of natural products for personal care.

Feature Overview:

* Express shipping

* A quick and very simple Check-out

* There are no hidden fees such as VAT

Recommend for:

Essential Wholesale is recommended to anyone looking for natural and high-quality remedies.

Botanic Planet

Botanical Planet is proud to offer high-quality products. They are also available online, and have two locations in British Columbia and Ontario.

Through the sale and production of skin care products that are nutrient-driven, the company promotes skin health.

Feature Overview:

* Thorough research and manufacturing resources

* Quality assurance

* Proper production methods

* Secure shopping site

Recommend for:

Wholesalers like these are recommended to retailers looking for high quality products at fair and affordable prices. Mostly supplies Aromatherapists, Natural Health Practitioners, Homoeopathic Practices and Dietary Supplements.

Australia’s Best Essential Oil Wholesalers

Essentials Of Australia

Essentials of Australia offers 100% pure essential oils

Feature Overview:

* Order dispatched within 2 working days of payment

* Showroom in Noosaville

Recommend for:

Retailers that understand the needs and offer specialized aromatherapy products under one roof.

Diffusional aromatherapy supplies

Diffusional Aromatherapy Supplies, a family-owned business, is dedicated to offering high quality aromatherapy products at reasonable prices. It is Australia’s largest wholesale essential oil supplier.

Feature Overview:

* High-quality packaging

* Webstore that is easy to navigate

Recommend for:

Their large courier delivery network has made it possible for retailers to open in Australia and other regions.

Australian Wholesale Oils

Australian Wholesale Oils is dedicated to providing organic essential oils wholesale that are ethically sourced. You can create your own essential oil blend using their bottle sets.

Feature Overview:

* Comprehensive range of products

Recommend for:

People who care about their health and want products that are in line with their values are ideal for them. They are always creating products that improve people’s lives.

Oils For Life Australia

OilsforLife Australia, a wholesale distributor of essential oils, is a family-owned business located in Brisbane’s western suburbs. The company is known for offering a wide variety of high-quality aromatherapy products as well as accessories.

Feature Overview:

* An effortless online shopping experience

Recommend for:

Retailers looking for natural solutions to manage their business can explore therapeutic essential oils.

1. Where can I buy cheap essential oils from India?

Mokshalifestyle is one of India’s top essential oil manufacturers. They also sell cheap wholesale essential oils.

2. Which are the top markets to buy essential oils in Cape Town

The best marketplaces in Cape Town to get wholesale essential oils in bulk include essentialoilexperts.com and showme.co.za

3. Do you have any recommendations for suppliers of essential oils in wholesale bottles?

Wholesale essential oil kits should include bottles, vials and tubes as well as caps, lids and droppers. To prevent products from deterioration or loss, wholesale essential oil carrying cases should be used. bottlestore.comdhgate.com are two examples of wholesalers that sell bulk bottles.

4. Do you know of any great wholesale distributors that sell essential oils?

The diffuser necklace, a stylish accessory, infuses any setting with essential oils to create a spa-like atmosphere. AromadiffusersKellisgifts are two great sources for wholesale essential oil diffuser necklaces.


Essential oils can have a powerful and beautiful aroma. Essential oils can be used in beauty treatments, food preparation, and health-care practices. They also play an important role in pollination. These wholesale essential oils are ideal for aromatherapy because they evaporate quickly and travel through the air very quickly. The oils can either be used in a single oil or as part of a complex mixture depending on their desired benefits.